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  1. Good luck on the appeal jack, I've heard good things about you.
  2. If my character is a gay black man am I allowed to use both words?
  3. I haven't seen the item personally, but I'm all for more apparel options. When the 'clowns' were doing their thing, I didn't go. "Oh, it's those payday 2 guys at it again." It was more. "Uh oh, the crazy clown people." Is people running around with human leather masks immersive for everyone? Probably not. But at least it might be interesting.
  4. I got on to play yesterday, and went to meet up with some friends in a city. Upon approaching the city, my game froze up from lagging out to the point that it was a still image. This happened at least 5 times, without me recording. Later on that day, I wanted to record something, and my recording software decided to act up. It wouldn't initiate recording when I wanted, and then after the fact began to spaz out causing me to not be able to record everything I wanted. These situations, have nothing to do with any hostilities, so I can only wonder how it would behave during a hostile situation. Coming from someone who's played both hostile, and non-hostile characters. And is currently playing a non-hostile character, I'm gonna nope. -1.
  5. Had a pretty fun time rolling with @Cid, even though we ended up getting Dayzed. And @Arcarius. I have no idea who the weird sick guy I ran into on my way to Vybor Military was, but that was a pretty fun tense standoff we had going there. You've got three hundred sixty degrees of get the fuck outta my face, has got to be one of the funniest things I've probably ever said improvised. Thanks for being weird dude, wish I knew who you were.
  6. I voted yes because of removal of dynamic groups.
  7. Tommy sat there in his chair, mouth parted when Alex mentioned their 'fearless leader'. He was, mulling over some cheeky response, but. Could she really be referring to Alexander Sinclair? It had been such a long time since he even thought about that little bastard, he was honestly taken aback if only for a moment. He was about to reply to Alex, when Ivy chimed in. The whole thing seemed, suspicious, to say the least. These two definitely wanted him to stick his head out there, expose his neck for a clean cut? Perhaps. "Huh...well, as pleasant as all this, tom fuckery is. You're gonna have to wait to get on your knees, and confess for me, Ivy." Rubbing his jaw for a moment, Cupid continued. "Why not? I'll go on and get packed, walk my ass back on over that way. Guess I'll see about making contact with you, Alex. Shouldn't be too hard to find you, I'll be sure to check all the public restrooms for any mention of a 'good time'. Till then." Gritting his teeth, Tommy rested his eyes a moment before sitting up, and eventually getting off the chair. Placing his radio on the table, he tucked his pistol into his waist from behind. Walking over to the doorway, he leaned up against it, his free hand rested high above his head, hanging into the room while he pressed his face against the wooden frame. Peering in at the boy who sat on the bed, head cast down, clearly disgruntled. "Hey~, come on now. No need to be, so, sad." Cupid gave a coy smile, showing his teeth, while the boy remained silent. "Alright now, go on. Get your suit case packed, or whatever the hell you'd call it. You're coming on a long, long trip." Finally looking up, the boy avoided eye contact, and quietly protested. "But...Mr. Cupid, the...the infected...those...things are out there." Placing his free hand up toward his own face, Cupid placed his long slender pointer finger upward against his lips, uttering a drawn out "Shhhh." Before lowering his hand back down to his hip. "No more of that, got it? I've already told you, I'm not gonna let those things kill you." Tommy lightly shook his head, as if to further clarify his intentions. "Now, pack, your shit." With a nod, the boy got up from the bed, picking up a suitcase from the side of the room and laying it out on the covers. Opening it, he began to move clothing from his dresser into the case, his back turned to Cupid. The older man simply stood there, eyes tracing up and down the farm boy's body. Tip of his tongue pointing out from the center of his lips, tucking his lower lip under his front teeth and letting out a 'tsk' noise. The hand at his side slowly moved along his hip, resting on the grip of his gun tucked in behind him. Carefully pulling it out, and lingering at his side for a moment. Tommy eventually brought the barrel of his gun upward, poising it toward the boy. With the shift of his body weight, there was a small creek on the floor boards. The boy abruptly stopped packing, stopped moving, frozen in place and not daring to turn around or look in Cupid's direction. There was an instant that Tommy questioned, what exactly was going through that boy's head. He didn't have to question what was going through it long, not after he pulled the trigger anyway.
