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  1. I never lifted the gun at my side. You know this to be true. Id stop digging the hole deeper if I were you.
  2. Using blatant conjecture to create uncertainty where none existed is quite rude. Checking the kill logs, those who died, died in order of: 1. The unarmed one who was finishing up a steak when the shooting started 2. The one who never lifted the gun 3. The one who actually reacted This alone discredits Sheisty's POV entirely and proves the intent. Gaslight and lie by all means, but don't think that it isn't seen.
  3. My POV: Myself, @Helioux and @Sirarxfatalis9 were walking along a road when we saw a car roll up, mounted gun on the back. @Sirarxfatalis9 and @Helioux approached and were engaged in conversation while I looked on from further back and when it looked like things weren't going to be a firefight, I walked up and put away my long gun. I did have a gun drawn while the whole eating exchange was going on, but it was never raised. I heard "Put your hands up" cut off at the "u" in up because the shots were leaving the gun. It was clear that the conversation being made was just a pretense to score chea
  4. Like 10 minutes ago I was KoS'ed by some mask douches in the woods who were putting on bad Russian accents. "Put your hands u-" before they unloaded. No time to comply at all. First time in DayZRP, like second time playing DayZ. I don't see the appeal.
  5. New here, stumbled across and noticed an inconsistency, or at least a hole in the argument against defenders being allowed to maintain surprise. This one comes from within the rules themselves. The rule on traps, should they exist. A trap inside of a base is a valid kill, should it kill a raider. Therein lies the point. As a defender, according to the rules as they are written, I could simply set a trap while the guy outside asks if I'm home. I silently set it, he breaks in and is killed. Legal kill. Why then would I have to announce myself if I have to do it with a gun? What differe
  6. Born and raised in what was left of Bennington Vermont, Bobby Cerulean learned early in his life of his love for anchoring after discovering a trove of old taped 80s news reports that seemed to cover a world where the problems seemed so small. Gone are the days where a simple homicide or break-in was the biggest problem in any community. However, it wasn't the topic that caught Cerulean's eye, but the work. The man reporting all of these happenings at a desk in front of a camera, carrying the gravitas and authority of someone who could speak for people to listen. That is who Bobby Cerulean
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