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"Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake"

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  1. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Allen sounds out of breath as he starts talking* The damn thing lost juice on me.... took me forever to find a new one Polly, I'm glad you're safe I'll try to make my way back to the radio station *The transmission dies down*
  2. To all members, group CP invitations have been sent out.
  3. Hello and thank you for approval. I currently created a group CP but I'm waiting for a staff member to accept it.
  4. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Allen takes out the radio and presses the PTT button showing a calmer look on his face* Polly... Polly thank the Gods your alive I tried going after you with some people but we weren't able to find you I still out in some woods trying to find you *His radio then goes silent*
  5. When you get so stressed from your final paper.

    And then find out that even if you don't turn it in you will get a B in the class.

  6. *Allen takes out his radio and takes a deep breath before he presses the PTT button* Look Leo, I'm so sorry *He then goes silent for a second and then takes a deep breath before he talks* Those guys took Polly They told Casey the time period was over, so they did it themselves Once they put out the radio broadcast, I tired looking for her But I couldn't find her, I'm sorry so *He releases the PTT button and braces for what is about to happen*
  7. I'm very confused with the recent report verdict.

  8. Allen, Casey and the altar hill radio guys

    *Allen takes out his radio from his bag and presses the PTT button* It is me Allen, Polly you take care of yourself and try not to get killed out there. We all need time to ourselves so I understand. *He releases the PTT button and puts the radio back in his bag*
  9. You just need two more!!!

    1. kimmylou



    2. WhiteKnight