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  1. Spoke with Bear and Cal and had an intermediary conversation with Matt Chillas and Hampze. situation was discussed and resolved. I move to close the report.
  2. Server and location: Nyheim east side of the main city near the underpass with the toll gate Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7:49 UTC Your in game name: Zenii Orion Names of allies involved: Richard Ford Name of suspect/s: Matt Chillas and Hampze Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): enemy vehicle Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): wasnt able to before killed Detailed description of the events: We were looting the military instillation at the south east side of the town. we walked into town from the road where we n
  3. Zenii Orion was born the night the last remnants of the Russian Federation crumbled during famine and food riots. He was the son of a mysterious leader of the resistance group known only as "The Emperor" that helped to rid the last clutches of Rus tyranny upon the Crimean people. The night he was born, dubbed "Emperor's Day" by the local comrades, the Emperor disappeared before he could be made the leader of the new forming alliance between villages. Zen grew up hearing strange tales of his Father and always knew that he would one day leave Crimea in search of his Father. He trained extensivel
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