  8. In some relatively distant, unremarkable farmhouse in the country-side. About as run down as anywhere else in this god forsaken country, the one bedroom hovel spat smoke into the air from it's chimney. At its crusted, and likely infested core, sat the illustrious Cupid. A king all his own, sitting upon his old worn down armchair of a throne. His feet were perched up on top a footstool, watching the flames in the fireplace dance. His radio sat on the table beside him, occasionally sputtering out two familiar voices. Most of the time, there would just be silence, or static, this time however it would appear the thing finally served some purpose. And yet, eyes narrowed, tip of his tongue tracing from one corner of his mouth to the other slowly. Cupid couldn't help but feel a bit, uneasy, to say the least. "...Mr....Cupid, sir...are, you going to answer...that?" A timid voice interrupted Tommy's contemplation, his serpent eyes gliding over to take in the sight of his recently acquired 'property'. A young man, farmhand in another life, built sturdy and lean with his youth. Rough hands from the fieldwork, that didn't bother Cupid much however, soft spoken and tender body where it mattered. "Did I address you, boy?" Cupid's raspy southern accent eased out past his lips, the slow drawl venomous, dangerous in tone. The young man quickly remembered his place, and lowered his head hoping he wouldn't be reprimanded later. Sitting there, one hand caressing the ripped open arm of his chair, fingers brushing over the exposed fluffy stuffing. Cupid understood how easy it would be to simply refrain from giving a reply to Alex, or Ivy for that matter. He could continue living here, in this farmhouse, with his boy toy until he was either done with him or was forced to murder him for attempting to rebel. With a long, drawn out sigh. Cupid rested his eyes a moment before tilting his head to one side, reaching for the radio and holding it up to the side of his head. "Well now~, is that, Alex? And Ginsu...sounds like you two been speaking, recently? Ain't that something..." A coy grin crept across Cupid's expression, knowing full well that he and Ginsu hadn't exactly parted on good terms, he couldn't help but be a little suspicious of getting reacquainted with his former associates. "Guess you ain't heard? Think I'm nice and retired at the moment, found myself a cute, young, supple little hidey-hold actually. I'm sure he's not as, experienced, as you Alex. But hey, maybe ya'll can have a chit chat sometime, give him some pointers?" The boy got up and silently left the room, likely feeling a mix of disgust and resentment toward his captor and protector, Cupid. Bringing his hand away from the ripped open stitching of the chair, Cupid casually rested it on the grip of his pistol, carefully watching the doorway the boy left through before continuing. "I know you both probably like thinking I'm duller than a duck bill, but even I can smell the bullshit from all the way over here. You either contacted me, cause you really~, and I mean really~~ need my expertise. Or...I dare say, you might harbor some ill intentions toward me. Which one is it, Alex?" Taking his finger of the transmitter, Cupid would lean back in his chair a moment, waiting to see if there was an answer from the other side.
  9. Good luck with this group, I'm glad to see you can pursue this without any impediment, and hope it becomes successful.
  10. But of course, have to protect my business assets.
  11. We gotta hang again sometime Jack, Cupid will take real good care of ya pal.
  12. It was a great time, so very glad we could keep poor little Aiko safe from the big bad wolves.
  13. Was a great time, we should hang again sometime soon. Hopefully @Pussy can keep it in her pants the next time.
  14. Glad that whole ordeal worked itself out, hope to rp with you guys again sometime. Maybe under different circumstances.
  15. Were you aware?

