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Dynamic Events - Contracts / Mutants
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  1. Thant you very much! I just got accepted a while ago, so guess I will see you there!
  2. Thank you guys! Keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. Thank you, Verbal. I hope to meet you all ingame!
  4. Thank you very much, Cal. I will see if they accept my whitelist. It was a lot of text to read, but quite interesting.
  5. Well.. Hello gorgeous. I am a very DIY kinda girl who would like to get to know some new friends so I know where to put my (apoko)lips! *wink* Seriously tho, I hope I get to hang out with you guys soon. I will be sure to bring with me a good time and a little singing.
  6. Lydia was born during the Great War in the 2040s. Her parents, Tim and Lisa, and 3 years older brother Lars had a secure and well-hidden bunker in the mountain on the outskirts of Rosenborg. She was the little ray of sunshine that brought some meaning to all of them as a precious thing they all wanted to protect. They would all take turns watching her, but it was left more and more to Lars, as he grew old enough to keep an eye on the girl. From the time she was three and Lars six, the parents would more and more often leave them together for hours at a time. When they turned six and nine, t
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