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  1. Definitely want a plain coloured poncho. That looks fucking sick
  2. Honestly I want a map set somewhere like the US (I'm from Aus keep in mind) solely for the fact we could have sooooo many more diverse groups and characters like back in mods days. It simply makes no sense why all these tourists would be in this shithole part of the world, no one would go to Chernarus for a holiday.
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  4. Well we logged off the server on the 6-6-2019 at roughly 14:00 server time, and didn't get back on til about 18 hours later. Unfortunately that's the window it would have happened, if that is not specific enough, apologies, just close the report. I already PMed a GM the location when it was requested, just letting you know.
  5. Server and location: S1 (will PM staff location) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Sometime within the past 30 hours approx. Your in game name: Pops McGee Names of allies involved: @FreyZ Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any) : None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: Logging onto the server today I was informed that our base had been raided. I checked with the others who told me that someone had turned our wall into a gate from the inside. The others had logged off the day prior, which they were sure to lock the place up by turning the gate into a wall (I asked staff, apparently this is okay as of right now). The only other way they could have gotten in was if they server hopped or glitched through a wall as the place is inside a building, and every entrance is walled off. If the person wants to come forward and talk to us about it, I will drop the report. We couldn't give a shit about the gear he took, we just don't think they should get away with it.
  6. This new system pretty much fucks over anyone that is from the southern Hemisphere. Eg: Australia, me. EU servers I have 350-400 ping, and US I have 250. Like 1 one lag spike and I am gonna get kicked.
  7. I mean if I was giving the same bad RP everyday I wouldn't complain if people hid from me. Doesn't matter whether it's hostile or campfire, if someone is a bad RPer I would avoid them in the future. Do Hostile RPers really expect their "prey" just to stay in the open on a silver platter every single day when they feel like robbing them or having some PVP? EDIT: Also would just like to note that it comes a point when PVP and war just isn't RP anymore. There was a point back in the day that The Northern Alliance (well 101, one of the many groups of the NA) was literally being attacked every 2 hours, like the moment people's death timer was over they were back to attack them. How is that roleplaying? I honestly think if you're gonna declare war on a group or be a constant PVP group, PKing should be compulsory after a certain point. That way if the big bad bandit group or the hero group wins and kills the other group, the war is over. Just how it would be. Not a never ending dick measuring contest to see who archives first.
  8. Connvexus

    Old Timers

    As one of the well known Old people on the server, I hope to run into you guys!
  9. My POV: (what happened before the video) So @Stradic and I were RPing with a guy we came across when out of nowhere this dude sprints past us, and starts looking around etc. We ask him for his name, immediately hearing he is very young. I asked him if he was lost (being a kid and all) and if we could help him, and he proceeded to say "Yeah I was just killed". We tried to shrug it off and pretended he must have been just confused. We took him out back where he had a go at the fighting ring we built, and then proceeded to call people "players". He then ran around our pub sprinting everywhere and looking through all our stuff, kept doing the suicide animation multiple times in front of 5+ people, kept spinning on the spot, saying he wants to OD on drugs, the list goes on and on. Then the rest is in the video above. I'd like to add we gave him so many chances to comply with our requests, yet he simply didn't care and just kept ignoring us. Anyone else would have shot him, the only reason we didn't is cause we didn't want to kill a child IC. TL;DR: BadRP, NVFL and clearly has no concept of any of the rules we have in place, at all.
  10. We did, good RP mate. But you's did take all our vodka
  11. Honestly I'd rather it stay the same, simply for the fact we'll be going back to Bob the mechanic giving his buddy a blood transfusion with no previous medical experience at all etc. It might bring more medical RP to some groups, but most people will do procedures on themselves they shouldn't know how to do IC.
  12. Absolutely not. Fuck no. Never. What the fuck is this. Pop's is gonna report this post for heresy.
  13. Legit the server with 100 people makes me frames run at 30, usually they are at 90. We need lower server pops, with all the mods and base building the server can't handle it.
  14. Do you want to be KOSed? What so as an old man character I can't have a thick old man beard and I'm stuck with the pathetic and shit seedy chin strap facial hair the dayz developers gave us? No thanks
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