    1. Pussy


      You. Cock. 

    2. NishiUrban


      *in before I change my name to Cock.*

    3. Pussy


      Don't. There were already too many Vinnie/Penelope rumours. 

    4. NishiUrban


      *When your Boss's secretary offers a raise for sex, but your Boss is also banging the Secretary.* 


    5. Pussy


      Bahahah! :'D

  16. Sorry it took me so long to catch up to you guys, I guess Bobby actually is bad at figuring out directions. Hopefully we'll rp again sometime soon.
  17. Bobby sat back, listening in on the radio. Seemed like this frequency was fairly active... Holding his radio up, he would begin transmitting. "Ay. Don't know what you NATO boys been up too, don't really care, not my business. You wanna talk, me and some other people might be willing to listen." He would pause a moment before adding. "Tell Natasha, or whateva her name is Bobby says hello. You wanna set something up? Maybe I'll meet up with her and you guys where we first met. Give me a time, if she remembers. And for fucks sake, keep your mouths shut about the location over the radio, or the deals off." He would stop transmitting, setting the radio down on the table beside him and listening in for a while more.
  18. In before the lore wipe gets pushed to Beta, and it was all an elaborate way to get people to perma characters. No, but seriously. As someone who was against the lorewipe in the first place, I just want it to be over with already. The sooner it's changed over to the new lore, the better.
  19. These are pretty nice, really good looking proportions and what have you in the comic part. Makes me kind of jelly.
  20. Bible Black is one of my favorite anime tho. It really helped me get in touch with Jesus. Thank you Aiko for the recommendation.
  21. It had been about a week since Jade had responded to that man on the radio, seeking out surviving members of Joffrey's former Kingdom. The guy seemed desperate, Jade had been rather crass with her reply to him, but honestly? She didn't believe she cared. She never did listen in to see if there was a response, or even to try and figure out if they were going to gather people, to what end didn't much matter either. Per usual, Jade's clothing had become filthy and torn. Roughly a day ago, she had met this man that was walking ahead of her, well. Time all seemed to, bleed together after a while, so she wasn't exactly sure. His name was, Gabriel, or, something like that. Once again she had opted to play cautious, addressing him by Braille, there were plenty of humerus puns about the man being handy, although some appeared to escape him. They had met on a road, and Jade couldn't quite shake the impression that Braille was being, almost, too nice perhaps. During the night, by the campfire, Jade made sure to hold her AK closely. She didn't dare sleep, her imagination had been rather 'active' since she ran into this fellow. There always seemed to be something in the corner of her vision, but no matter how many times she turned to look, it was never there. Walking behind the man, his rather large backpack slung over one shoulder, one hand holding it's strap while the other tightly gripped some sort of 9mm pistol. Jade thought to herself that it couldn't have been more than one night that they had been around each other, she could feel the lack of sleep starting to wane on her. Then again, Braille seemed less friendly today than he had when they first met, more on edge, and irritated. It was kind of odd, since she thought he had slept last night...but, Jade didn't think any further into it. Although her AK was slung over one shoulder, Jade had run out of bullets for it miles ago, before Braille. Now, he didn't know that at the time, but this morning on the road when they had to clear some infected. Well, he did seem to linger a bit longer than he should have on the fact that Jade had opted to use her baseball bat. No, probably just her reading into it too much. "It's going to get dark. Won't be another town for miles, we should probably hide out in one of these homes up ahead for the night." Braille's voice cut into Jade's train of thought, and she rubbed at her own eyes already hating herself for probably not getting any sleep tonight either. Why was she so paranoid anyway? "O-Oh, umm. Yeah, o-ok." The two of them passed through the town, trying not to gather attention from the dead...or potential living. Making for one of the houses on the outskirts, Jade couldn't wait to set her stuff down and take a nap, even if only for a couple minutes. There wasn't much in that small pack of hers, a can of pork and beans, some old batteries, a water bottle that was getting pretty empty, and an old handheld radio that wasn't getting much use now of days. She had shut it off to conserve power, but turned it on every once in a while when she had time, checking frequencies...not always talking, but sometimes feeling comfort in knowing that out there somewhere people were still alive. There was a brief thought as to which channel she had left it on last, although it quickly passed since she honestly didn't remember. Braille opened the front door after throwing his shoulder into it a few times, he was making quick work of checking it for infected with that pistol of his at the ready. She sure hoped he had enough bullets after that previously thought of fiasco on the road, where he ended up firing a few shots. "Good enough." He called out from within the living room that lay beyond the front door, and a wash of relief ran over Jade. Letting out a sigh, she walked up the front step, and through the doorway. Tossing her pack to the side on her way in, the contents spilled out haphazardly. If there was time to reflect on it, she would have attributed it to her lack of sleep causing her to forget to clasp, or zip something or other on the bag. As what little that was in there had fallen out, Jade's radio must have twisted on, emitting static and the faint hums of what may be voices. Stopping short, Jade's head turned toward the radio, and she abruptly went to pick it up. Reaching out, and bending, there was a loud bang that rang through the living room, and made her veins run cold. It was like time had stopped, and her heart wasn't beating, eyes springing wide awake from their formerly lazy haze. Jade's jaw fell open like she was going to say something, in the corner of her eyes to her left, there was the unforgettable marking of a freshly placed bullet embedded into the door frame. Eyes rolling to the right, saw Braille standing, gritting his teeth, pistol directed her way. It felt like the moment of disbelief hung in the air for an eternity, and then, came crashing back down into reality. With the jerk of his hand, again at her, Braille's pistol let out an audible *click*, and a second one, before his eyes darted to the empty weapon in his clutches. Before she could think, or say anything, the man was throwing his gun to the side, and she was moving to defend herself. Letting the useless