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  1. Lungan

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya - Media Thread

    Haha epic stuff! ... "Any last words? - God Bless Ammmerica."
  2. S1: Stary Sobor - RDM Server and location: S1: Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 01:30 - 01:40 20/04/19 Your in game name: Boris Novikov Names of allies involved: @ScarletRose, @Onyx, @Imation11 , @ComradeBandit , @evanthebrue Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Vehicle used in RDM. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I believe @ScarletRose or @Onyx have video evidence. Detailed description of the events/My Point of view: Was having fun with good RP with fellow community members I met randomly on the road. As we entered the town of Stary Sobor, we stopped by the church in the town and minutes after, a car appears with 2 ppl inside of it. They say hello while approaching us and suddenly increased the speed and drove me over, and apparently tried to escape the scene afterwards. My character died in this incident, (and it totally ruined the game session as well as I lost all my gear ) but worth noting is that more people would have been killed by the driver if they did not react super fast, because the driver drove straight in to our group... My reaction was a second too late unfortunately. I believe this is intentional as they seemed to increased their speed when they saw us on their approach and drove straight in to our group as if they were aiming for us. If it would not be intentional, the driver still is responsible for ruining the whole game session for us all with unintentional griefing or whatever it would be called PS. The reason why I file this report 4 days later is because I have been too busy with work. DS.
  3. Anton Novikov grew up in the outskirts of Chernogorsk. During his young teenage years, as he looking up to his older brother Boris, started getting in to trouble because the older brother Boris, who was a small time criminal, got cought with smuggling contraband and sent of to a military school. Everything from stealing cars, fight and get drunk. During turbulent high school years, Anton managed to get in trouble so many times he finally was expelled from school after he got caught trying to sell a pistol to a fellow student. He was after this sent to a military camp for problematic youngsters for 1 year. There Anton met his older brother Boris who went to the military school nearby. Boris had changed, he had matured. This had a profound impact on Anton who started taking the military camp serious and after 1 year he enlisted to the military where he served with excellence for a couple of years. After the army, Anton went back to chernogorsk to work as a taxi driver. Through old friends from the young day, Anton, together with this older brother Boris, started to smuggle contraband over the border such as cigarettes and alcohol. Having a good living as a taxidriver at that time was difficult, so the monthly income had to come from somewhere... And smuggling things across the boarder was easy as both Anton and Boris had been in the military they knew the right people. Smuggling cigarettes and alcohol later on developed to a more serious and dangerous, but more profitable business. Smuggling weapons.
  4. Boris Novikov grew up on the streets of Chernogorsk. A lifetime of small hustling and short oddjobs, he found himself in the perfect environment, after the happening and chaos, for himself as he always was a survivor. From selling contraband to scamming people on fake lotteries, Boris has always been creative in finding ways to get food on the table. Roaming about in the city areas, Boris has survived mainly on trading... and sometimes stealing. Boris is used to stay on both sides of the 'law', and does not hesitate to do what is necessary to survive, but also to get a good profit. Proud and sometimes not that smart, and with an atittude... Boris can be quite annoying at times if people are not 'cool' to his taste.
  5. Lungan

    DayZ RP Content Creators

    Streaming DayZRP EU1 atm. Playing as Boris.
  6. Welcome! I hope you'll be having a good time on the servers!
  7. Lungan

    What is your Characters kill count?

    Well, I always get killed but that's ok. So 0
  8. Shout out to Ted and Ed... Had a fun night yesterday, with farming, getting lost on our way inland towards jamestown/kabanino, getting back at the slave traders etc. Also a shout out to the guy my character met at the NW airfield today who gave me an old gasmask... Unfortunately the last chapter in Antonov's life ended in jamestown/kabanino today by some sneaky guy called Dimitri, it was fun, you tricked me good ... RIP Antonov !
  9. Don't try to be a hero, just be a nice guy... Then you will be a hero automatically and it will come naturally
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