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  1. Chappers


    Why does everything come back to money.... Good Luck on getting people back, you have to be stupid to pay 25euros to get back on....
  2. I can assure you no one is paying 50euros to get unban! Why not let people write out ban appeals or something. Money isn’t the way to do this! It makes you look money hungry...
  3. Money is the thing that is pissing me off. Someone could easily go and create a Arma 3 DayZRP server and new community which people could go play. Plus they wouldn't ask for fucking money like Rolle wants......
  4. No, but people don't want this community to die. This community making a Arma 3 dayz server and bringing back people would make more people play and bring new fresh air into this community..
  5. Permanent doesn't, as people who have been permaban have come back... This community is going to die, its dying and everyone can see its dying. its been dying for years now. Everyone is so scared of RISK, its a game, in life you take bigger RISKS. Its a RISK yes but its not going to END YOUR LIFE. Who the fuck is going to pay 50 Euros to play a dead ass game, with a dying community, with community who just cry when hostile actions take place, who have been treated like shit before, who have other games they could be playing. I know if I was permaban, hell no I wouldn't pay that to be unban...
  6. Surely you know who will do this? Just let people certain people back, how hard is it to reroll someone? Or if there is a mass KoS people can go back to there bodies. They are loving it now! Seeing this place crash and burn and its better for them as they haven't even got to do anything! Most the people in the MOD didn't do anything serious some did out of spite but most aren't going to do this. Plus Arma3 DayZMOD would make it worth coming back for.
  7. You can't have any idea, its just push a button bam unban. Don't tell anyone, if they come they come. If not they obviously ain't interested in this community anymore. You have to take risk to hope things succeed in the future. How do you know people are going to go on a KOS rampage?? If they have another chance people are most likely going to try and be better...
  8. Your seriously thinking about money......... Fucking hell, this has come to the lowest I have ever seen it..... Money hungry or what, life isn't about money, its about enjoyment and obviously this community for you has gone past that! Why not do it for free, bring out clan skins or vehicles in the good old days when people would spend money to have a vehicle for the day or new skins or gun skins or something. Not to be unban, people are laughing at this statement.... Goodbye, Watch this community die then.
  9. most people in the MOD were ban for not that serious reasons. Most SDS should be allowed back some not :P. But SKA, CRA, B-17, S-GRU and so on, if you want to make DayZRP great again bring back players to fill servers up.
  10. I understand, but if people stop playing due to that they need to grow up as well. At the end of the day its just a game its not life. You die you repeat, you die you repeat. I can't see people coming just to KoS though. not if you put time into a MOD Server, they will come to play again.
  11. Yes it could, but then they just get ban again. But it could bring different mature people back.
  12. But if they are going or speaking about this, the new MOD will have to go onto Arma3, Arma 2 is just old and outdated. Fun yes but not as smooth and better looking as Arma3 is now.
  13. Did people do that??? I was just thinking of people in the DayZMOD who just flamed, trolled, KoS, went OOC ingame, and bad RP. Not those things
  14. Yes, but it would be easier for staff just to unban everyone. Most won't bother coming back, if they do maybe like you said they could have matured and changed and provide good RP now. But if they don't return they don't simple as. They have the choice and the choice to either stay unban or get ban again. Simples
  15. They are just doing it willy nilly..... How can they lose there power? They fuck up again bye bye, simples.. We are just giving our opinion on how the state of this community is, it once had 4/5 servers full or at least two full servers. But now and for a good year it has been empty and going down hill and very fast. Bringing back people who would have matured by now and giving them another chance would help the community get back. But if not it will just die out and become empty like the route its going in.