AK strap free from her arm, Jade was taken by the collar of her jacket and pulled further into the living room. Stumbling as she was half drug by the collar, the fabric of her already torn jacket gave in and she tripped into the living room table with a crash. The old wooden legs giving out, and the table folding in on itself with her in the middle. Jade's baseball bat rattled to the floor, and rolled off to some corner of the room. As she attempted to get up, she was met with an eager fist to the face, striking her below the eye around her cheekbone and causing her to fall back against the floor. Braille was like a man possessed, throwing himself on top of Jade and taking another jab, this time at her gut. Still recovering from being dazed by her attacker, Jade soon felt Braille's larger hands around her throat. Clutching at his hands with her own, Jade peered up at the eyes of what could easily be described as a 'monster', unfortunately for him, Jade's hand darted down from his and to the handle of a knife hooked on her belt. Managing to pull it free, she angled it upward into Braille, who grunted in anguish. He looked down, despite not being able to see what was happening, and only increased his efforts to strangle Jade. She continued to thrust the knife up into him, losing track of how many times or how deeply before he finally gave up and attempted to get away from her. When he stumbled backward against the couch, Jade pushed herself in the opposite direction, coughing violently and trying to catch her breath. Looking at him as he went to stand, she tried to force herself into a standing position as well. The large man lumbered toward her like a bull, tackling himself into her, and knocking Jade's back into the stone fireplace behind her with a loud thud. Knocking the wind out of her, and the knife out of her hand, Braille grabbed a hold of Jade and threw her against an old china cabinet. The breaking of glass and potentially antique chinaware was accompanied by Jade slumping down to the floor in pain. Braille looked pretty bad off as well, but determined to take her down with him if it came to that. Fumbling her hands around the glass, about to give up, her fingers grazed the baseball bat she had come with. Taking a hold of it, she got up as Braille stumbled her way, and swung for his left knee, cracking into his leg with a sickening thud and making him crumple to the floor squealing out vulgarity. Jade held the bat tightly with both hands, and towered over Braille, screaming out as she took swing after swing at him with it. She kept going, his vulgarity turning into unrecognizable noise, and that turning into silence. Even after that, she took a few more swings for good measure. Completely exhausted Jade stumbled backward from the mess on the floor that used to be Braille, body trembling, the bat slipped from her bloodied fingers onto the floor with a clatter. Not quite sure what to do, Jade tried to turn around, and her legs gave out causing her to fall to the floor and smack her head against the floorboards on the way down. Wheezing and panicked, Jade attempted to crawl to the doorway, realizing there were sharp pains on her back from where the glass had stabbed into her. She made it to where her radio was, being drawn to what sounded like talking coming from it. Voice from the radio. She lay there on the floor listening, wondering if this was some sort of 'last joke' being played on her by one god or another. Some cruel prank for all the horrible things she had done herself, but, it honestly sounded like Ender on the other end. She tried to reach out toward the radio, but couldn't seem to get herself close enough to grab a hold of it. "E-Ender..." Tears began to cloud her vision, and she eventually passed out on the floor. There was no possible way to tell how long she had been passed out on that floor, she honestly never expected to open her eyes again, never wake up from that endless darkness. And yet, there she was on that same blood stained wood floor, apparently a chicken had made it's way into the house and was pecking at her fingers aggressively. Jade gritted her teeth angrily, her throat was both sore and too dry to bark out more than a harsh grunt at the animal who quickly ran away once it realized it was discovered. Getting up on her elbows, Jade brought a hand to her throat, wincing and stroking it. She tried to turn her head toward where Braille had been, and was very satisfied to see what she could of his body was still crumpled in a mess where she left it. After a decent amount of time had gone by, trying to pull shards of glass out of her back by herself, eating what little food she had left, and downing the bit of water her and former traveling companion Braille had. Jade's attention turned to the radio that sat on the floor, picking it up and wondering if she had imagined Ender's voice. She tried to turn the device on and off, only to be met with silence. "Batteries..." Fumbling her hands around her scattered belongings, Jade found some of the spare batteries she had, and put them into the radio, turning it on properly. She sat there on the floor, staring down at the radio in her hand, and feeling like she was going crazy for expecting to hear someone say something on the other end. She was about to turn the radio off when she began to hear a new transmission coming in. Resting her eyes while she listened, a faint smile crossed her lips. Ender on the radio. Jade tried to calm herself down, taking in deep, sporadic breaths and clearing her throat. Eyes still closed, she would lift the radio up against the side of her head, and it's button down. "E-Ender? It's...wow, I..." Sitting up against the paint-peeling wall, the floorboards Jade was sitting on would creak before she continued. "I know the place, I can...I'll be there. I'm a couple days off, I'll travel day and night if I gotta." Forcing a smile, Jade would add in. "I'll probably be tired, better be a comfy trip. Can't wait to see your kid, been needing new dinosaurs around here, you were getting old." Letting go of the button, Jade's hand holding the radio would fall to her side as she tried her best not to cry.
  22. Jade tried to calm herself down, taking in deep, sporadic breaths and clearing her throat. Eyes still closed, she would lift the radio up against the side of her head, and it's button down. "E-Ender? It's...wow, I..." Sitting up against the paint-peeling wall, the floorboards Jade was sitting on would creak before she continued. "I know the place, I can...I'll be there. I'm a couple days off, I'll travel day and night if I gotta." Forcing a smile, Jade would add in. "I'll probably be tired, better be a comfy trip. Can't wait to see your kid, been needing new dinosaurs around here, you were getting old." Letting go of the button, Jade's hand holding the radio would fall to her side as she tried her best not to cry.
  23. I hear the next update has a bug that turns everyone's player model into anime characters.


