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"We're all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars"

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  1. Nikolai Borisov was born... Chernarussian, or so he claims. He is a man in his thirties, though his face betrays lines of worry, adding long “road miles” to his age due to his occupation as a farmer. He does not usually share where he was born but if pressed, he would say on his family’s land, a small farm east of Zaprudnoe, where he grew up. Once he moved out of home due to his parents’ deaths (or so Nikolai claims) Kolya took up various jobs working in farms all across Chernarus, as a farm hand, usually paid in room and board and just a bit of money to call his own, and use on his weekend trips along the countryside to explore and enjoy the picturesque offerings the land had to offer him. The Frenzied Flu hit the farm late, but there had already been mutterings. Kolya, as a young man believing in science and nature, though uneducated, did not believe in the stories around the local drinking holes about men and women turning feral in the big cities, hospitals filling up and police violence, until, like an unstoppable fire, the flu hit his small rural community. His employers were one of the first locals to go, being old and probably immunocompromised from a long arduous life spanning the 20th century. The… things they turned into, Nikolai could not fathom. He had -of course- watched some old VHS tapes, and more recently, DVDs and other formats of Hollywood movies depicting such fantastical things, but he never believed it could happen. But it did. Now Nikolai can be found in the Chernarussian wilds, surviving, traveling. Though the world has changed, and though he needs to be a thousand times more careful, not much else has changed for the man. He is, as ever, on the move. ===REDACTED INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND OUT MORE THROUGHOUT ROLEPLAY. WILL AVOID POSTING HERE DUE TO THE SLIVER OF POSSIBILITY OF METAGAMING===
  2. *The PTT is pressed, with the apparent chilled wind of Chernarus in the background. A few moments pass before a voice comes through, crackling due to static created by the shitty handheld radio and geographical interference* "The UN? Can you tell us about what's going on outside of this country? The US? Europe? The rest of the world?" *The PTT is depressed for a few moments before it squelches up again, obviously unaware of military comms transmission protocols* "Oh uhhh. Right. This is Hunter Haynes..or Hunts of... well, formerly of National Geographic. Uhhh. Over and out".
  3. It takes 2 9x19 shots to the Head to kill a Z now, 5-6 to the body. Usually 1, but I've seen 2 Cheytac rounds (I think I hit the arm with the first) to the body to kill a Z. Takes 2 .338 rounds to the body for a Z kill. Takes 2-3 5.56 and 2-3 7.62x39 to the body. It also takes 1-2 buckshots depending, obviously on range, and 1-2 slugs with a Savage Stevens long barrel. Also about 10-15-20 slices with the knife. Very situational, and 10-15 with a Machete of Death. That's all I've tried till now.
  4. Zombies taking multiple THICCC caliber .338 shots to the body before they die is a bit silly. Still, I wouldn't mind it as much since I love sneaking around, but at the same time, the respawn rate is atrociously high for the Zombos. You knife one or two without their buddies realizing and two minutes later they have respawned in triplicate.
  5. Dragging/repositioning the mods seemed to do it for me. Played for about an hour without a problem. Thank ya.
  6. I'll check with the load order next. You only gotta change it by dragging the mods into the specific order in the DayZ launcher, correct?
  7. I am also suffering from this. Random crashes. No reason why, just happened randomly even though I've been playing fine for the last couple of weeks and it's been stable. Steps taken without result: •Ran file verification •Installed dayzsalauncher •Turned to Fullscreen instead of windowed •Fiddled with graphics options just in case there was an LOD causing it or some such •Ran as admin
  8. Just a snapshot while traveling about a long time ago.
  9. If youre trying to suspend disbelief, I'd say think of the 3PP as all those senses lacking from gaming. e.g. True directional hearing (even with 7.1 surround it's obviously not as good as real life hearing) Smell (You can smell a corpse pile past a fence) The feeling of chill/warmth etc (I dont have an applicable example in game more than a bar showing "Hypothermia") And that...feeling that you may get when someone's in the room with you. Situational awareness (Something that you can have much more of when driving, than, say, when driving vehicles in DayZ) Disclaimer: Obviously not talking about someone standing behind three walls and you being able to see superhumanly past the building n' stuff
  10. *Checks RL watch* *Curses work tomorrow* *Decides he'll probably stay up all the same*
  11. Thank you to all in the Refuge for the warm welcome. Dorian is available for all your hunting needs now! -1st day, bagged a buck kill, steaks galore!
  12. Thank you to our favourite "Rabbit", the nice Vitalyia and Gerry for some good, long-distance and long-lasting RP!
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