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  1. DayZ ai is too good and they always just see me through walls and stuff tough to do when I can't find a lick of loot tho
  2. There needs to atleast be better stamina, or maybe infinite stamina. I keep finding myself die to zombies because my character cant muster up the will to keep running to save his own life from the undead. Also I need to get around the map faster and not spend 90% of my time running 10km... Please
  3. My idea for the Chernarus Medics Coalition is a coalition of Ex-Military personnel, and people with medical background that have come together to help people in need throughout Chernarus. They go around towns throughout Chernarus and set up medical camps where the wounded and sick are treated, or the hungry come to receive food and water. I think this is a pretty good idea. let me know what you guys think down in the comments!
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