    1. Aiko



      That be the best bug ever!

    2. NishiUrban


       It's funny you should say that, we all know dayzrp has it's hands in Dayz's development. You being an Admin, must be the cause for this new 'anime bug'. Dayzrp Anime Illuminati confirmed?


  24. *Force feeds Randall some chill pills.* Jetwells, try resting your neck instead of taking everything to the head. Is there a specific POV that you even have a grievance with? One directed at you in a report you were in? If there isn't, then it's the responsibility of whoever these 'meme' pov's are directed at to say something if they feel tilted by the remarks or comments. If they haven't, then they must not care. If they did, and staff determined it's not crossed whatever line there is into a rulebreak, there you go. I sincerely hope you find ways to relax, and enjoy the community ICly and OOCly more.
  25. I played one of my favorite characters with the idea that if I legitimately died (not due to a bug or zombie, accident, etc.) that I might perma the character. It definitely affected the way I played the character, and made situations where I was taken hostage tense and scary on occasion. (I was also letting myself get perma scarred if I felt there was a solid reason, and it wasn't insanely excessive.) So despite the fact that I wasn't playing as a bandit, or hero, but just some survivor that hadn't really done anything to be hunted down or tortured, it was always something I had to actually worry about when running into people I didn't know. It also made me weary when it came to retaliation for things that were done to me. A rule wasn't required for me to play this way, and at the end of the day if I died and seriously didn't want to perma the character, maybe I still wouldn't have. (I'm not sure I ever ended up dying in the first place.) My point is, rule or not, people have to have the desire to play as if their character might die for good even if they don't plan to perma at the end of the day. Not everyone wants that play style however, and any rules that are made in regard to being forced to perma a character will only do more harm than good when enforced. People will just be put into a position of never wanting to comply, because some random guy decides to execute you for *insert reason*.
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