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  1. Ah okay thank you for answering. Like i said i have been inactive so i had no clue there was a new whitelist system but i shall give it a go again and try get myself back on the whitelist. Many thanks again.
  2. I was at one point whitelisted i'm not sure if you're inactive for a while you can get removed from the whitelist? or maybe i'm just having an issue?
  3. I've been known to trade around Nadezhdino. I mainly trade Military loot because people are either to scared or lazy to go that far up north so I have a few guys taking trips up there with me and coming back and trading it for the simple stuff. My name is Jack Riggs if you come across me.
  4. Could I have been this journalist? I've been RPing as a Jack Riggs the Journalist and i've had some serious and funny RP moments over the last week. Really enjoyed RPing around Nadezhdino as a trader with a fellow RPer Jong. We've been trading there for a few days and have met countless people there and even managed to get robbed and killed by Lewis Stuart (Also known as psisyndicate) we stupidly fell into his trap.
  5. Easy fix if it happens again .. Quickly log out of DayZ join a public server and then completely restart your DayZ and it should be fixed it. It happens to me all the time.
  6. Fixed it for you Look forward to seeing your own story then! I had a complete nightmare, I do apologize .
  7. Thank you very much sir, yeah i've been reading through the Stories section and i've got some super idea's for a really cool thread on there and for my character .
  8. Thanks , Yeah i've submitted one just waiting on a reply now .
  9. Hi my name RP name is Jack Riggs and I am a new guy here. A little bit about me because short posts are boring. I'm 23, I'm from Essex, England .. And I am a Journalist for a newspaper and broadcast TV company called "The Daily Crimes". I hope to talk to all of you on here and in game a lot more. Thanks in advance for greetings and if any wants to know any more just ask!