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  1. I just want a new map, I'm over Chernarus. I want the location to be somewhere that explains why there are so many tourists, eg Tanoa (it's pretty much Fiji). But honestly my fav map of ARMA II is Taviana. I love that map to bits.
  2. Pop's isn't the best negotiator it seems ?
  3. I think that if two groups declare war on each other and it be an official state of each group, all their characters should only have one life and be perma-ed if killed in a battle with the opposing side. This way the war can end, and one group can have a definite win if they kill an entire group or most of it's members and the rest surrender. And if you're gonna have a cry about having to permanently kill your character cause you get in firefights everyday (and die), then you don't really value your life do you?
  4. The map actually feels different from the same shit one we have had for over 5 years now and people want the OG one back? Lame. This game needs a new map pronto IMO.
  5. 4.9 Despawning or damaging a camp, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge or ill intent is considered griefing. Hello Griefing would imply I left everything on the ground to despawn out of spite but that is simply not true. So I was driving along to Tisy to gear up with my allies when we came across this guy's tent right next to the 2 story green house north of Tisy. We proceeded to take nearly everything of value, loaded it into the car and took the tent with us so we had somewhere to keep all the loot. I have no video evidence, however I will provide screenshots of all the gear I didn't leave to despawn if asked by staff. What you're seeing on the ground is 5% of what was originally there, the stuff on the ground I could not load into the car. My inventory and car was completely full. “We didn’t have alot” is a lie, you had over 1000 rounds of 5.56, 7.62, multiple guns, dozens and dozens of magazines for M4’s and Ak’s etc, along with other misc. Supplies. It took 4 people plus a car to take everything, so the fact we left 5% on the ground was not out of spite, it was due to lack of inventory space left. Griefing rule implies that I did this due to OOC or for ill intent. I simply took the supplies I wanted and left the rest. Allies: @Stradic @Herico @FreyZ
  6. I'd rather walking dead style zombies, where they only walk but their danger is in numbers. But if you end up adding special infected, I don't really want to see the type like in Left 4 Dead, more just variations like stronger bigger ones, ones in armour etc. I don't want to be fighting exotic ones that spit acid, savvy?
  7. They killed 101, one of the groups part of the NA. Not the Northern Alliance.
  8. If it's a yearly thing I am gonna go with no. A lore wipe doesn't change shit. Everyone played like a fresh survivor for a day and went back to being a zombie killing machine. My group after the last lore wipe was the only one I ever encountered that ever acted cautious around zombies/random survivors, checking to see if people were infected since we didn't know anything about it etc. Most people just went back to RPing the same way they have for the last 2 years. Also the last few months of the year would be shit, people wouldn't be investing time into groups or characters cause it's gonna be wiped soon anyway and it'll be back to square one. If it's every 2 years I think that is a good amount of time. Perhaps instead of a Complete Lore wipe, maybe a soft lore wipe. I know we would would have to wait until modders make new maps, but maybe every year we switch map and move to a new location. Still the same lore, meaning the possibility of returning groups/characters (for good IC reasons, not just hey I moved to the other side of the world during the apocalypse), but this would allow fresh new groups that don't fit in Chernarus etc, and pretty much a fresh start minus dumping the previous lore. TL:DR; Yes only if it's not yearly but I'd rather explore other options.
  9. Australian's get 350-400 ping on the EU servers. We need NA servers too. 150 ping is doable.
  10. Not much is known about Pop's life before the outbreak, mainly due to the fact he can't actually remember, or he just doesn't care. No one even knows his real name, and some think even he doesn't. A group of survivors just found him napping during the riots outside his Nursing home. It took him a few weeks to realise he was killing zombies and not just Nurse's trying to take him back to the nursing home. He was originally from Eastern Europe, but that's as far as it is known. He has lived in Chernarus in the Chernogorsk Nursing him for the last 15 years, which he has escaped numerous times. He has a serial hate for nurses. He is known to not really care much about anything, or what he says to anyone. From what he figures, "he'll die soon anyway". While he is a liability, the group has grown to really feel the need to protect Pop, and keep him alive for as long as the stubborn man won't die. He seems to have a terrible memory, whether this is an on set of Alzheimer's or just being forgetful isn't known to the group. Pop's has mentioned several times about serving in the war, but when asked about it further he just ignores the questions. He does however have a love for sardines, mainly due to the fact that his taste buds have disappeared and he can't taste anything.
  11. Just a hood would be fucking supreme. The M65 jacket has the zipper around the collar cause it has a hood rolled up inside. Legit just give me that option and I'll be happy. Having the ability to open/close jackets, roll up sleeves etc would be more than enough for me.
  12. I'm confused how you think unbanning people who got themselves banned will bring back life to the servers. A lot of them got banned on purpose. How is bringing back that toxicity gonna help the servers?
  13. Not getting unbanned from a "Dying" Community isn't gonna end your life either. If it doesn't matter than it doesn't matter they stayed banned. It's just a game.
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