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  1. Anim3Recon POV: The person we robbed and tortured took place in the Prison building next to a few military double door barracks close to the community centre. I was acting drunk and shared a drink with him in the community centre before he left and went to the other side of the community zone next to some military buildings. We followed the suspect watching him enter the Prison building alone and that is when we both went in with our guns out roleplaying as Russians where we told him to put his hands up and tied him up and took him to the back hallway underneath the stairs. Since we were
  2. @RealizeRover was in a call with me on Discord saying this was ok for me to post as a POV.
  3. My POV: I don't really remember the person we nearly killed as we have robbed too many people to remember who the person was.
  4. We looked back at the footage on discord after the hostage situation and I realised that I couldn't be heard by @OwXgleSimp because I had my mic on level 1 audio because I was talking with the hostages. This was all resolved on discord.
  5. Yes, sorry Im here @Rover. Didn't we already clear this up on discord? I was asked to come into discord chat with a few mods and we already spoke of this situation, so Im confused as to why its brought up again?
  6. Please make parts of the outside area (Outside of the city) radiated, especially the military zones to make it more fun. Gas masks are available which can act as a reducing factor of radiation or add filters for the masks. If no filters, then add radiation pills that will help lower the radiation.
  7. Alex Hunter was a local hunter and survivor of the zombie apocalypse that struck his hometown, killing many people around the neighbourhood and some have ended up turning. I've had experience in survival in these lands through harsh weather conditions and hunting from the help of my father who sadly passed away 2 years ago before the plague happened. After loosing my only family, I wanted to seek out hope and a reason for me to keep on living alone. Now I Alex Silfer am still currently venturing these lands trying to find a place to call home and find supplies to survive. Maybe even find peopl
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