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  1. i am a mercenary and a bounty hunter and a great thief (i know so accomplished) i love crime doing it and making it after all this is the city of opportunity from what i have heard from the U.S.A my nick name was after my dad he had a Rabbit a stuffed rabbit and he would call me it in this world i have found that a mercenary is the best way to go why? you may ask because it has a nice flow of work we don't care what the job is or about as long as i get paid and my number one partner is Mr.Rabbit
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  3. I will start at the sawmill. we were walking back from a encounter and in this encounter we killed Killough and his friend ran so we looted Killough body. We headed home, we walk up to our front door and a man screams freeze ( the man who yelled was Killough) and with no time to cooperate. He shot me. In retaliation I shot back and I missed Killough and hit Toefungus and when I was unconscious he continued to gun me down till I was dead.
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