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  1. Firstly, In no way am i trying to say ones sauce is better than another's. I tried to make sure that wasn't the impression i might give off by simply stating that the experience of RP was much more fulfilling in the entire experiences ive had RPing over the years on other servers where PK was a thing in specific situations. Unfortunately i cant return to the two servers i loved so much. Moreover, after weeks of searching this is the best one ive found thus far! So id like to stay here. Im trying to understand it better, the option of PKing ones character by choice because it simply does
  2. Hi Everyone, you can call me Chai Let me start by saying I am incredibly new to DayZRP and I have had a lot of fun on the server thus far. For about half the people i have met has provided outstanding RP. Huge shoutout to them!! Also, considering how fresh I am here, I apologize if this topic has been brought up prior. Given the amount of time the server has been standing i am sure it has at least once or twice nonetheless. I want to suggest and discuss permadeaths. Opinions on the topic, why it isn't a rule here in context or whatever thought you have! From what I understand per rules and d
  3. Wasnt expecting to see the black hand here, let alone Fox i remember from BTD
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