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  1. doesn't change the fact you just up and shot him when he did exactly as you were currently asking him. we were obeying orders as apparent hostages.
  2. I was also in this RP situation. We met them walking through the woods. he invited us to dinner and said it would be disrespectful. We were out in the woods i had my rifle out for personal protection, i was told that having my weapons out was making them nervous and to put them away i complied. he brought us to his base along 3 others. on the way he roleplayed and made me take my shoes off and started talking about my toes and he then cut them off. that RP made me very uncomfortable i think it was borderline breaking rule 3.1. i still remained roleplaying as i am new to the server. we got to t
  3. Chim Richalds, Son of New York Oil Tycoon Reginald Richalds has found himself at his wits end in a new city Nyheim. Arriving when tensions were high, Chim was sent to Nyheim on business at the instruction of his father. He grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and daddy always near to help when things went sideways. He lived an extremely comfortable life, he had all the luxuries that anyone nowadays would kill for. He never had to work a day in his life. After a while coasting by on his fathers hard work, he was met with an ultimatum. Chim was to work for his father because he is getting ol
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