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  1. McKenzie was a normal girl growing up in Vancouver, Canada and the third born of four siblings; Jackson and Ryleigh; and one younger sister Cadence. The four were quite close, and Mac looked up to her sister Ryleigh, who was only a year and a half older. But while Ryleigh enjoyed going on fishing and hunting trips with their dad Dale, Mac preferred girly things like painting her nails and clothes shopping. She was a good student in school, as most of the siblings were, and excelled in athletics. Everyone wanted to be put on McKenzie's team during high school gym class. Her good looks, good grades and skills in sports helped her achieve many awards in school. Upon graduating high school, Mac attended university, shortly followed by Cadence the year after. She trained to become a pharmacist, following a slightly different path in life than Ryleigh had, but of a similar vein. Sports scholarships helped to bolster her funds for school to avoid student loans, and she did quite well for herself. Mac enjoyed hiking, working out, going on walks with her two dogs, and spending time with her many friends. Being the social butterfly of the family, her charisma brought her quite a few friends and admirers throughout her early twenties. She had a few boyfriends throughout her life from mid teens to mid twenties, but couldn't decide on anyone to be her Mr. Right. This didn't bother her much, as her family was very much taught about being free to make your own decisions and make your own life; being the happiest you can be with yourself. The only pressures Dale and Margaret put on their children was to try their best in school, even if they weren't getting the highest grades - as long as they tried hard, they were satisfied with that and coached their children throughout their education. McKenzie and her siblings evolved with this to each blossom into their own individual selves and became successful in life. Mac always held onto a bit of guilt in her life, though, when it came to Ryleigh. The accident that hurt her sister, made her timid and afraid to speak because she was scared what others would say about her voice... Ryleigh went through that traumatic experience, and it was all McKenzie's fault. Or, at least that's how it was in her mind. She was supposed to be the one in the car that day with her family, but stayed back at home. The reason for this was long since forgotten, but Mac always felt like she should have been the one to have been damaged by it instead of her sweet older sister. Ryleigh however, never blamed McKenzie for it at all. The younger sister helped Ryleigh get through it as best she could, and together they learned ASL to help Ryleigh get through those terrifying years of growing up. There was a day that McKenzie remembers very clearly, as if it happened yesterday. There was word of some kind of strange new viral outbreak overseas in a small country called Chernarus. Ryleigh was summoned by the Doctors Without Borders program to help give aid to those people suffering the unknown disease - and so the Wolff's were all called to a serious family meeting. They discussed the options Ryleigh had, as well as the rest of the family and any escape plans they could come up with just in case the virus spread to their home in Canada, which Ryleigh was convinced it could possibly spread that far. Her sister seemed passionate about the idea and told the family they could not stop her going. To her sister, she was meant to go there and help as much as she possibly could. She was a fantastic nurse and her skills could be put to good use there aiding the doctors and working hard to fight off the sickness brought by the virus. The family gathered to see Ryleigh off, many hugs were exchanged, many tears were shed for her departure. Mckenzie was the next oldest sister, and took extra visits to the family home to help her distressed mother and father, hoping to distract them from their grief of not having Ryleigh around. Over the course of a couple weeks, Ryleigh would find time to call and update the family on how it was going over in Chernarus, to which Mac was happy to hear about. She learned a lot about the country from the conversations with Ryleigh, and even learned a bit of the Cyrillic writing and a few words of the Chernarussian language, like what yes, no, thank you sounded like, etc. She loved talking to her sister, and hearing about the experience she was going through. It did sound scary to her, however. One day, Ryleigh stopped contacting the family, and news the infection of the strange virus was spreading to other parts of the world rapidly; unable to be contained in time. McKenzie feared the worst, but her family refused to give up hope that their loved one was still alive. Jackson, the eldest sibling, wanted desperately to go and look for his sister to save her from this catastrophe, however their parents absolutely refused to let him go. Eventually, McKenzie made a plan to leave on her own ((or with Jackson - if someone else wants to play his character)) and while there were still flights to other countries in the region she took her chance. However, to get to her sister she would have to cross through several countries of land, through zombie-infested cities. She met up with many people along the way, but her goal remained the same - finding Ryleigh and bringing her back to Canada. The trek was a long and barely-survivable one, but McKenzie finally made it into Chernarus, to South Zagoria in which Ryleigh told the family Doctor's Without Borders had stationed her. Now that she finally arrived after many months, McKenzie's true search begins.
