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  1. Beemer was born in a small town somewhere in Chernarus. Both his parents were Canadian business people, however, his mother died during childbirth. Beemer's father was a survivalism enthusiast and taught Beemer everything he knew from business strategies to creating makeshift shelters to farming and animal husbandry. All Beemer's life he grew up with a focus on helping others, instilled in him early on from his father. Beemer's father passed away when he was 17, leaving him crushed and lost, not knowing what to do. Beemer poured everything he has into helping others, following the principles his father passed on, and began wandering the wastelands looking for people in need. He often thinks about what his parents would think of his philanthropic endeavors, and everything he does is in an effort to make his father proud. Due to losing his only family member early on in life, Beemer is worried about making meaningful connections with people for fear of them dying and having to go through the pain of loss again. As a result, Beemer is very warry about joining groups and developing intimate relationships.
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