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  1. Your RP in that video was fucking amazing. It had me crying on the floor.

    1. JoffreyRP


      I was laughing my ass off during that lol

  2. I was born and raised in New York City. Both my parents worked in the medical world in the city. They would always be away so I had to teach myself how to live. I would get in trouble a couple of times with the law but eventually turn my life around. After graduating high school I decide to join the United States Air Force, instead of going to college because I want to travel around the world. After going through boot camp I went to Dover Air Force Base and here I would join the 436th Medical Group. Since I didn't want to be apart of the medical staff, I decided to be part of the medivac team. It would take me two years of training before I would become a pilot. http://www.airforcemedicine.af.mil/MTF/Dover/About-Us/ After my turn years on the base, I decide to do a nine month tour in the Middle East.
  3. Thanks for your responds This can be closed by a higher up
  4. So I’ll been gone for a little bit, and I see under some characters that it’s says normal mode. What is that and what does it mean?
  5. So are we going to have a fallout 76 RP server?

  6. The amount of times I crashed to vehicles. Thanks Dayz.

  7. Christopher never knew his parents because they dropped him off at an orphanage two weeks after he was born. He was beat by his parents and bullied by kids because the way he spoke. He stayed will just his first name until he meet the carnival and took the last name other members were using. Before he joined the carnival Christopher was a cop in Miami. He started off as a clean cop but like many others he turned to the life of corruption. He would take bribes from people to not turn them in. He would also beat up criminals who thought that they higher than the law, even when they should no threat. So heat started heading his way, he knew he couldn’t stay here anymore so he joined a traveling carnival. At first, he had a weird feeling for the carnival. But soon the carnival brought a whole to light to him. The carnival never judge him on his actions and instead of turning their heads they helped him. He soon became friends with one of the higher up members named Jeremiah Knight. Jeremiah took Chris under his wing and even let him use his last name. Soon Jeremiah taught Chris about the Mother. Chris was shock with her and wanted to learn more. Soon Chris would learn of the mothers powers when the reach a land called Chernarus.
  8. Now I’m very confused. Your making this group focus around a Russian theme, but 4/5 of members are not even Russian. I’m confused on why British and American soldiers would be helping the Russian government, with everything that has happen between the East and the West.
  9. Ooh I like this, can’t wait to read more.
  10. I’m excited for a fallout multiplayer, as long as it’s not like the Ender Scrolls online.
  11. Wow I’m surprised, you guys aren’t official yet.
  12. Just got a new dog, pictures soon to come.

  13. Another day, another school shooting

    1. WhiteKnight


      This needs to stop

    2. ShanePVP


      should ban guns then eh

    3. FaeRP


      Its sad how im neither surprised nor shocked by this news anymore.

    4. Zero


      That's what happens when liberals decided it was inhumane to house mental patients in state institutions and instead opted to use the route of prescriptions to try and solve the problem. I've worked in a hospital and the problem is rampant. I think the U.S. needs to get serious about it's mental health issue and just re-institutionalize the state.

    5. Mademoiselle


      Sympathy to the family.

      can’t say I’m surprised anymore... waiting for another now. 

  14. Damn no longer a teenager 

    1. SebbePwnYou


      Happy birthday m8

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