  2. Isakly123 replied to us in the last 10 hours saying he plans to come on and play once his work schedule is fixed. He is in EU and most of us are in NA time zones and this schedule change will make it easier to play with the rest of the group. Once he's back we can invite to the group again. We will be discussing our goals as a group very soon, and getting input from each of our active members. Welcome @Derek Steel to the Rangers!
  3. I don't see how all of these comments about confronting the person ICly make sense. The shrill sound that was played literally gave me a headache, and it's so loud, how is the person wielding it supposed to even hear you? If your character is not the type to just up and punch people for little reason, the best option is to just leave - which a lot of us did. It killed the RP for everyone that didn't want to deal with it and weren't there for the whole court case RP - which we would most likely have been interested in hearing about. I think either lowering the range and volume would do just fine, or removing them entirely. It's not very realistic for everyone and their dog to have a megaphone just kicking around anyway.
  4. Oh boy, it's been a long time, haha. ^^ Nice to see you again after so long. Hope everything is going well for ya.
  5. Oh my god! You still have this? LOL.. Who was your character if I may ask?
  6. I heard you like really big scopes and adventuring... @[email protected] Steel
  7. Server and location: Server 1, Black Lake cabin Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 0800AM server time Your in game name: Ryleigh Wolff Names of allies involved: Trym Evensen, Mason Thompson Name of suspect/s: Unknown, logs should show since he was killed. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): ADA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was roleplaying with my friends in the cabin at Black Lake, when all of a sudden I hear the engine start on my car outside. I knew none of our group would just up and take it without asking first so we ran outside to see who was trying to drive off with it. The man saw us all holding guns and got out asking if it was our car, and which town we were in. He then blatantly asked Trym to kill him, to which he replied with "no" and then posed a strange type of initiation to get us to kill him, using fists against three people holding guns. Logs will show that Mason did so while Trym was being beaten to unconsciousness by the man.
  8. Observe our newest member and his interesting habits. @TheForgotten
  9. Firstly, I respect the fact you spoke up and came into the report like that, Blue. That's big of you, and very mature. As for me being accused of having bad RP, I typed a lot of text out for any one of you to respond to in character - you are also welcome to text RP if you so wish (in case you're unaware). And I would hope not too many sarcastic "*scratches booty*" replies, for the record. But if that is the way someone chooses to roleplay, I'm not going to be able to change that overnight. My character talks a tiny bit, but mostly only to my group, hence why I never spoke to any of you. If you have a problem with that kind of RP, then that is your own problem, not mine. I feel that type of character is perfectly allowed, and I've seen it before on the server and it's usually very entertaining to watch someone mime something out or figure out other ways of communicating with others. I also gave plenty of opportunities for anyone to ask and interact with me, and if so prompted my character will also write in her notepad which I indicated in my RP posts that she had, since it's not an actual in-game item. The purpose of her ASL signing is so that John (her husband) can translate for her. It's what makes the most sense, because it's faster than pulling out her notebook and scribbling notes for people who obviously wouldn't care to read what she tried to say to them. But admittedly sometimes he misses it or forgets that others can't understand it like he can. Characters aren't perfect, which is what makes them believable. It's also the way she's communicated throughout her life since the injury that left her larynx damaged. I suppose in the future I could RP her making commonly known hand signs, like the "OK" hand, etc. I admit, I could improve on that somewhat. I am not perfect. I admittedly get nervous when meeting aggressive people such as yourselves and revert back to the things I do with just my group around. I do apologize for that, but on the other side of the same coin, you didn't have to get upset by it OOCly. You could have pursued it further in-character than simply stating you can't understand it, and questioned what I was saying with the hand gestures to one of the others in my small group - or have asked me to write it or even tried forcing me to speak. RP is about creativity and playing a character you enjoy, and sometimes are not accustomed to, after all. If anyone had bothered to notice that tidbit about her having the notebook in her vest, I'd happily have provided you with text that was written on the pages already that was still there, since it's somewhat like a diary as well as a communication device for the character. But it seemed you all were only interested in what gear you could take from us, instead of actual interactions with our characters. You say the purpose was to prove I wasn't Russian, but you never technically proved that either, so was that actually the purpose? To me it felt like the only reason for the whole thing was to get our gear and an extra pistol to stuff into your backpacks. Call me crazy, but I think the 'hunting Russians' thing was only an excuse, although it was really interesting to start with, until it only devolved into gear RP. Please correct me if I'm wrong, since I can only see what happened from our side of things. The moment where I offered to provide an ID card to prove that I wasn't Russian, to bring something slightly different