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  1. I cant seem to find that so I would guess its not. Well time to wait then. Thanks, thread can be closed and all.
  2. So theres a seperate Whitelist for Life is feudal?
  3. Hey, so apperently I am not whitelisted. Is there a seperate Whitelist for Life is Feudal? Because I should be still whitelisted from DayZ Thanks
  4. Subso

    British European Referendum

    1) Never said that the UK would quit the NATO, I said it wont 2) I dont like the term "scare tactic" because that implies that someone (in that case its me) acually tries to scare someone. Its a fact that europe would have greater problems if it wouldnt trade with each other. And thats just trade. The open borders and many other agreements help europe a lot. The currency is a problematic thing, in general one currency is not a bad thing, it just happend to be extremly bad executed and just showed how unstable and impossible it is to maintain our current finincal system. I am not trying to scare britians to stay in the EU, im (as I wrote before) very sure most agreements can be remade with the individual states of europe since they would gain aswell from traiding with the UK.
  5. Subso

    British European Referendum

    Im somewhat sure the EU will still trade with the UK, its not like the rest isnt gaining anything from having them. But first of all people have to know that its first going to end most contracts made, such as open borders, support and trade. Of course that does not mean that it cant be renewed as independed contract. As far as I know the UK wont quit the NATO by that so that will stay aswell. Dont know where this "Fear of the russians" comes from but the EU membership isnt that what really protects, its the NATO. Cant repeat it enough, a reformation of the EU would be better then disbanding it and by that going back to the more seperated europe we had before but I agree that the current EU needs rework.
  6. Subso

    British European Referendum

    No matter how you people vote, I really hope that this does not damage the relationships between the countrys of europe. I like that you can vote on this, we all life in a democracy for a reason. I can absolutly see the problems with the EU, its massive bureaucracy and the abuse of the regulations put in place but comparing it to the UDSSR? I dont think thats the right approche to change something or adress a problem. I see that they are similar in some ways but I dont think the compare is a good one. But keep in mind that togehter we are stronger, but maybe the current EU is not the right way to work togehter. At this point I cannot say for sure so I will not state anything on that. I just hope that europe does not split up so heavly that it starts to hate each other again. Anyway we have to compete economicaly with way larger and stronger countrys around and various other problems that do effect us all, we life in a age of globalisation, if we like it or not.
  7. Kinda small isnt it? But soviet cat 7/10
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Last appeal: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Perm-ban-appeal--62762? Why the verdict is not fair: Its not unfair really but I did not try to break the rules ,damage the server in any way, give me any kind of advantage or manipulate anything related to dayz or DayZRP Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I am willing to provide any Information needed to proof that I never tried and never will try to break the rules or similar. I still can not say what it exactly was, what caused it but it was most likely a trainer based on cheatengine for the game "Homeworld 2 Remastered" since thats the only thing I could have think of. Please take the emails I send to you into account, including your answers. This is my steam account, same as I used to register and play on DayZRP - Fully VAC-Ban free - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Subso/ What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be able to reapply after 13 Months and 29 days. What could you have done better?: Checked if I have something open in the background / Checking my PC for unwanted software aswell as beeing more aware.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): NA - automated ban Why the verdict is not fair: Beucase I did not try to cheat. I talked with some of the staff and they told me that you would need an E-Mail from battleye that I did not try to cheat. I tried to explain that this is not possible, they do not disclose any information on bans (source: http://www.battleye.com/support.html - but they only adress global bans in this one) and they do not support "Admin bans" such as mine. (source: automated e-mail from battleye, the part adressed to admin bans ) I can not proof that I am innocent because til this day I have no clue what could have been running in the background of my PC. I restarted, scanned, cleaned up and it worked fine for all other servers. (including DayZRP) Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I do know that you have to respect such bans but you have to understand that there is no chance that battleye will support my request and since I am not global banned there is no 100% proof that I tried to hack in DayZ (or any other game) since Admin Bans are just safty switches that there might be something that could eventually used to hack in a game. I joined this community on the 21.11.2014 and I am without any single warning point. I never have been banned for cheating/hacking/attempted hacking before. (Picture of Steam-acc without any VAC-Strikes) Only one exepction is where my ArmA2 Key got highjacked and after Battleye stating that I am innocent, reciving a new Key for Steam (which I use til today). Please, give me the chance of allowing me to play in your community again. I tried my best to reach Battleye and to proof my innocence. I am willed to forward any e-mails to you if requested and to provide any information that might help with solving this. If there is any way to help I will try my best to help. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be removed from the blacklist. What could you have done better?: Scanning my PC for third-party software.
  10. Shooting someone is not good RP? Everything you do in game is RP. Shooting someone is part of RP. The only thing you can question here if there was a 'RP reason' to shoot that someone. If yes, then shooting someone is good RP. -Yes dead people can't RP, but that is not a relevant argument. Dead people do not offer RP. And if you have a good reason to end someones life it is part of rp. It might sound to drastic but killing is something that only should happen if you have no other option. Trigger-Happy and half-hearted bandits are a real killer to RP.
  11. I think that is a rulebreak. Really. I am sorry to say this now but - yes. I agree with you. Most Bandits do not think about RP. The pretend to do. And followed by that there are many other. We would not have that problem and not the question "if we should perma-death as a rule" if this problem would not be present. But yeha, no Idea how to change that.
  12. Normally I ask myself "Why would Devs add this and why would DayZ (normal not RP) would need this" and normaly I dont find many reasons by side RP. But this I mean After they added the suicide with the pen and the can opener. Why not. This is a good suggestion. But I swear I am going to shoot everyone who comes close to me with such a vest.
  13. Oh and then think about the lag... and the people with fps breaks... oh hell on them. Getting hit from 20 meters away was worse if it was 1 zombi. But now with 20. RIP low fps & high pingers
  14. After beeing robbed by the same people over and over again and shooting them over and over again I kind of agree with the perma-death for all Rule. Not sure but, do you die in roleplay everyday? Do you have to resist everytime you get robbed so you die? I can totaly understand if you are fed up with the Bandits who aim for PvP. But if we would really think of roleplay - we would not die as often. The last years I played roleplay in communitys where it was normal to perma-death the character if it died in RP. But on the other hand - bandits had to fear more consequences then just 2 hours of KoS rights on them. I tought it was forbidden to execute a complying hostage?
  15. Report them for ruleplay over role play and abusing KoS rules? They react unrealistically to firefights knowing that people aren't allowed to shoot them. They abuse this loophole to get in and get loot. Nah just respond to "or else what?" with "its a firefight" and if they rise the weapon they are the enemy, if thes still loot the body... well you warned them.
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