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  1. Darkvern

    New whitelist system now live

    Boo. I've been so busy with work and went to hop on and get some hours in this weekend. It's been great playing in this community and hope to find the time to re-apply some day. Cheers! Vern
  2. Darkvern

    New Dawn

    Great looking thread and good read. Congrats on getting accepted. Cheers
  3. Probably not. It would be like shooting a survivor in the legs then initiating on him. Kind of an act of RDM then initiation. My 2cents Cheers
  4. Some buddies and I were RP'n on public servers and one of them came across this community just as it was changing from Mod to SA. The last of my people
  5. Darkvern

    [WIP] The Cooke Brothers

    Hype! Looking good guys! This is a very serious RP oriented group and look forward to seeing the Cooke Brothers in action. Cheers Vern P.s Don't let Rich drive... if you want to survive.
  6. Lol. I'm still laughing. That 360 no scope was epic Sign us up!
  7. I play on public servers time to time to blow off steam. Play with my dayz pals that are too lazy to reapply after getting accounts snipped. Set up our kill triangle, square etc in Electro and shoot anything that moves. We play with our prey the odd time but I usually don't kill once i've made contact and conscience kicks in so I avoid talking to people.
  8. My 1st kill was at the Olsha community. There was a pretty pushy character who was part of their security force that though he was above the law. The fella decided to kill my friend so I took my position and waited for a nice opportunity. I waited until there were lots of his friends around and skulled him to make it nice and dramatic. This was back during the 1st week or so of DayzRP SA. Cheers Hero for life!
  9. Looking good guys. Hope to see you ingame Cheers
  10. Holy shit you are lucky. Good thing the cops decided to use non lethal force. Did they ask you to drop the crowbar or just proceed with tasing and then ask you questions? I've been tossed around by cops while a runt and was in handcuffs once while and asshole cops had his shotti pressed up to my head. As I asked him if that is really necessary the other cop slamming the butt of his shotty in my gut, good times. Case was dropped once the crown heard about the cops shenanigans during the arrest. Been arrested a couple times back in the day and I will add it should be avoided at all costs not fun. Large courthouses in Toronto can be some pretty crazy places as I found out during a brawl breaking out in the "bull-pen" and having to ward off angry idiots. Glad to hear you got off and no real injuries occurred. Maybe in the future you should contact the police and notify them that you are filming a project that they may receive calls. Cheers Vern
  11. To the Regulators. Thank you for taking me in. I appreciate the the time I've been in the Regs but due to RL and other issues I must take my leave. I wish you all the best and happy hunting. To my fellow mates, the good times were good!!! See you guys around Chernarus. Cheers Vern
  12. OMG This sounds like it will be great fun. Love the example Wish you all the best and maybe we'll get a group going for this. Cheers
  13. Darkvern

    A Very Canadian Thread, eh?

    This is how we roll!!! My TSC buddies and I out for a rip. Spud launchers are a prerequisite Add some mushrooms and let the good times follow
  14. Guys...Put down the CS:GO and lets get back to DayZRP .55 isn't that scary. With all the names on the roster, how don't we have 10 people on the CP? Update, update, update.
  15. I cannot stand this tactic to be honest. People who use this tactic do it knowing there is an advantage, add a couple dynamic group members lurking around and you have a license to kill. Everyone knows that someone is not going to comply or comply quick enough due to confusion. Also a lot of times what happens is that people pause and try and figure out who the hell is initiating and on whom while becoming free targets if people choose to Ruleplay>Roleplay. Cheers