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  1. Ender


    lets get some summer vibes in here. 

    1. Aeryes





  2. Ender


    This is what @Lyca has managed to create in ark. this abomination


    1. Lyca


      Don't speak bad about my baby. She is beautiful. ❤️


    2. OldSchool


      Your pigeon needs to be taken to the vet.

    3. Lyca


      She is perfectly fine 😞 

    4. Aeryes


      @Lyca and her chickens 

    5. Lyca


      That chicken has like 13k health and does 330 damage 😄 

  3. Ender


    Apparently Grey Worm from GOT is a music artist.

    And god damn is he good

  4. Ender

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

  5. Ender

    Server Password

    Find a nice high clif and jump. when on the "you are dead" screen press log out. Edit your in game character in the main menu, and then log back in. Killing yourself to respawn as the correct character model is not considered NVFL unless you do it infront of other people.
  6. Ender

    Server Password

    What dan said. it shows up in the application section once you are approved
  7. Ender

    Death Match

    @Dew them mAAd Pvp skills @YNW Dusty or @Dusty
  8. Ender

    STFU about this staff bias shit.

    That's Another issue. You don't get that choice. If you don't trust a specific staff members ability to remain unbiased when handling your report, then close the report, because fuck what you feel. Case & point. Dusty respectfully requested Randy and Jim not touch his report because he didnt trust their ability to remain unbiased and within perfect reason aswell. and he was flat out denied in his request. so really your only option is to close your report and let them get away with rule breaks or have a member of staff that is potentially biased to you deal with your report.
  9. Ender


    Game Of Thrones S8 E3 Spoiler


    And after that shit show i would like to humbly say 

    HE LIVES! Grey Worm LIVES!

    TBH though while I'm relieved that not a lot of main characters died in this episode. I'm also disappointed that it wasn't Red wedding levels of heart and soul crushing with character deaths.

    Although Soul crushing might have been a poor choice of Words (RIP Lyanna Mormont)



    1. Osku




      She died as she lived, like a badass. Lets not forget Theon, he had come far from the kid who couldnt even execute sir Rodrick properly.


  10. Ender

    STFU about this staff bias shit.

    "We do not monitor who is friends with who in staff. only group members" I want to know when the fuck this was changed, because thats not how it was when You and I were in staff. Its absolutely ridiculous.
  11. Ender

    STFU about this staff bias shit.

    When Randy has "RP" tagged to there name, which is WIDELY known in the community that only a specific group of close friends have RP tagged to their names. Then we're gonna assume he's biased no matter what. It screams "THESE ARE MY FRIENDS AND I'M BIASED" just as much as being in the same group as those individuals. I personally don't believe Randy is Biased. He's done a whole lot of good in the staff team and is one of the staff members i trust the most. However, you cant deny given the fact that the entire community knows what the "RP boys" are, that accusations of Bias will come no matter what you do. Screaming "STFU Look i got banned so no bias". Holds just as much weight as Trump saying "No Collusion" as he sits on Putins lap.
  12. Ender


    After being indecisive for two weeks on who to use as my GoT theme I picked my favorite character currently. Grey Worm

    1. Voodoo


      His last episode this week. Thats my prediction

    2. AlanM


      You copied my song!!!!!!

      Nice profile though.

  13. Ender


    @Demaabd is a nerd 

    1. Demaabd


      I mean... youre not wrong?

  14. Ender

    • Ender
    • CocoMii


    1. CocoMii


      Haha you know it! 😂

  15. Ender

    Quick website suggestions

    add a Proficiencies & Skills tab into character pages, so we can mark off what our characters are good at. Piano, drums, Hunting, fishing, farming, killing, .etc
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