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  1. Thanks. Already did some of that. I just hope I can remember everything :D
  2. I have a couple of friends who've been role playing DayZ. Thanks to Steam summer sales I also got it now so we can play together. I haven't been role playing much lately but I've always been somewhat interested in it since my first board sessions in D&D and Cyberpunk back in the 90's. Also computer based games like Fallout and Ultima Underworlds have been my favourites but I've never tried multiplayer role playing on computer. It will be interesting journey to this kind of gaming.
  3. Born to a wandering band of bikers Markku spent his childhood travelling around Finland, western Russia and the Baltics. He was curious and somewhat smart when it came to mechanics. He learnt to fix all kinds of vehicles and machines at young age. His parents died soon after he was 15 in a traffic accident which almost took away Markku's right leg. He was able to recover in Svetogorsk near where the accident happened. He set up a small garage in Sveto and because of his bad leg he stayed there working with different projects for many years helping the locals and travellers alike. Being quiet a
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