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Dynamic Events - Contracts / Mutants
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  1. Shout out to the guys I've met on my first day on this server! Let me tell you guys what happened today. Just spawned, walked around looking for the city. On the road I see this guy sitting there. I tell him hello and we exchange names. His name's Benny, I tell him my name is Jochen. We decide to go to the city together and tag along with eachother. In the city we meet a few crazy people, one guy was wearing a mask from Payday, asking us to sacrifice something of ourselves. We agree as we would rather not have things escalate and he and his friends cut of skin from our arm, whi
  2. Jochen Heldt was born in a lesser known Tribe called:"Dorf des Nordens" (Village of the North) which is located somewhere around central Sweden. He was born in 2050 so around his childhood there were rumors from travelers and others that further north is a prosperous place called Nylheim. Jochen did not leave for Nylheim yet and lived in his tribe for until the 20th year of his live. During that time his tribe was on the brink of collapse. Jochen gathered a few of his friends and set out to the prosperous Nylheim. Due the the lack of electricity, travelers and traders visiting his tribe they w
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