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  1. Coraline was part of a nomadic group of people descended from mainly American and English survivors during the beginning of the outbreak. These original survivors were originally from the United States but had found themselves in Norway shortly before the outbreak. Being born after the outbreak, Coraline learned how to survive form a very young age. She was particularly skilled in stealth and hand to hand combat. Most of her skills were taught to her from her group members who she considered her family. As part of a nomadic group, she and her group traveled all around Scandinavia scavenging an
  2. When they had arrived, I only saw one of them who walked right up to me, I thought it was just that one person until later when I saw the others. I never really got a good look at the other two
  3. After meeting my friend @lostlandmxrkin Berezino, we were overrun by an overwhelming amount of infected and had to resort to using our guns. we attempted to flee the city with a horde on our tails. I had ran out of ammo in my M16 rifle so switched to my Hunting Rifle, the Winchester. At this point the three people showed up asking what's going on. I remember one of them asked something along the lines of "You guys alright?" At this I recall replying, "Barely." After this, I attempted to remove the scope from my rifle due to the close quarters combat we were having against the infected. After l
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