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  1. wait what! intercept us ? what did you had in mind ?
  2. jamuusio

    Altis or Stratis

    To me Chernarus just feels like the only real apocalypse. Stratis or Altis just doesn't have that feeling that Chernarus gives me.
  3. jamuusio

    ArmA3 Epoch quick start

    It just came out, updating now nice, good to hear
  4. jamuusio

    ArmA3 Epoch quick start

    well is available to download but i dont think server files are up to date so i cant join or download any of the older versions... Damn
  5. jamuusio

    Suggestions for ARMA 3 Epoch

    theres a melee mod coming in Arma 3 Battleroyale that would be a great if just adding it is possible.
  6. what time are you guys around there usualy ? i would love to come by and do some trading
  7. hi guys, so this question doesn't directly have much to do with DayZRP, but people here seem to know a few things so ill give it a try. just tried out both DayZRP servers (US&EU) and what i noticed that US server does have persistence on and EU doesn't so from my point of view its easier to gear up in a persistence enabled server than non persistence server, but how long does it actually take items to respawn in persistence enabled server ? from my knowledge items used to respawn when ever server was restarted so does this too still apply in 0.50 ?
  8. so today i tried this out at the Vybor military base, when i was approaching the perimeter i noticed two guys with a top notch military grade gear searching the area for something. When one of them went inside the barrack i decided to make the one outside my hostage and approached. told him to put his hands up with a shotgun pointed at his face from arms length away. he complies and his friend hears this. He comes out and immediately ducks to a cover behind a corner. I tell his friend to drop his gun too and put his hand up and threat that i shoot his friend to the head if he don't. This guy just dont give a F'ck and takes a position at the corned aiming at us while i'm behind his friend with a shotgun at his head. this guy doesn't comply after many tries to get him to drop his gun. Then he takes a shot and the bullet goes right by his friend and hits me to my leg so fell to the ground unconscious and my finger twitches at the trigger so hostage gets shot. Just something i want to share with you guys about how south things got in that situtation. that was my best experience in dayz so far. the amount of adrenaline, fear and panic that were in that situation was so intense that i had to take a break just to calm down and think about what just went down
  9. I would say yes it would be a violation. You're shooting person 2 who is fully compliant and has listened to your demands. Focus more on shooting person 3 instead because they are an actual threat, not the compliant hostage. thank you for clearing that
  10. so if that situation would go south like this: person #3 would shoot person#1 because of hostile actions and person#1 would shoot person#2 it would not be considered as a violation of the rules ?
  11. so is it so that one armed person cant rob two armed persons at the same time without considering it NVFL ? example: armed person #1 points a armed person #2 with a gun and he complies. now person #1 tells to armed person #3 to put his gun away and raise his hands or #2 person gets his skull full of metal. outcome: A. does person #3 have to comply or not ? B. can person#2 be shot because of person #3 is not complying ?