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  1. We lived out in the middle of nowhere like our characters profile says. We were in the process of creating the place our characters are making. which is gone now. Cant even establish our characters main mission. I've played alot of RP in other games and raiding is never a thing.
  2. Well for someone thats new to the server about 4 days with the whitelisting process to just see community server style gameplay with the only change being. No KOS. this isn't rp this is a No KOS server.
  3. Offline raiding is a PVP community Element. It should be eliminated unless you know someone is inside and not willing to rp. We just joined 4 days ago and spent alot of time trying to create our survivor compound but have already been raided. why? we live way out in the woods, and help people we meet, this is making me and my girlfriend want to leave the server because all of our work to create an rp enviroment is destroyed by your PVP Public server groups with their offline style raiding. Why are explosives to easy to find in the apocalypse anyway. This is defiantly a killer to new players.
  4. Thanks for the responses, I added a poll as suggested. I know about sharpening stones but I use a bat, and after only a few infected its almost completely damaged. Also hammers and saws are not repairable as well. Since they are so hard to find they shouldn't be unrepairable.
  5. Is it just me but I can't figure out how to repair bats or knives. Is there something I'm missing or can we get an increase on durability.
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