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  1. Thank you everyone for such positive feedback! I'm sure @DerrickStorm will agree that we are welcome to any suggestions also. And fingers crossed we can use the thread as a platform to help recruit more people.
  2. Indeed one of the words I used in convo with @DerrickStorm earlier was 'immersive' as well. Thank you for the roleplay today, it was truly inspirational! Hoping to get these plans of ours underway in the near future too. Stay safe out there, ano?
  3. Likewise, it was very enjoyable. And the shots we were hearing so close made it a little tense at times, which was an added bonus. Thank you for the fun RP today!
  4. If someone does it well, they wouldn't get reported or banned because it would be a good experience for whoever's witnessing the character and the person's roleplay. Using words like that isn't good roleplay. But that's not to say you can't still portray a racist, homophobic character. Just takes a bit more creativity than that - which isn't hard since it's a roleplay server and people are here for that very reason - to be creative and express themselves, and create stories with other people.
  5. only question on my mind lately

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  6. Valérie Nora Šímová was born to Polish parents who immigrated to Chernarus before she was born. Her aunt had married into a well-off Chernarussian family who owned land on the island of Cerny Jelen (Cernyelen) off the coast of the small country. Her mother was pregnant with their first daughter at the time, and since Nora's parents had little in the way of money to support themselves and their growing family, they opted to move onto the farm with their new relatives. The girls' father was to work as a farmhand in exchange and earn money to support the growing girls while their mother also helped while raising the girls. The Chernarussian family welcomed them onto the farm. As Nora grew a bit older, she was troubled by her uncle. He behaved strangely and scared her, and ended up abusing the girl in her childhood. The abuse didn't stop as she grew older, either. She was told never to speak of the terrible things he did to her, and brainwashed into being obedient. She wondered why her sister never had to suffer the same abuse she did. The family lived oblivious to this going on for years. Nora learned from her uncle's mother, her babička, about sewing and crafts, and did things like that to pass the time on the farm when she wasn't working on the farm. It helped to distract her from the abuse she suffered as well. Her babička taught her to give life into the crafts, like each work had a soul. It became a coping mechanism for Nora as she struggled to mature as quickly as her older sister had done. Relief finally came to the girl with the outbreak, though most of her family paid the price for that relief. Her uncle became one of the ones sickened by the Frenzy Flu, and she had had the pleasure of killing him herself. She realized after that, that she was completely and utterly alone on the island. She remained on the farm for some time, though the memories of growing up there felt bitter and painful to think about. So eventually, she left the farm for greener pastures - looting cities with other teenagers and foraging for food up until this day.
  7. *The girl presses the PTT.* "I have not a single clue who you or this Lily person is. But a guy named Tree, Aleks, and Sev captured me and took me to the castle to be sold as a slave. They were given me by a man named Charcoal who used to work with the pub. They called themselves the Pedlars. There was a RAC man who asked me questions that I didn't understand. It was bizarre and confusing. Why would the government work with slavers? It made me want to lose all hope in humanity until I discovered that River's Crossing and CLF wanted to free me and let me get the chance to live a normal life. To them I owe my full gratitude and my life that I'm able to take back. Thank you so much CLF and RC~!"
  8. *The young girl presses down her PTT after hearing the replies.* "I am not spreading lies, I only speak the truth. What I experienced first hand was at the will of these ones that call themselves the Pedlars. I don't know you all, I have nothing against you. I am only telling what I know. The CLF and Castle peopel who call themselves River's Crossing are good people. They helped rehabilitate us who were captured, as you say. They gave us food and water and let us free. Freedom I have never felt from whoever the Pedlar's may be. Whoever the RAC are. I have names of those who captured me if anyone is curious. I will release names if this slander does not stop. Again, thanking you for helping to spread the word. We need more kind hearted people like you around." *The young girl released her PTT.*
  9. *The young girl presses her PTT once again, full of determination.* "Again thank you so much for reaffirming what I know to be true, being one of the girls being sold into slavery by these Pedlars and RAC. The CLF indeed helped us escape and so did the wonderful people of River's Crossing. They were so helpful and kind to us, offered us food and water. I don't think we would have survived long if not for them aiding us. Thank you again very much! We owe you our lives! *She releases the PTT.*
  10. *The young girl presses the PTT* "I promise I'm not lying at all. These men took me to the castle hoping to sell me, and the castle people being the kind-hearted souls they are offered to "buy" me. They did so with the hopes of freeing me along with the other slaves they claimed. The Pedlars were the ones who did it along with help from the RAC. Please... Please believe me... I'm telling the truth. We wouldn't have made it out without the help of the Castle.... they call themselves River's Crossing. It's beautiful there. Everyone is so kind. Please think good things of them. They are good people and just want to help others. Thanking you again for sharing the word!" *The girl releases the PTT.*
  11. *She sounds young* "I was one of the girls. You would've seen me there, yes? I promise you, I was there. The RAC and Pedlars were the ones selling me to the castle people. They bought me in order to set me free from the cruelty of these people I already mentioned. Thank you again for mentioning it to the rest of the country. We need more people like you to spread the word!" *The girl releases the PTT.*
  12. *The girl presses down her PTT to talk on the radio, clearly very injured as she spoke. Her voice was unfamiliar.* "I was one of the girls. The castle people bought us to save us from people calling themselves the Pedlars. And the RAC. Thank you for relaying this message to the rest of Chernarus. Do not trust the people who call themselves the Pedlars, they are slavers. The RAC work directly with them. Forever thanking you." *She releases the PTT and puts her radio away.*
  13. Congratulations on getting approved! You all deserve it. Keep up the great quality roleplay.
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