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  1. Michael King

    Things you want and don't want in Exile

    I am excited about being able to control territories (I believe that is a function), base-building and zombies. I have been playing Exile on other servers lately to get a handle of it, and I can say assuredly that I am 'hyped'.
  2. This looks amazing. Now all I've gotta do is get my last downloads working then I am set!
  3. Michael King

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    I am excited to play this, but I have had an immense amount of difficulty downloading the All in Arma terrain pack, for multiple reasons. For the sake of time, is the whole terrain pack needed, or woult AiA Lite suffice?
  4. Michael King

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    If what is presented in the Frankie video is (more or less) the end product of development for this community, I think it could be a huge success. I can certainly say that I am excited about this, as it has far more capabilities and content than Standalone, but also is in a position where RP wouldn't feel out of place.
  5. Michael King

    No Man's Sky

    From what I have heard multiple times, it is. However it will be releasing on PS4 much sooner than the PC release. Well if it does, I am gonna be getting it as soon as it comes out, it looks amazing.
  6. One of my more exciting experiences was when I was looting in a city, and some creepy guy named Harry came up behind me and kept saying 'buddy'. I had a chat to him, but out of nowhere, some guy appears with a shotgun and tells me to get down on the ground. I comply. Harry then handcuffs me and puts a bag on my head and directs me into a house. They take my clothes and equipment and then interrogate me. They ask about the 'Richard Project' and some company, of which I knew nothing, but they didn't believe me. I was tased, beaten, starved etc. Then the other guy says "Harry is a little crazy, don't mess with him. I believe you, though." He then convinced Harry to let me go. They returned all my gear in pristine condition, but gave me no food or water. At this point, I am starving, dehydrated, soaked, cold and have sore feet. My vision is grey as I stumble through the streets looking for any food I could find. I then turned around to head back to my captors, but died of starvation. This lasted about 15 minutes but was quite fun.
  7. Yeah, my first life was good. I was geared up and had spoken to a lot of nice guys, except I ended up locked in the Zelenogorsk military base handcuffed and gutted by cannibals (it was breaking rules by them). Not the ending to that life that I was hoping, in fact, it was quite disappointing.
  8. Michael King

    No Man's Sky

    I am praying that this game comes to PC.
  9. Ok, I think this thread has gotten a tad off track. Requesting it be locked.
  10. Ok, I will file a report, however, I was not recording and even if I were, it'd take an eternity to upload with my internet speed. Hell, the people didn't even tell me their names.
  11. Hello one and all, I would like to highlight an event which occurred while I was playing today. Since there was the introduction of cannibalism, I feel it has made for a bit of an excuse to kill people with very little reason. I was at the Zelenogorsk military base by myself, when two guys ran in, I said hello and was very welcoming, we sat down around a fire and had a chat, I said they could take what they needed. Then, they said they were hungry and pointed their guns at me, handcuffed me, while I tried to negotiate my freedom. They insisted that they only ate human, and eventually they beat me until I was dead, before gutting me. My question is, does this contradict any rules, or should there be any rules in regards to cannibalism? I feel like this could become an issue for players who have no intention of being cannibals, and sort of gives a free ticket for those who just want to kill people.
  12. Michael King

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my GUID reset, I put Standalone one where the mod goes. //Terra: GUID reset. Please re-enter