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  1. I no longer have the full 15 second clip, sorry
  2. I'm not sure the software's name, it came packaged with Geforce experience. correction: the clip is actually 15 seconds, i just cut the discord chatter afterwards while sitting on the death screen, I can post that if youd like, but i doubt it'd be helpful. scratch that, the clip saved over the original
  3. After this event though, If I ever do play on dayzrp again, I'll remember to have extended video capture on
  4. @RoverUnfortunately my software is only set to capture 10 seconds.
  5. My POV: > We were looking for animals to kill, and were heading in the direction of the city. > Saw a Car, @Sirarxfatalis9 and myself dropped our held items to go and initiate rp with a greeting > The two men informed us they were hungry, so we offered some food to them >"tainted meat" >alright sure, @Sirarxfatalis9offers to eat it in front of them. >myself and @Syakamaru take out weapons as these two are obviously not up to any good > they day put "put hands u-" and raise weapons at us (which to me is an obvious hostile act), I raised my weapo
  6. There was a time in Jonny's life, long before his new story began, when he thirsted only for power. he was born in New York and rose up in the ranks of an Italian Greaser Gang, by the name of "The Grease Rats". He was their leader, like a god to them, a King, The Rat King. His days of power were brief though, as soon after he had seized the Grease Rats in his grubby hands, he took a bullet in the face. 9mm hollowpoint, right between the eyes. Were it not for the plate in his head from an operation long passed, and the quick actions of a rival gang, that would have been the end of him. Jonny
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