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  1. Born late March nineteen ninety-four, Jacksonville, Florida. Growing up in the Sunshine State, life was pretty easy, nothing too interesting, but I wasn’t complaining. A simple life was all I really cared for. Always avoiding conflict, trying to just live through life with my head down. I didn’t really try too hard at school or have any goals. I simply just lived one day at a time, enjoying small pleasures, but ultimately just living to live. After my school days were over I didn’t have much to do, but simply stay inside, twiddling my thumbs, all my thoughts locked up inside of my head. I began going out less and less. My thoughts kept me entangled with questions, which I believed that I could answer on my own. After a time, my morality began to change, I had replaced the moral compass that was molded by the society I was never interested in being a part of. Replaced it with one that benefited me, and only me. Eventually, I began to go out again. Now looking for things I’d never seen before. In a big city, there is a lot lurking in the shadows. I eventually found what I was looking for. I watched. Watched as a pack of homeless men, and woman beat a well off man to a bloody pulp. Leaving nothing behind, but his already smelling corpse. I simply watched, I didn’t flinch or show any signs of intervening. It was as though I was a researcher studying wild animals, looking from a distance in safety. The interest in this new animal I had discovered began to take over my life. I started taking classes at the Florida State College at Jacksonville. I was able to do research there. I wasn’t interested in what my professors or textbooks said. I just figured the location was right for my research. I watched every day, learning what it meant to really be human. My research was going fine until I came across an unexpected anomaly. Before, I could predict what someone was going to do, people were simple to read. Though, she didn’t fit those criteria. I became obsessed, now my research was targeted at one subject. Months passed, I learned a great deal, but I felt that there had to be more I could learn. Watching wasn’t going to get me anything more. I decided to make contact. It went well, amazingly well. My research escalated, I got deeply involved with the subject. It’s gotten out of hand. I feel as though I’ve made a mistake. It was too late. She began showing romantic interests in me. I wasn’t interested in such a thing, but it was a good chance for me to get a better angle. I accepted her advances. It all happened fast. I can tell she see’s through the mask I wear day to day, but she still shows interest. So much time has passed, now I’ve given her my last name, and so much more. Deciding a place for a honeymoon is difficult. Eventually, she decided on a place in Europe. Things are different here, but if you are reading this you know that...
  2. DeviousCookieHD

    Wardrobe Storage

    I just wouldn't store anything to begin with...
  3. DeviousCookieHD

    taking a break

    Hopefully the community will change in that aspect!
  4. DeviousCookieHD

    So... .59 Is going to be interesting.

    Whole new meaning to 'White Knight' hehehe!
  5. I'd wish they add more character faces, otherwise everyone is just gonna be the same bearded dude IG lol.
  6. DeviousCookieHD

    Bloody hands after skin a body!

    This should be interesting in RP!
  7. DeviousCookieHD

    Radio chatter cancer

    It just depends on what your character represents... Clay Diamond is not exactly loved IG, so that might be a reason, or maybe its that many people will 'banter' indirectly in IC Radio Chatter just because they think its funny to annoy people in anyway.
  8. DeviousCookieHD

    Harassment vs. Banter

    The amount of support this post got is actually amazing! I hope everyone can see this post and learn from it!
  9. DeviousCookieHD

    I'm Back

    Ay lmao!
  10. DeviousCookieHD

    So I'm not whitelisted anymore ....

    If you are a true to the RP community you should easily re whitelist! Rules are simple!
  11. Welcome to the community, and try not to get yourself into to much trouble! :3
  12. DeviousCookieHD

    Harassment vs. Banter

    10/10 +1 banter points
  13. DeviousCookieHD

    Harassment vs. Banter

    Yeah, it's bullshit that people abuse the rules to get people banned because they get off on it...
  14. DeviousCookieHD

    .59 Experimental Update #1 now live

    Woot! Hype!