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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fInPGpvABx0 !
  2. Just check the SERVER RULES up on site, read and get password
  3. *Cough* ok *CoughCoughCoughCoughCoughCoughCoughCoughCough*
  4. 1) one chopper on server 2) Rolle said "Right Owners" thats not proof ?
  5. We are happy to anounce that we are want to cross our "axes" with The Federation in the battlefield do you accept?
  6. as50 for kill a group leader !
  7. we want to enter tonight expect us ;d
  8. yes ! its from same day, and same place
  9. devtho


    Campers ? There is best loot on whole map.. So were not camping, were guarding what we do to better loot
  10. type dayzrp.com port - 2302 in remote connect
  11. Skins adding working well, i need to log in to game whem ive be in poland to get my bike cuz i have other arma key on laptop in germany..
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