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  1. Everyone that knew about Winslow playing was breaking server rules by not telling anyone, everybody who was aware and didn't tell broke server rules. You can't say this is Ceaser being biased, TPFrags was banned for playing with a permabanned players, so you're hardly special in this situation. No of us were innocent in this situation. We were lucky that we didn't get outright permabanned.
  2. Welp, that's me done. I've been here since January and it's been a blast, from the early days when roleplay didn't exist to the awkward days when everybody was still figuring out how to roleplay after the mod dropped and the shitstorm in May. It's been really great, but after IRA disbanded I've found myself playing less and less and after playing for a couple of hours in the past few days I've found that I've completely lost interest in this mod and community as a whole. I've covered almost every play style there is and I really don't feel there's much left for me here. So before I become too sappy I'd like to say send the love to all my former clan mates from FM, SFOD-D, CF, The Regime, all of SVR/MVD ( despite all of the shit that happened after) and not forgetting the IRA, you've made my time on the server great. Oh yeah, SumoS Alife and Gijs, out of all the members of the community you three have always been the guys I've really respected, keep on being kewl guys. I might be back in a few months, only time will tell. I'm done now, the last of the OG Hudini Brothers signing off. (Also Misty, you'll always have a special place in my heart.) inb4 see you le tomorrow XDDDDDD
  3. That's what you get when you're 14 years old, Jerry.
  4. Sylvestr Hawryluk

    DevilDogGamer coming to DayZRP!

    No, it's just that these people are slightly more important than some random guy.
  5. Sylvestr Hawryluk

    DevilDogGamer coming to DayZRP!

    hahahahahhahaha hahahahahhahaah hahahhah hah Quoted by the "amazing" ex B-17 player Obviously don't watch his videos. I assume you'll fight them with professional roleplay and entirely unnecessary flamebaiting then?
  6. Sylvestr Hawryluk

    DevilDogGamer coming to DayZRP!

    I like how he plays ACE and how him and his team are really great at wrecking people, it's going to be fun watching him destroy all the sub par PvP'ers on this server. Oh, and the roleplay might be nice too,.
  7. Sylvestr Hawryluk


    My Little Pony is my favorite anime.
  8. It's always been like this, people making reports in order to getting opposing clans banned. Even if it was an honest mistake, nobody really gives a shit and just wants to get their enemies banned. As long as two clans dislike each other OOC this is always going to happen. I know reports shouldn't be made with the intention of getting the other guy banned, but that's what 99% of them are made for.
  9. Sylvestr Hawryluk

    Ask the admins

    Asking: any admin Q1. Why are you not able to view the report fourms while not logged in? When I first joined you never needed to be logged on, so why was it suddenly changed a few months back? A1. It's always been like that, hasn't been changed since the formal report forums have been created. /Rolle
  10. Sylvestr Hawryluk

    Lillasyster - ROAR (VIDEO RELEASE TODAY)

    Not really a big fan, it sounds to simalir to lots of other band I've heard recently, it's really nicely produced and all the instruments sound great just not my thing.
  11. I love you too Misty, remember the fun times in teamspeak? Those were the days <3 But really, I've made many friends, they're all terrible, but I still love them.