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  1. Unknown as suffered a head injury
  2. Vape Nation

    Safe zone discussion

    I would be referring to the SZ rules not the sever rules and yes there would be out of game consequences for breeches in sever rules.
  3. Vape Nation

    Safe zone discussion

    I Think its a great idea but instead of in forcing the rules out of game why not in force them in game IE. somebody kills another person in the SZ instead of banning them out right why not have a trial in game and execute them in game as punishment.
  4. Vape Nation

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

  5. Vape Nation

    Miscreated giveaway

    Random post
  6. Vape Nation

    Who has been killed by landmines?

    +1 for the the added video for affect
  7. Vape Nation

    PSA: Why you shouldn't be shooting to kill

    +1 good find
  8. Vape Nation

    The Baiting/Not Baiting Trend

    I understand what your saying and I agree I miss the day of the Reapers and the "bad guy" Rp the kinda group that when you saw them you trembled in fear. And I did notice the vast amount of people trying to bait and iniaitaion I'm just smart enough to know that it's bait and try and leave the situation
  9. Vape Nation

    Jumping back on DayZSA

    Welcome hope you Injoy your stay
  10. Vape Nation


    Good luck and best wishes
  11. Vape Nation

    First Concerts

    First was: def leopard Favourite was: ACDC
  12. Vape Nation

    More common GearRP & Useless robberies

    I find that I have the most fun when I carry next to nothing on me and run into people that way they like your an actual survivor and Rp with you instead of double carrying an ak74 and a m4 witch insisted gearrp
  13. Vape Nation

    More common GearRP & Useless robberies

    Not entirely appropriate really, is it? I mean, how many threads have there been regarding "New people" topics. Its kind of old. This has been done before. Why cant we just be happy the community is gaining support and get over it Refer to the following http://www.dayzrp.com/t-So-many-Reports http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Too-much-bandit-RP http://www.dayzrp.com/t-So-many-Reports http://www.dayzrp.com/t-CALLING-ALL-Bambis http://www.dayzrp.com/t-2-easy-ways-to-stop-all-these-reports I know right +1
  14. Vape Nation

    More common GearRP & Useless robberies

    People just get on the servers, see that they can't be straight up killed on sight and use that as an advantage along with the NVFL rule, by getting in groups of 5-6 (with the help of psisyndicate, because everyone wants to get in a group with him for some reason) and robbing literally everyone they see, we need a new rule implemented, my friend was robbed 4 times in the space of 20 minutes, what a great incentive for us to play again.. Here's a tip just don't get robbed I've had an M4 and a Smersh vest for five days and I haven't been robbed once. Not mention there is rules in place to stop it like I said record and report.
  15. Vape Nation

    More common GearRP & Useless robberies

    If you look at the report section there already was a lot of Gerardo robberies before he released that video but I understand what your saying about the influx for badrp and gear robberies it sucks all you can do is record and report and I can slowly weed out the bad people.