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  1. Chappers

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    I ain't saying that, I didn't say the mod was better, but it was. This rule will not effect the population of DayZRP or gameplay as its down to the community.. The community has changed so much and people just rather sit next to a campfire and not rob other players.
  2. Chappers

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    I really don't think changing a rule will help this community start robbing people.. DayZ SA is a crap game to start with, Its been in develop for 5years + and all they have fixed is the trees... This doesn't help the game play or anything like it did when DayZ was on Arma 2, which made robbing people easier and firefights easier to start. The community has change so much and its gone the way of not robbing people unlike it was in the MOD when everyone robbed.
  3. Chappers

    Back in the old days, when HostileRP was good.

    I miss the old RP days, especially when you feared clans and just robbed for the sake of robbing (which doesn't sound good but if we was in an apocalypse people would just rob for the sake of it). Its not the staffs fault for lack of HostileRP, I believe its just the way the community has gone, back in the MOD everyone was shit at RP (Well when I played in 2012/13) and didn't really give a toss about it too much. Most people were hostile to everyone and clans always robbed each other. When more of the RPers came in they changed the game up a bit but they even struggled due to the fact that people were gear crazy and just wanted everything. I remember Walshy (Legion) had the only M17 Sniper in the game, (RF) in firefights would run miles and miles around forests just to find him! My favourite memory of the MOD was when a few guys got about 15-30 people from Prud to attack us (SDS) at Taki gas station!! The reports coming from one incident was amazing but Papa (GM) was there and told them they were all in the wrong for going there.
  4. Sorry dude, but DayZ has just gone. Its so sad to say because I spent my life playing that game for 3 years solid! I always have the memories I look back at when me and my bro first joined Rising Freeborns [RF], it was so fucking awesome going around with a clan or people you ended up spending hours with every night adding them on facebook and thinking I have an online family which felt amazing! Meeting different people in-game which you would either like them or hate them and develop alliances with other clans and them coming into your TS and going around Cherno with them. Then your clan dying due to lack of people or just clan members falling off the hype and just getting bored and then returning for short periods. Then starting your whole dayz adventure off again joining Somalian Death Squad (SDS4LYFE!) developing new friends and doing the same over again with them but creating a different path and enjoying the game even more! These days are sadly over now and we can all miss those, its just like when you finish school and go into the big wide world and you look back and think, fuck I really missed school and stuff. Games and communities have to move on from games and expansions, DayZRP had to go over to SA as the MOD just died and more people came over to play SA. Best thing to do is to try and get some developers together yourself and make your own community and try and start it over again but its been done too many times and just hasn't taken off as there are newer better games out there to play now and dayzmod has sadly sadly died but you can always go onto youtube to look at all the videos to bring a smile and tear to your eye! But man it was a blast playing it with everyone in the community and and a shit ton of money!
  5. Chappers

    Desolation Redux Release

    Dude, if your that mad dont complain about it and make it look bad before it even started.... SA is unfinished and will never be finished it took 5 years to develop the trees! At least Arma3 Rolle and the team can mod it how they like. Don't like it do one, simple as.
  6. Chappers

    Desolation Redux Release

    Any update with the server and its release???
  7. Yeah I would love for it to take off and be successful but we need people to get hyped for it and look forward for it to be released and really need it to be released asap so it just doesn't get forgotten about.
  8. Chappers

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Would be a great idea if possible, but sometimes clans skins don't work e.g When clans say the donate skins was what they were then run around in firefights in civ clothing and killing people then nothing gets done when reported so can have there faults.
  9. Chappers

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    I did love when KOTH (King Of The Hill) was 100/100 on Tanoa, such a decent map and cool citys and just a different feel which made it awesome. +1 on getting Apex well worth the buy!! I paid full wack for it about £30 when it first released and don't regret it one bit!
  10. Chappers

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Oh when is release mate?? Fair enough but does look a decent map and hopefully worth trying when finished.
  11. Chappers

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Yeah a winter is map would look good. But not chernarus as thats just boring now! Desolation are creating there own map which could be good to have a look at and maybe use.
  12. Chappers

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Yeah it does, but its well worth it and doesnt cost that much and surely G2A has it on discount. Its really worth the money.
  13. Chappers

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Yeah that would be good to know then poll it so we can see what people want. But Im not bothered with what map it is, just want to play and have that old RP feeling back what was such a joy to play back when the mod was out. I know you want Tanoa, I would love to see it on Tanoa as it such a beautiful map but depends on what other people want and some don't have or want to spend the dollar on Apex which is a shame cause its well worth its money.
  14. Chappers

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    I know the fps isnt great but when you put arma 2 maps into arma 3 they look horrible compared to arma 3 maps such as esserker and tanoa
  15. Chappers

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    I really would like to see it on Tanoa, but yeah this still needs a few things done to it to make it nearly finished. The Zombies could spawn not so retarded and not so aggressive. Its good they spawn in forests so if theres a sniper he can be track and found by zombies which is a good thing but many zombies less aggro and not hitting you like a truck would be good. What loot tables are going in?? What vehicles? Are most building going to be open? Whats the loot drops?