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  1. Does anyone know what the Persistence timers are in 0.60 for tents, barrels, vehicles and backpacks ? the same as 0.59?
  2. Kolja

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    More wishes for the new awesome server after playing around on WCD:s Altis server for a few weeks: THERE IS TOO MUCH LOOT, I really hope you can change this, now you find a complete military outfit in a matter of minutes. Would be much more fun if people had to run around with pistols and gather money to buy bigger guns, or go into high risk areas. Is it possible to give respect for killing Zombies? Now the system mainly grants respect by killing other players which maybe is something we should not reward to much in this community. Is it possible to limit the traders? Or at least raise the prices on military gear, stuff like nigh vision goggles is now insanely cheap. Maybe remove the special ops trader so you can only find that kind of gear through AI missions.
  3. Kolja

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    Are there any mods adding more civilian clothes? Right now the choice seems to be betwen military uniform och jeans and t-skirt.
  4. Kolja

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    This sounds great! I am trying out the game on public server and can see the possibilities. Until our server is up, where do the Dayzrp crowd hang out? Is there a good server for some survival pve gaming? maybe some RP? I would love to have a more advanced medical system in there! the "instadoc" is so booring. Maybe like the one in the Frankie Video (ACE?) with treatments for all different wounds, that would be really awesome for us who play medical professionals!
  5. Kolja

    Persistence and the servers

    I do not think it should Be open all the time. But maybe when one of the servers are full. For me who are playing from north of Sweden S2 is never an option due to insane ping. In the other hand I can usually get in after 5-10 minutes of spamming the log in but I think many others in my situation might give up and play something else which is too bad.
  6. I loved 0.55. We were two against 10 Z Armed with only on sporter with no mag. I ran to make them chase me and my friend shot them one 22 bullet at a time. In the end I feinted from blood loss and starvation. It was epic! (Except that I had to respawn due to unconscious bug)
  7. Hear hear. Persistance for all!
  8. Found this answering some of my queries : - Medium Tent (Pitched): 45 Days - Military Tent (Pitched): 45 Days - Car Tent (Pitched): 45 Days - Barrels: 45 Days - Ammo Boxes: 45 Days - Protector Cases: 45 Days - Backpacks (All types): 3 Days Someone on reddit suggested that it might be backpacks causing this. Does anyone have a barrel/tent only camp with the same issue?
  9. The stash issue does not affect fps for me. Only item interaction begins to lag with a big enough stash.
  10. Finally surval is back in dayz! Time for farming, fishing and hunting again, I love the new system and am doing my best to hoard food for harch times so I always have a base fll of calories to return to. Just like you would need in real life
  11. Hello there Me and my friends, as I guess many others, are having great fun loot hoarding and base building. In our case we are filling a house with backpacks and barrels, storing food, ammunition, tools and so forth. Trying to make it a believable home for a group of survivors. Doing this a few questions have suirfaced that I hope some of you here in the community can help me answer: * As I understand it items put on the ground are now on a "persistance timer". I heard 45 days for barrels and 3 for backpacks. Is there somewhere a list of the timers on all categories of items? or do you know the timing on for example: Weapons, fireplaces, tents, gardenplots, rabbit snares, random small stuff. *Will there be persistance wipes on the server also in the future? and will they remove EVERYTHING, even tents and so fourth? (Personally I would love to keep my homey house as long a spossible as there is a lot of work on it, and I love how loot is becoming more and more scarce in the villages we visit often on our runs.) *I am experiencing major issues with "Item lag" around the house. THis meaning that if i double clivk to pick up an object it might take as long as 30 seconds for it to move to my inventory. This also is tru for opening doors and all kinds of object interaction like eating and crafting. The FPS does not change, and there is no visual lag, I only get receiving when trying to interact with an object. Runnning far from the house full of loot and waiting puts everything back to normal and I can interact without lag making me deduce that it is connected to the amount of stuff stored in an area. Does anyone have this same issue? and do you know of a way to solve it as it is terriby annoying. And NO, I will not tell you where the house is, but if you find it and raid it as all the stuff its laying openly in the house, please at least leave us a note or write in the guestbook so we know that you were there and it is not persistance bugging with us
  12. Nice! I look forward to visiting you. And to meet another chernorussian Male nurse from a nearby city (Rodion is from Polana). Which server are you based on?
  13. *sits in the Roof of the school. Hearing the "animals" running around searching the perimeter. Good to hear you voice DR, we heard som strange noises, laughter and screaming in the school and I was worried that you had gone mad or that the infection got to you. But these people I met here, they call them selves "the animals" tell strange stories of you. That you have performed test on live subjects against their will. Is that true? Well there are many rumours flying around so I will choose to doubt them until I meet You. I will return in a few days to see if you have returned but I urge you to be careful as there seems to be someone, or something, haunting these corridors. * turns radio off and goes of North. Hoping against all hope that this Dr is not just another mad man.
  14. *Rodion lifts his radio, shaking with anticipation and start speaking in a light Chernarussian accent. Hello! This is Rodion Semenov, I am Nurse, I worked at the Berezino hospital at the start of the outbreak. After that I worked with DR Anton Sommernes from the UN who was researching the infection. After I lost him I thought all hope of a cure was lost. But when I heard your voice On the radio I feel it again. I am heading down to Electro now to find you. I bring medical supplies and promise to do all I can to help you. We must find answers and we must find a future for mankind. * you can hear the sound of running footsteps as he in his eagerness forgets to turn of the transmitter
  15. One more vote for more slots! More RP more competiton for the loot. As long as the performance doesnt suffer too much
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