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  1. Never mind. I fixed it!
  2. Alright, So I'm fairly new to Dayz on pc. I've set up a custom survivor, however when I spawn in, its not my survivor. I thought "Hey maybe if I respawn it will fix" I tried that and it gave me a random survivor for my custom one. Does anyone know a fix?
  3. Minho “Sprat” Cho grew up in a nomadic tribe in the wastelands, and from there, traveled the world, at least that is what he has claimed. At a young age he was taught hand to hand, and how to hunt. Minho would be natural at both, though he always claimed differently. At 16 he was sent out with another for a month, his nomadic tribe tasked the two of them with the duty of surviving alone and using their skills they have learned. A type of adulthood trial. His nomadic tribe followed a group of wandering elk, living off of the deer, most of the group could survive on two deer for a week with rati
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