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  1. -Please Archive- The Sons are taking a break from this sever! Thanks for the experience!
  2. Welcome to all our new members The Sons have completed two goals! Updating Roster and Goal listings.
  3. @J1988Dizzle *Asher picks up his radio, watching with a grin as an infected stumbles into a batch of barbed wire strewn across the floor, making itself stuck.* Good to hear from you... Captain? I've not had the privilege of meeting you or your men before. I've heard good things from the group down in Kamarovo though. The Sons of Silence don't mean any harm to civilians. We've actually helped a few people out in Kamenka, assuming your outpost to be an abandoned living area. I hope you don't mind the fact of us taking cover from a storm in the building. *Asher sets the radio down as a shot rings through the air, from the watchtower above him, the infected falling in a pool of its own blood.*
  4. *Asher picks up his radio, sitting inside a wooden watchtower, seemingly abandoned* To the man living in Kamenka, the Sons wish to speak to you, if you hear this message, know that we're waiting for you. *He sets his radio down, the flash of a flare lights up the surrounding buildings, embers bouncing away from the stick, floating into the misty night sky above.
  5. Hey i'm trying my best to rally who I can, thanks for the well wishes!
  6. Fixed. Thank you for the help! Error when I went though and did one of my last edits, all fixed now though.
  7. Thank you for the heads up! I'll fix it now, not sure how it happened though.
  8. Haha, well we're always open to new bloods.
  9. Seems like you have experience, care to join?
  10. Group Song ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Darkness What's your biggest fear? Is it the emptiness you feel inside? Or maybe the growing knowledge that nothing you can do will save them? -The last words heard by James Recal as his family was executed in the next room.- The Deafening Sound of Nothing The smell of blood and gun powder was thick in the air. Asher still sat, bound and desecrated. The silence pushed upon what was once a bustling and happy settlement had forced Asher to realize that his world had ended not once, but twice. From the Ashes Help, please... We cant fight them. The guards are dead. The walls are breached. Please. Echos From the Past IC Form Active Uniform: Completed: X Surgical Mask | Golden Armband Scout location for our settlement (New Ember): Completed Establish Full Farm: ETA Day 655 Acquire Working Vehicle: ETA Day 680 Further Allied Group Interests: ETA Day 660 Gather munitions to repel bandit groups: Ongoing Keep the fight against bandits alive: Ongoing OOC Increase Active Member Count: Ongoing Provide Solid Hero RP to the server: Ongoing Improve and Finalize Group Lore: ETA Day 650 Gain Approved Group Status: Ongoing The Circle The Survivor Asher Cross - @SoundWave First Knight | High Guardian First Knight Jory Carbone @Jory VanHorn High Guardian Glen Skel @Grimmskel The Sons Knight | Guardian Voidbringer | Ashbringer New Blood | Scribe Mia Weaver @JHontz1917 Rowen Brown @Rowen6 Jake Sanders @Jake Sanders WIP @Jomba Juice Rank explanations Knight, Voidbringer, and Newbloods are the sword of our organization. They strike out at our enemies and are out primary source of gear acquisition. Guardians, Ashbringers. and Scribes serve as our Shield. They are the guards and police of our bases as well as the architects and medical staff. Applications: @SoundWave
  11. SoundWave

    Whats your occupation?

    Soldier in the U.S Army (IT Specialst and Contracted Officer Cadet)
  12. Asher grew up on the streets of LA, he knew what it meant to fight for survival even before the apocalypse set upon him. While many of his friends joined the military and began to go to college Asher found his own way in life. A less than legal way. He built small arms running crew and began to supply various gangs and rebel groups with munitions. Soon he found himself selling to militias inside of Chenarus and going off of a lead he grounded himself in Chenarus when the outbreak happened. Just narrowly escaping the cities he realized that hundreds if not thousands of people had been killed using guns he had supplied through the years. He vowed to himself that he would lead a new life and shortly after the main outbreak he fled north with a group of survivors hoping to help the Innocent people and redeem himself to the world.
  13. Nicolau was born on the small island of Tercaida off the coast of Portugal. He grew up in a small, radical right wing family heavily involved in the ALF (Azores Liberation Front) seeking to free the Islands from Portugal. At the age of 8 his family along with a few other ALF supporters moved to California and began training him and several other younger children, raising them as radicals and militants. At the time of the outbreak, Nicolau was heavily involved with Arms Acquisition and was caught up by US authorities at a port in San Fransisco. He made a narrow escape aboard a cargo ship with Russian lettering. He payed off the crew with what he had and found they're destination was Chenarus. Nicolau didn't know much about the place and figured it being a hotbed of conflict recently, would make a rather good area to lay low. Little did he know that the ship would be blown out of the water by a panicked navy. He soon washed onto shore, conflicted and confused. Had his luck finally ran out?
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