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  1. I was a rancher in Ashton, South Carolina. I lived with my father and my brother as we tended to our ranch. I was taught about guns, specifically how to clean them and about how to maintain blades. I was also taught how to hunt and I have excellent tracking skills. Another thing I was taught was how to appropriately dress an animal. I also have a very distinct southern American accent. Also, my nickname “The Doctor” comes from my horrific torturing methods. Me and my group “Followers of the Apocalypse” are a band of mercenaries willing to do almost anything as long as they get paid well enough
  2. This was my second character after I had died in the encounter.
  3. Server: Chernarus Location: lumber mill at medium grid (0,07) server time: I don't know the exact server time, but it was dark at the time. Date of incident: 6/7/21 My in game name: Henry Adams Allies involved: My friend Jack Bas or jacktheman Name of suspect: I'm not sure of his name There were no vehicles involved in the conflict Detailed descriptions of events: So, this all starts 15-20min before the encounter. when my friend jacktheman and I heard gunshots
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