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  1. Love it! Very happy to see this Luca!
  2. As is evident in the last few days, the server comes alive, when trouble is brewing, most notably between the PLIKT and various other groups of people that don't like their iron fist. It's when things go bonkers, that the server seems to just fill up. And then as soon as it's all over, it flops again. So there is some merit in considering adding more Lore groups into the mix. You have a sort of semi "good/bad" authoritarian group that is the PLIKT. Now they don't necessarily need an adversary because they have plenty of them, represented by the other official groups on DayZRP and even those th
  3. Oh most definitely! It is without a doubt that some individuals are definitely different people at this point. Especially after so many years! Which is why I did say, it could be a good idea. I just don't know any of the circumstances surrounding those days is all. But perhaps taking a look at those very old bans, and reconsidering might be worth a shot. I am all for it, and well if it doesn't work out, then it doesn't work out.
  4. I'm not a very big fan of the initial suggestion. Because the idea behind a punishment....is well....a punishment. If punishments are not something to be worried about or feared of, there is very little incentive on beholding to the rules. Which means chaos on the server. Granted you'd have to pay, but honestly that's just a cheap way of allowing those who do not follow the rules to continue breaking them, and not learning anything. I'd personally rather RP with 30 people who follow the rules, provide good RP and are active players than 100 people with god knows how many just simpl
  5. Welcome back! We haven't met yet, but I'm sure we will!
  6. Welcome to DayZRP! It's a blast here! So hop right in on the fun!
  7. Welcome back to the community! I hope you have as much fun as I do!
  8. As a newcomer to Nyheim and the one that has experienced the RP on the server quite thoroughly know, I can offer my opinion. My character arrived to the city a few days ago, I personally have not known anybody from this community at the time and it was my first ever debut here. Already on day one, I was sent towards and ran into a huge gathering, and ran into a hostile group that has been mentioned in this thread a few times. Funnily enough, none of my shit got taken, nor was I being tortured or harmed. I believe the reason for that was purely IC, because how could I know them OO
  9. I would love to see this one the server! I am fully for adding this mod to our mod list!
  10. I don't think many name their children like that anyway. In either case, naming conventions that existed for over 2000 thousand years, wont disappear in two generations of time. So yeah, the naming rule is fine.
  11. Here is my two cents on this topic. People have mentioned realism and what not here and there, but you can't compare a desolated apocalyptic city and humanity to our every day lives and a thief by chance targeting your house. In an apocalyptic world and in general, there is always the strength in numbers idea that holds true for most scenarios. If you want to combat and uphold a proper base, it would require a lot of manpower. Even in reality, you could not maintain a stronghold on your own if we were ever thrust into such a scenario. You'd be chased out or dead pretty quick. You
  12. Welcome to the community! I look forward to bumping into you on the streets of Nyheim!
  13. TyanX


    Thanks everyone! It's been a very awesome day today! So looking forward to the next one!
  14. Howdy everyone! I'm new to this community and happy to be on top of it! I am an avid RPer from Europe and love the way the game(DayZ) works with RP. So far I've met a few of you on the server and have had a good time and experience! So I am looking forward to bumping into more interesting faces! To say a bit more about myself....aside from my RP enthusiasm, I am also a musician and medical technician. I live to help people and lose myself in song! If you ever want to know more about me, feel free to hit me up here on the forums or the DayZRP discord! Kind R
  15. Peter Milanović, was born as a single child on March, 20th 2045 in Trstenik (Serbia) and was submitted to the harsh reality of the world from a very young age. Brought up by his aunt due to the death of his parents in an infected attack. The loss affected the young man immensely, realising the pain of loss at the mere age of 7. And it inadvertently led his path down one of combat and strife. Since most of his family had a military background, those were also the waters he was thrust within, albeit by his own volition. Wishing to end the spread of the virus and restoring humanity. For his pre
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