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  1. Thank you for having me, will be lots of fun!
  2. You may kill this character on sight. Born to an american father and a dutch mother she grew up in the very south of the Netherlands, in the small town ██████, close to the borders of Germany and Belgium. Her mother passed away when she was 7 years old and with her father being █████████████████ she was raised by ██████████████ and left to fend for herself most of the time. Her years in school didn't leave much of an impression. If someone were to go back and ask her old teachers about her they wouldn't be able to tell you much. Maybe they would mention that she had played football, or remark on how she had always been a bit quiet in class. When she turned 17 she volunteered to join the Dutch armed forces. After completing basic training she was sent to study ██████████████ at █████████████████. Her path seemed pretty clear; ███████████████████████████████, ██████████████████████████████████████████████████. After that not much is known about her. Operator Damien had been stationed in █████████, South Africa, for █████████ when she was ordered to escort, along with ███████████████, two special agents to Chernarus. With her new assignment having such short notice she did not have the time she would have liked to prepare herself, but it couldn't be helped. That would turn out to not be her greatest problem though. On their way the team suffered losses, including the death of █████████ and ██████ as well as the loss of their helicopter. Once they arrived ████████████ and she was separated from her group.
  3. Was a pleasant surprise! Hopefully it won't be as long til we meet again
  4. Since I play here again I figured I should maybe contribute to my fav thread
  5. I haven't met Eddie but I know it can be hard to let a character you've played for a long time and have a lot of history with go. Starting something new have for me in comparison felt very empty and it takes a while to build that attachment and get into some sort of storyline. Once some time has passed though and you've found something else you enjoy playing I don't think you will want to bring him back but rather enjoy looking back and remembering the story he had and leave it at that. But if you still want to play him after a lore wipe then just go for it imo
  6. Yekaterina, or Katya for short, was born into an upper middle-class Russian family. She has two older brothers, Andrei (35) and Vadim (33), which she loves very much, and she firmly believes are still alive. Her mother had been a cold and superficial woman. She had married Katya’s father when she was 19 and never worked a day in her life. Katya, thinking she would follow in her mother’s footsteps and marry well, never put much effort into her schooling. But the years passed, and Katya got older but remained unmarried. Being the youngest in the family and her father’s only daughter she was the jewel of his eye. He would often bring her with him on his business trips, sometimes even abroad. And just like he had taught her brothers to hunt, he also taught her. Once or twice every year since she was 10 they would all spend a few days out in the woods. Andrei later ended up leaving for the military and Vadim went off to university, but Katya and her father kept going every summer until she was 23 and his health no longer allowed it. Her father’s family owned property in both Russia and Chernarus. When neither of her brothers were around to help, and with her father too sick to travel, she would travel to Chernarus in their place and stay with relatives. Naturally, she also took this opportunity to indulge herself in some of the pleasures offered in the larger cities together with her cousins. When martial law was declared in South Zagoria she had just spent a weekend visiting private clubs in Chernogorsk. With tensions being high she decided it best to remain and was staying in her cousin’s apartment for a few weeks, until things got a lot worse.
  7. With B being passive and C killing A, wouldn't B then have defence rights against C? Or is killing your attacker just seen as non-compliance, as say running away would be, and not an (counter)attack?
  8. Hopefully one day those guys will look back at this and feel a deep shame, a much better option than staying like they are now for the rest of their lives. I hope everything works out the best way possible for you
  9. Smixxa

    Actual PK Suggestion!

    If you find yourself executing someone over and over and they refuse to die, you can just chose to keep interactions with them to a minimum. You don't have to give the gift of hostile RP to people who's roleplay you don't enjoy/don't play the way you do. Like someone else said on another post on this topic, I too remember a time when the rules were really harsh and barely anyone dared to attempt any banditry, especially not the kind that got people killed. Rather not go back to that
  10. Haha yeah, with emphasis on end ??
  11. Think it is also our upbringing. Children need to eat more often and in some cases more than adults do, as they are growing. Can be hard to transition to eating less once you are an adult, but yeah if you don't you will keep growing too.
  12. Think there can be some healthy middle ground. Being hungry isn't dangerous and going a day without food here and there is fine, I do that every now and then. No need to full on starve yourself tho
  13. Jules had never planned on going to Chernarus. She was working as a slick-line operator on the Turkish/Romanian owned oil rig "Prometeu". Due to the rig being somewhat short staffed, she was order to go with a crew to pick up some supplies in the Russian town of Sochi. But when the boat was denied entry into the port of Sochi they opted to weigh anchor in Berezino and wait for the Russian port to be opened. Then the storm hit and everything else that came with it. Once the dust had settled and they managed to get to the harbour their boat was long gone. The crew stuck together and mostly kept to themselves. They turned a few old farmhouses they had stumbled upon in the woods into a fairly comfortable camp. But then people started getting sick, with a mean strike of the flu. Once people started dying she decided to leave before she caught the cough, too. She left with two others and they headed north, hoping to find a passage through the mountains and into Russia. On their way there the other two started coughing too. They sought shelter in a cave, hoping they would perk up with a few days rest. On the forth night, while they were asleep, she took as much food as she could carry and left her brother and his husband behind.
  14. I don't know who you are on here but "Smiley". I am sorry for what happened, it was a freak accident.
  15. Mallory traveled to Chernarus with her husband in search for her paternal grand parents. She never managed to find them before the outbreak. Since then she has been surviving with a small group of people, staying mainly along the northeastern coastline. Her husband had gone missing a few weeks back and and she had started to think he might not be alive anymore. Without his protection her status in the group declined and she found herself quite close to the bottom of the pecking order. She decided to take off on her own.
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