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  1. Ender

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    I can sum this up pretty simple. The phrase we use when removing someone from the community is, "Permaban" which is a shortened way of saying "Permanent banishment" In short it means that if you obtain a permaban then you are Forever banned from the community. Not temporarily, not for a year or two but..... Forever. I can understand that it looks a bit harsh for a gaming community revolved around a dead/dying game, But In my opinion we should keep it as such. "Permaban"
  2. Spartan

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    I got you

    1. Ender



  3. Ender

    Return of Mod?

    Only reason no ones playing mod is because out of all the things mod can do our server has less to do than standalone. If @Roland put some effort into it. Switched the map, switched it to another version of the mod like Epoch or Origins (for the love of god not overpoch) i would guarantee there would be quite a lot of people playing it. Vanilla DayZ mod chernarus is the most boring out of everything. Its like your parents coming home with candy only to find out its black licorice #PreyForEpoch
  4. Ender

    Falling Stars [John Waters]

    Freaking Masterpiece right here. As always... Very heartbreaking and amazing read dude.
  5. Ender

    Return of Mod?

    Let me Copy and pasta what i said in discord about mod. wanna see more peoples opinions.
  6. Ender

    J.D. Is back!!

    I know you! A couple weeks ago I was talking to a few friends about the old days and couldn't remember for the life of me who the two Developer ranked members were when i joined. I knew it was @Igi and someone else. Now it clicks to me. Hello and welcome back Ex-Developer J. D.
  7. Ender


    I Just realized there's a tiny Tardis in my profile background. I love this background even more now 😄 

    1. GenericName


      The wallpaper is bigger on the inside...

  8. Ender


    New Profile HYPE because FTL is a beautiful game 

    and you all should play it if you love 16 bit space adventures 


  9. Ender

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      Me 100%

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  10. Ender


    You Must be able to speak English in an comprehensible and understanding manner in order to play here. Your character doesn't matter. if YOU cannot speak English properly, you cannot play here.
  11. Ender


    me after watching the SCUM trailer


    1. Banshee


      WhEnArE We GoNAa GEt aSCum RoLePlAYaing ServER???!?!?!

      Also wtf is this?


      I expected better from you...

  12. Ender

    New rules draft

    RULE 4.1 - Reason for initiation - some staff believe there should be no reason requirement in order to attack other players, as long as the role play provided is good and engaging. For a game that takes place in a post apocalypse, i believe that there should be no reason to initiate so long as the RP is good. However, i think there needs to be reason for someone to torture. that is my biggest issue. Having someone initiate for no reason, or gear/supplies being a reason is perfect for me. my issue is when i someone decides "hmmmm imma take this guys arm off and beat them till near death because IM CRAZY REEEEEEEEEEEE"
  13. Ender


    Thank you Stefan Karl, for being my favorite childhood villain.

    o7 Rest in peace


    (you are number 1)

    1. GenericName


      He will always be number one

    2. Ju Ju

      Ju Ju

      I found out at work and I felt the hurt. Tbh another person from my childhood gone much sad 

  14. Ender

    The Game

    @Terra me right now
  15. Ender

    Emotional match

    Song that you cant help but sing along to?