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  1. Thanks to everyone who showed up to the Soup Kitchen today in Livonia. It's been a blast running this place because of all the visitors we get! (Though at times it feels like a full time job, haha). Some great injury/medical RP from @OxeN !! @NiceLime and @Eagles Sabi couldn't have saved his life without your help! Also thanks so much to all the people who donated things to our camp since the wipe! We're already back up on our feet pretty much thanks to all of you. There's far too many names to list them all, you know who you all are!!
  2. *She depresses the PTT of her radio with her thumb and you hear a soft Slavic accent come through the frequency.* "Hello. We managed to get things sorted out again. Everyone is welcome to come visit as they wish. Our thanks to you, Mr. Grey, for the kind offer." *She releases the PTT and goes back to what she was doing.*
  3. Just Soup Kitchen things. Green thumb = @Eagles
  4. Good luck on the group!! Interesting backstory and looks awesome. I can picture this group adding a whole new dynamic to Livonia.
  5. ?????????????? What's a furry?
  6. *points to soup kitchen in the background* Haha
  7. Who ever said there weren't bears near the soup kitchen?
  8. Morytania


    Hey look it's @Lemons haha
  9. Where to begin... The last three hours on Livonia were absolutely epic! It was so intriguing to observe a bit of the lore story developing before my eyes with my companions, @Eagles and @Lemons (whose RP were top notch as always!). Amazing RP by @Wulf @Deagle @RoCKiE @RedSky @MajooRB to try and examine clues left by a very, very bad man. I'm thoroughly impressed! @Stagsview you are a great storyteller. Thank you all for letting us witness the events unfolding with you for a little bit. It was a treat. Prior to this we were at the Sitnik compound to RP with An Pobal for a little bit and were met with fun roleplay from them as well! Thanks to @Mademoiselle @God @i am Bambi and others whose forum names I'm unsure of! Sorry we confused the heck out of you all, haha. Almost forgot the heartbreaking goodbye to our beloved friends @Popet and @Robo !! Never gonna get over it.
  10. Great music choice and video I laughed so hard at some of these clips
  11. As @Eagles said above, we've thoroughly enjoyed the roleplay interactions we've had with this group. It was shocking and interesting the other day when @Mademoiselle came in to the soup kitchen and hinted at things in character, taking me aside for a moment to explain a very important situation going on. I was so shocked I could barely give a proper reaction. I also felt really bad that I almost blew your cover. All in all it's a good group idea! I'm sure you'll find your groove soon and people will come to see the reasoning behind your IC behaviors and understand the characters better, feeling empathy toward them. Thank you for including us in your roleplay stories, and best of luck with the group.
  12. Enjoying the views together.
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