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  1. Nice to be apart of the group!! Im only fisherman.
  2. nevermind, it works now ? It work, But I was killed by running around....
  3. I have restarted it but will try again. Still using the experimental dayz?
  4. Im still getting bad version when logging into Server 2
  5. When its back up, have we got to change from experimental to the normal one?
  6. Are servers still down??? Try to log in but got bad version server rejection
  7. It was because I didn't make a character, haven't played this in ages so ? Cheers for the help guys!
  8. Tom Watson was born on the 29th January 1993 in England United Kingdom. He was the middle son of three who lived with his parents on there farm. Growing up on a farm he learnt how to do various different task from driving and repairing different vehicles, hunting rabbits, foxes and deer with his dad and older brother which were butchered and eaten by the family. He had farmed his whole life but wanted adventure, so he decided to travel and his first place was Chernarus. He arrived in Chernarus two months before the outbreak happen. His plan was to travel from town to town working on farms and gaining new friends and new experiences. He has been surviving well alone from the help his father and brother did while he was back at home, but he can't keep doing this alone. He doesn't feel he can approach any one yet as he has seen people shot and robbed, he finds it difficult to speak to others as they don't understand him or he does them.
  9. I am whitelisted, I downloaded the launcher and logged into DayZRP. I got kicked with this message - You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Kick (You have no active and alive character or it's not set to public))
  10. https://uk-store.acer.com/predator-xb1-gaming-monitor-predator-xb271ha-black I got acer predator, its a lot of money but well well worth it!!
  11. Why does everything come back to money.... Good Luck on getting people back, you have to be stupid to pay 25euros to get back on....
  12. I can assure you no one is paying 50euros to get unban! Why not let people write out ban appeals or something. Money isn’t the way to do this! It makes you look money hungry...
  13. Money is the thing that is pissing me off. Someone could easily go and create a Arma 3 DayZRP server and new community which people could go play. Plus they wouldn't ask for fucking money like Rolle wants......
  14. No, but people don't want this community to die. This community making a Arma 3 dayz server and bringing back people would make more people play and bring new fresh air into this community..
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