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  1. Ender

    Ask the admins

    Q. According to @JimRP Players are no longer allowed to use anything that was not done in the servers as lore for their characters. By this method EVERYTHING that is counted as "Backstory" for a character is invalid. That means all writing and lore that everyone put into their characters through Lore and Stories is invalid, Radio chatter? is in valid. all TextRP done through steam or or discord or any other thing is invalid. so my question is. What the fuck is valid anymore? Do i have to physically log into the DayZRP servers find a radio in game and talk onto it just so i can post a valid Radio chatter thread? Do i have to actually find a pen and paper and write on it in game for Journal entries on Lore and stories to be Valid? Do i have to go to america and take a plane to chernarus in order for my backstory to be valid? (Physically impossible seeing as the in game world is literally only chernarus But you understand why i am confused) Is this a new Change? because There have been multiple times where people have RP'd out things in textRP through discord/slack/steam .etc is that completely invalid now? I would like a response from every admin as i am pissed off by this and I damn well should be as you are singlehandedly axe'ing so much RP potential and backstory. A. I never said people's backstories don't count, you can't expect though for people who RP outside of DayZRP or the radio chatter to have an effect on their stories and characters in the game. People should RP in the environment that is DayZRP since by RPing somewhere outside it you are only trying to get the perfect environment in your eyes for RP. Other environments can't be controlled hence why it is also unfair to other people. - JimRP A. I have no idea wtf you're talking about or why anyone could not do this. Everyone gets to make up their own backstory. People "leave the country" and come back months later about a story about what they did in Russia or where ever else all the time. As long as it doesn't break lore, powergame, metagame, etc it's never usually been a problem. There may be a time where a specific situation is not appropriate or shouldn't be allowed, but in most cases it's perfectly fine. - Your second favourite, Oliv A.I think everyone needs to relax, just because that is one admins opinion doesn't mean its a rule. He disagrees with it but for me I am ok with RP on other things progressing the story. Including text rp in Discord and steam. I am an avid text rper and love it honestly. So I do not see why it couldn't progress the story. - Aiko A. My view is pretty much the same as Oliv. People leave the country all the time for whatever reason. Its never been a problem as long as the rules are followed and the story isn't breaking the lore. But to be more direct and answer your questions directly. Yes, your backstory is still valid. No, you don't have to be logged on in the game at the time you post for your radio chatter to be valid. No, you don't need to write shit down on pen and paper for your lore and stories to be valid. And of course, you have to buy a plane ticket to a fictional place for everything to be valid (Jokes) -Ark A. (Reserved for @Roland) I believe events and things about lore progression should only be done on our servers or posted on our forums. After all, these things affect not only your story, but others too and they may want to be involved in whatever is happening. For as long as I remember players have been loyal to DayZRP community and never had to go to pubs to role play and then retroactively import that RP back to their DayZRP characters. I don't see any reason why that should be an accepted way of role playing on DayZRP and groups of players allowed to live outside of the community in their RP bubble or alternate universe somewhere else and then us hosting their stories or characters here. All it does is hurt the community, both content and number wise. It's never before been an issue so it's not like we chase around people checking if things have actually happened in game on our server or the story they've written are accurate, but when it comes to larger events or things that affect the lore in a major way I definitely think should enforce that the role play happens here where it actually matters - Roland
  2. Ender

    The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    had some Fun in that house, didnt we?
  3. Ark

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    1. Ender


      Worth it 😄 

  4. Ender

    o7 folks

    damn.. I'm sorry for all that happened major. You were one of the best LM's we've had in a long long time. You definitely made us proud. You wear that staff member of the year tag with pride dude. Stay safe out there.
  5. Ender


    The Guitar riffs in this song AAAHHH!!


  6. Ender



  7. Ender


    how do you know if england lost. 87af99e641.png

    Three status updates come up at the Exact same time. about the EXACT same thing. lol

    1. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue


    2. It's An Disapointmet

      It's An Disapointmet

      Saying as a Welsh men. I pissed myself laughing when England lost but gg to them 

  8. Ender

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  9. Ender


    If every movie was a video game built like Detroit: become human. The world would be just slightly better.

    After finishing the game all i want now is another story. another adventure like this.

    1. Ender


      which thinking about it. I actually don't know the story or anything about life is strange. I need to play that. 

    2. Kain


      Mood, honestly. 

  10. Ender

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    • Clumsy

    welcome back back back. to staff. 😄 

    1. Clumsy


      But you left! T.T 

    2. Ender


      And thank fuck for that. i would have killed myself long time ago if i was still in staff. To much of a constant headache.

  11. Ender

    Cause of Death

    i like it. it adds more to the death instead of just gone. gives people an idea of what happened before the death as well. +1
  12. Ender

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    Darling.... You have an issue. . . . You're an addict.


    1. Lyca


      OH NO .... YOU FOUND OUT...



  13. Lyca

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    Why are you not asleep? :p

  14. Ender

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  15. Ender

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    • Mademoiselle

    just started playing Detroit, I've killed connor at least 5 times. I cried every single time.

    1. Mademoiselle


      You're a monster!