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  1. Hello everybody ! This is Balo Engberg writing to you. You know the old farm guy... I'm coming to Nyheim soon after loosing my family and my time alone in the bush ! I'm a bit grumpy and a bit secret but if you make me confortable i'm sure we will have good times. I like to hunt and fish but also craft cabin in the woods ! Hope to see you soon
  2. A Big Bear...thats how people will describe him. You know the big guy always grumpy. Thats him. Balo is a one kind man... Growing up in in the bush few miles from Nyheim. He was 10 when the great depression strike and at that time the farm business was good. But things has started to decrease dramaticaly ! The times became hard and Balo was working hard on the farm to help his parents. This has forged his caractere. Balo is a men with values and the family is the top one. He has spend his time over the years taking care of the farm also hunting and fishing a lot. A man from the wild cut f
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