into the RP, it got immediately shut down and came close to being power-gamed that it was a fake ID card, when I hadn't even had the chance to finish writing about pulling it out and even showing it to any of you (and that was the guy with the bush on his head, if I'm remembering correctly). Even if you wanted to play that you thought it was fake, you could have at least drawn the RP out a little by letting me actually text RP taking it out and showing it to you guys. I don't feel like yours are the types of characters that would know the difference between a real Canadian ID, or a fake one. Even John didn't know the difference. You could have used that as an opening and done some type of hostage situation instead of just simply robbing for gear, for example. As for the accusation of our RP being sub-par, we weren't even allowed to speak at all. Someone had literally told us to shut up and not talk or we will be shot, so if you call that bad RP then you are mistaking the fact that we value our characters' lives, for bad RP. And since my character chooses not to speak because it causes her discomfort and sometimes pain, doesn't make my RP bad, in my opinion. There is something that exists that is called Selective Mutism, which is the best way to describe what my character is afflicted with. If every character on the server was cut and paste, it wouldn't be as exciting as it can be. It's the same in real life, everyone is different because if we were all the same, life would be incredibly dull and boring. And finally, regarding the OOC on voice, I can understand making mistakes like that here and there, but it happened a couple times if I recall correctly. Someone else had yelled at his mom in the background or something too, and seemed like he opened his mic to do so for whatever reason. I admit this could be me mishearing it since it was being screamed into the microphone, along with everyone talking at once and it being very hard at the time to even discern the orders we were given. It made things distracting and it was difficult to take the scene seriously. To summarize, I'm sorry this turned into such a long wall of text - I tried breaking it into paragraphs to make it easier to read, but I hope it helps you guys to see it from our point of view and understand why it was not a satisfying experience. We think it seemed very much like you all were simply gear RPing and not looking to get any sort of interesting roleplay experience out of the situation. I took a lot of time and put thought into this reply, so I hope you'll do the same with yours so we can come to an understanding and all improve from what we've discussed here. Thanks for reading. -Mory
  10. I was running with John and Margo through the town, we were checking if any of the Saviors were around their base to RP with. We hear gunshots not far up the road from us and see four men running our direction. We interact with them for a while and John offers them our car, since it was fairly obvious they were looking to rob us. We figure we got out of a dangerous situation and go on our way after leaving the group, whose RP was already a bit childish and unsatisfying (one of them responded with what I can only assume was a sarcastic text RP reply to my character lifting her brows, as all the men were talking down on women in general, he wrote "*scratches booty*"). I speculated they were already planning to come back and find us after taking the car we offered up, as they only found us again after we were shooting zombies with un-suppressed shots not particularly far from the first interaction. That was when it got even stranger and they asked me to speak to prove I wasn't Russian, even though I tried to via text RP in the first interaction, which was blatantly disregarded. They stripped Margo's character and mine, but let him re-dress himself while I had to remain undressed while they looked through my gear. Most of my text RP I felt was being ignored by most of them, and one person kept making unreasonable demands such as "the next person to cough gets shot" etc. The OOC on voice was immersion breaking and distracting, and overall the experience was unsatisfying, annoying, and boring.
  11. This is my point of view. There is no sound in the video due to me trying to install VoiceMeeter a few days ago, and it bugging out all my in game sounds and muting them. I apologize for that. However, my video does not show any text initiation whatsoever. I died at the exact second the text initiation was sent, and at that time we were out of their text chat range anyway. So perhaps this was just some desync or lag of some kind? I don't know. All I know is I saw/heard no initiation of any kind and all of a sudden I am dead. ^^; I hope this helps. P.S. I did not hear a voice initiation. I heard a couple of the guys shouting, "Hey friends! Stop the car!" (Something along this line), But I do not think this counts as initiation? Any friend or foe could request you to stop the car, but without the "or die" part, I do not think it counts. Please don't hesitate to correct me if I am wrong. P.S.S. I just want to add, I don't personally want to see anyone getting points, or getting banned due to this. I think a simple apology will suffice, as well as perhaps being more specific with initiations in the future. I heard no initiation and died in two seconds. There was no RP to be had. Maybe next time, shooting the tires of the car to disable it and then taking us hostage would be a better outcome, if it is possible within the limitations of the game, of course. I would have loved to enjoy the same RP that Trym had with you guys after I died. That is (hopefully) all. ^^
  12. This happened to me a couple times the last hour as well xDD;
  13. Ahaha yeah, the boy goats looked like they wanted to kill me xD Lol oh dear. Well, I'll be sure to avoid goats in the future ? although they look kind of tasty...
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