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  2. Lenka Volek POV: We went to Chernogorsk with the intent to force/trick our way into a base or perhaps take someone hostage. Upon arriving we see two men outside the gate, one who we recognise as a trader from an earlier encounter. As we get close to the gate the trader walks off and we ask the man still outside to be let in, but he says they are closed. Someone says something like “no you are not” as he grabs the door and opens it, and after that two of us walk inside before the man from the compound shuts the door again. He then opens it and we all walk in. Few of us runs upstairs while I and I think Para are still downstairs. People upstairs are talking and then I hear gunshots go off at the same time I hear an initiation. Look up through a hole in the roof, see one of the men from the compound with his gun raised firing bullets. Pull mine out and shoot at him as he drops to the floor. Run outside to secure the trader and order him inside, RPing with him for a bit while the others grab a few things before we leave.
  3. Lenka was born in the northern part of Chernarus, near lake Beloe, in a city called Belozersk. Back then her name was Lenka Benak and she was the daughter of a shop owner. But like many other Chernarussian men before him, her father fell too deep into the bottle. After he had to close his shop the family went from having been somewhat comfortable to barely having enough for the day. Her mother had to pick up jobs cleaning other peoples houses and watching their children, and their once so well kept home was no longer that. But her mothers effort were not enough, they came to often having to rely on the charity of their neighbours. Lenka could see the damage this did to her mothers and fathers pride, and being only 12 years old at the time there was not much she could do to help, at least not with earning money. So she started bringing things home. One day it was a chicken that she had "found" out in the woods, another day it was a whole sack of rice and must have fallen off someone car as they were driven past their neighbourhood. Eventually she was caught, and to soothe the anger of the neighbours her parents sent her down to live with her aunt and uncle in Novigrad. They already had 4 children and no real room or time for Lenka, but she enjoyed the big city. She left school when she was 16 and started working in a store, a much larger one than the one her father have had, and this is where she met Jakub Volek. He would come in almost every day on his way home from work, and he always looked her in the eyes and smiled when she handed him the receipt, before giving her a little nod. He wasn’t the most handsome man, but then again Lanka was not exactly a "classic beauty" either. When he asked her out she said “yes” right away. And Jakub turned out to be a good man. He worked hard to provide for them, and he rarely drank. He died 4 months and 3 weeks into the outbreak. When the illness hit the city Lenka was 7 and a half months pregnant. Her husband didn't think it a good idea for her to go shuffling with the crowds heading for the evacuation zones, so they stayed put in their apartment, waiting for the authorities to sort the situation out. Days of waiting turned into weeks. Even though Jakub had ransacked the surrounding apartments for food and water they knew what they had wouldn't last forever. But it was not their greatest concern - baby was due any day and they were alone. They knew there were others out there, day and night they could hear the gunfire. Often at a distance, but sometimes as close as a few houses away. WIP
  4. I couldn't agree more, and honestly I'd like every kind of sexual RP that goes beyond a kiss banned - like it used to be. If people want to live out their sexual fantasies, let them take it to private chats.
  5. Was such a pleasure to run with you! Top story telling, will have to dig even deeper into that next time
  6. Voted "no" by mistake, but I agree that there is no reason to force victims to stay on.
  7. Born Yelena Ivanyevna Barsukova, daughter of Ivan and Sonya Barsukova, she grew up in the city of Podolsk, just outside of Moscow. Her father was an employee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation’s office in Moscow and they lived a comfortable life. She got her schooling at the prestigious, all-girls Russian Defence Ministry’s boarding school, with the goal of becoming a translator for the military. After graduating she did just that, but only a few weeks into her training she decided to change path and instead went on to take a photography class in Moscow. She never ended up graduating from that program either though – after an incident involving a young man in her class she was dismissed from the school. Merely days after having left the class she happened to meet a woman on the street, and they ended up going for coffee. Turns out this woman was looking for a new assistant and Yelena agreed to move down south to work for her.
  8. If it is just a new map... we did have the winter one. This one looks really cool
  9. Yeah it's very slow to go away but I don't think I've had it appear outside of it raining
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