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  1. Billyduckling

    Public Service Announcement.

    Wasnt that the downfall of the UN?
  2. Billyduckling

    Computer restart

    Very strange, especially that it only happens in dayz. Do you have an old heaset with Jacks? If yes, try that and also try exp, maybe its a rare bug and its fixed on experimental. EDIT: One last thing you can try. Try using a diffrent usb slot maybe the one you use is damaged. Good luck.
  3. Billyduckling

    Computer restart

    There is a exp version of dayz out atm. Try updating to that and join a exp server. Use push to talk alone and when u see someone else. And last question are you using a usb headset?
  4. Billyduckling

    Computer restart

    Do you have onboard sound or do you use a soundcard? Just a restart or a bluescreen? Does your Pc make any "Beep" sounds when it restarts?
  5. Awsome RP session, with Travis and Angelina Lier, Saul Roberts, Dmitry and ofc Anke Schwarz. Hope to meet again. Preacher out
  6. Hey, so I always thought zombies and players are pretty scary in Dayz, untill I found this fella. I'm not strong, I ran away! [video=youtube]
  7. Billyduckling

    2015 Community Awards Results

    GG! Congratulations to everyone!
  8. Hey, so i checked out almost all boat netting spawns, they are all empty, not even fishing hooks or rainjacket. anyone found some netting yet?
  9. Billyduckling

    Message to the UN [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    *Takes radio out of pocket* Ca..n you hear me?... Can't believe some of you guys are still alive, i fought side by side with Mason in Zelenogorsk, was badly wounded, one of the local docs patched me back up. I got a small group of ex UN with me, we're three and still alive! We set up a base far up north we have supplies... we should meet... Father johan out. *turns radio off to save power and looks at a map on the table infront of him*
  10. More stuff to harvest, so u can make a soup in the cookingpot just add a bit of salt and pepper and ofc grandma soup blueprints!
  11. I feel you, can't find any at the moment. Hope i get lucky today.
  12. Love the fact that everytime the server is down, one guy "Krill Nadyieja" is always able to play.