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"Isn't Legend just "Used to be relevant.""

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  1. You should reply to this so I can give you some beanz for your feedback to Hofer 🙂

    1. Ender



  2. Hello I exist still 😄

    heres a cute video for yall 


  3. Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: Past experience as an Administrator Feedback: (This is aimed in small part towards you, and for the most part at the general community that's angry at you) It seems that many are upset at you for being quote on quote unprofessional, While i agree that it is slightly unprofessional, I don't agree with there being issue with it. This community for far too long has looked at staff as if they need to represent themselves as government officials, This is a role play community for a shitty game, This isn't congress. this community needs to stop acting as if staff members arn't allowed to be human. This is the exact reason why staff get stressed out, burnt out, and sour once they leave. These people spend their free time unpaid helping a community they love just so the people they do it for can shit on them for being human, From looking through the report i can see that everything was done properly, logs were acquired properly, evidence was unanimous, nothing was wrong with this report. Video evidence would have been nice, Though, is there really a reason to drag on a report for so long when everything is as clear as day? So long as the job gets done properly, thats all that matters, You're doing a fine job, Keep it up! Suggestions for improvement: Dont be a Robot. You're still human, keep it that way, I love seeing it.
  4. I remember you. Its been a long long time.
  5. Going back to one of my favorite Profile themes

    1. Mugin


      I dig it!

    2. Hofer


      Well Done Thumbs Up GIF

  6. Reeeeal Tinfoil hat hours here bois.

    1. Lyca




  7. Hey, Quit mugin people for their beanz.

    1. Mugin


      It's in my nature. Mean Muggin Lovin.

    2. Ender


      Now that's a name i haven't heard in a long time. Its almost as if it was someone else. lol 

    3. Mugin



  8. Bye Australia.

    not sure if it effects people that already have the game 


    1. Samaritan


      I heard that it'll be the physical game only (if you buy it in a shop), the digital download version they can do nothing about.

    2. Samaritan


      I stand corrected, looks like the ban with hit digital copies too. Damn. 

    3. Ender


      i find it funny out of everything the game could be banned for, Gun violence, literal cannibalism, that's fine nothing wrong here. but weed? thats going too far. Lmao

  9. Yes! Going old school. but hey its a good song and remind me of you ❤️ Love you!

    1. Joe
    2. Ender



    3. Joe
  10. i like this new change. Imo the old way made the person you ignore stand out even more caused by the difference from their posts versus everyone else's.
  11. A tavern group is always a welcome group Imo. just hope yall don't become an easy target for attacks like all groups of this variety become. But you probably should have posted this in a different location so its not looked at as an actual group yet, since you said its not finished and you just wanted opinions.
  12. group looks amazing dood, good luck yall
  13. I have found my new muse, it is AURORA. I'm loving her new album


    1. Ender


      Thank you @Arcarius & @Lyca for showing me her music.

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