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  1. Teamspeak Descriptions

    What aboose, care to elaborate? I mean I for one would be tempted to put something someone else wouldnt like #friesnotchips
  2. What was your most peaceful moment in DayZRP?

    Back when the Reapers wasnt a shit show (oxymoron I digress), we had about once a week some good ol' fashioned campfire RP. I miss those days whether it was me having to chase Blitz's ass around a compound until our truck got stolen or if we were just scoping out a place to hang for a bit, I will always miss those days as well Mickey.....
  3. Teamspeak Descriptions

    This is all staffs fault. But being serious here as I see I am late to the party I like the idea of maybe like a two or three word title or something although I already know the aboose would never make it viable.
  4. DayZRP 4th anniversary

    Thanking you Micky. Damn straight
  5. DayZRP 4th anniversary

    Youre welcome everyone
  6. I'm Back (Unfortunately)

    Honestly man, go back to school, get a degree, come in as an officer. Enlisted life, especially junior enlisted, sucks compared to them. My advice is to go Infantry Officer and then go to ranger school then to RASP. I am really sorry to hear about the injury, I had a couple good friends get the boot for medical. It would have been cool tho because looking at the timelines we would have been in RASP together and possibly airborne as well! Get well man!
  7. Friends are friends not food....

    I said that once at an abandon truck stop......I regret it every day
  8. Calling out...

    *Mickey gets startled by the sudden outburst of the radio near him honestly not expecting any kind of response* -Sonny fookin' Mitchell.......that's a man I never expected to hear from that's for feckin' sure...well since I mean you know, old times be old times, let by gones be by gones? Eh? At least for now? get back to when you can Sonny......- *Radio clicks off*
  9. Calling out...

    *as the radio buzzes to life a rough yet underlying cheery voice with that twang of a eastern Irish accent comes on over the radio* -I, uh well, I don't know where to begin exactly, for all of you listenin' the names McGewin, for those of you who know you know the name that comes before it. Well that is if anyone of you are still 'round that is....I've....uhm....been away for a while as y'all know, but there has been some disturbing news of many a friend dying....which....is rough if they are true.....for those that this pertains too, if y'all recognize this broom weilding Irish man give me a holler, all other go feck yerself.- Radio trails off to white noise.....
  10. Here's Johnny!

    Oh its alright lass I have given up all hope.......
  11. Here's Johnny!

    Too friggen hot. Like no joke it is hot as Satan's balls down here Dear lord they put you in charge of something I might have to leave again
  12. Here's Johnny!

    Im bek
  13. I'm back.

    Funny.....im back as well my friend. I have missed you so dear.
  14. Coldwater [Open Recruitment] [Active]

    Maybe I'm just not too bright but y'all killed all the ex-reapers? Or just the ones still trying to be reapers? I'm just trying to get a clearer picture in this I've been out and apparently missed a little bit of info
  15. Gamblers (Recruitment: Strict)

    You are going to join us correct? I miss you Dogmeat!! As soon as I get my laptop in the mail ill be back talking with you fools and I miss all of you too just a bit ;P