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  1. Was trying to figure out exactly how base building worked, if anyone could break into it, and generally how about setting up a place to stash some things
  2. Ok... I see the traders can only stock a certain number of each item... are all the traders the same or do they each take different items and quantities?
  3. I have some items, a PU Scope in particularly, that says it sells for 100 but the vendor will not take it. Also have a lot of clothing items as well... does it only accept certain items and certain amounts at a time?
  4. Sweet ty... I just made it to the city and have seen no zombies yet so I was wondering
  5. Are there zombies on the server? Also are there airdrops and other events?
  6. First born in the United States. Spent most his youth in rural areas learning much about firearms and learning some survival skills. Spent about 5 years in a paramilitary organization and learned much about basic combat skills and military tradition. Specialized in chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological warfare and how best to defend against such an attack. After he separated from the group, spent much time wondering the US. Dylar has was always a loner, not one to be very interested in women or the idea of companionship, that is until one day he met a young lady, Natalia. Dylar fell
  7. Sweet... thanks for the reply. It looks like I'm 13/13 atm. Hopefully I can get in there soon, I'm very excited to play on this server
  8. Really excited to start. Made my character, Dylar, just waiting for staff approval. Any idea how long of a wait I'm looking at?
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