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  1. Well with .63 coming out anytime now, I think its time I get back into RP as well. Looking forward to running into everyone!
  2. I was with the Stormfront up North and the Gamblers showed up. Then New Moon showed up. Then I had to change my pants.
  3. Klaus Shtuple's POV: After talking with the other members of my faction, we decided to hatch a plan involving the capture, torture, and possible execution of Elliot Henry. Elliot Henry @Lego had caused permanent damage to one of my character's (Klaus Shtuple) best friends, Nathan Osbourne @Nathan Osbourne. We decided that I would reach out to Funeral Parlor through open comms that my faction had obtained long ago. After the deal had been arranged with Funeral Parlor to with meet them in Cherno, I remained in a public TS channel and communicated with my friendlies through in-game dialogue. This was to prevent any sort of possible meta-gaming to see which group I belonged to on the TS. During the travel, Elliot had told me that two of them would be present at the trade and I passed off that information in-game. After traveling all the way to the location, my friendlies told me (before I approached the meeting area) that after I made contact with Funeral Parlor, they would initiate on both of us within 30 to 45 seconds. When the initiation was dropped, I played along and proceeded to lie face down on the ground claiming my innocence. Eventually, Elliot Henry did the same while Nathan Osbourne demanded that if any shots are taken at him or his party, Elliot Henry and myself would be executed; furthermore, Nathan demanded that Elliot take off his face-mask. Nathan Osbourne spotted a man in an apartment building and ordered him to surrender himself under the idea that he was with Elliot Henry. Nathan also demanded that Elliot tell the man to surrender himself while other members of Nathan's party are seen yelling at the man (Noah King) in-game (as seen in the video). One member of Nathan's party was immediately shot in the head, and as a result, Nathan proceeded to execute Henry. After the firefight broke out, I proceeded to pick up my rifle and join my friendlies in the brawl. Eventually, we ended up taking a man named Noah King @Adolfo (Elliot Henry's second man) hostage and proceeded to have incredible RP between him and the rest of our group. In conclusion: I have minimal knowledge of what occurred in our comms due to me bouncing between Funeral Parlor's open comms as well as remaining in the public channels; when I approached the deal, I remained unarmed after the whole incident with Nathan and Elliot occurred. Afterwards, I picked up my firearm and joined in on the fight revealing my true intentions. I hope that @Raven06 video can shed some sort of light on the situation.
  4. *Rocco angrily kicks the gate door open leading to Serenity and shortly jogs over the handheld radio lying on the tree stump just by camp. He presses his fingers against the PTT* "Guys, we just got fucking robbed again! Every-time we leave this place unguarded we always have some fucking assholes come by and take whatever they want!" *Silence fills the radio as Rocco releases the button and slowly exhales out of frustration.* "This needs to stop. Now. I get that we are here to help people...really, I do; but we need to start showing people that we mean business when it comes to trespassing. We have chainsaws...we need to use them....teach these assholes a lesson if they ever come back." "Look, we'll talk about this when you get back to camp. I understand everyone might not be on board...and bring more ammo...they took the rest of it." *Rocco pockets the radio and retrieves the SVD from his back. He slowly pulls the slide back ensuring that a round his loaded. Cautiously, he proceeds to head into the nearby forest, searching for the thieves.*
  5. *Rocco stops from eating his juicy steak and notices the voice coming from his radio. Intrigued, he picks up the radio with his greasy fingertips* Building a camp, huh? I can't promise anything, but I know a few friends that are willing to keep an eye on this project. Good luck and I hope to see you in the future. *Puts down the radio and proceeds to grab his food and run towards his leader's tent*
  6. A friend of mine was trying to open a door that I had locked, so he thought the best way to do it was to shoot it open. As I went to open the door to go outside, he opens fire and shoots me with an AKM. Fun fact: That is how that character was perma-deathed.
  7. Well I just gotta say I can't believe that I have been a part of this community for three years! Seeing this community come from the Arma 2 mod and evolve into the DayZ Standalone has been a real treat and I have enjoyed every moment so far! If you do not know who I am, that is fine. I usually keep my head down in the forums. Anyways, despite all of the roadblocks, setbacks, and obstacles that the community has faced whether it be in the forums or the buggy nature of the game, I hope that you all can give me another three years of RP! Thank you for making this game more than a buggy PVP simulator! Sincerely, Rocco
  8. Lee Jefferson POV: Hello! Unfortunately, I do not have much information to provide to further this investigation; however, I will briefly tell you about what I was doing at the time. Upon this happening, I was running through a field on my way to Kab with my microphone muted and my sound muted (I was in another ts at the moment known as Paladin Gaming Company). I was no where near the incident nor do I recall meeting the man. I think my friends confused me with being there.
  9. Ivan grows weaker and his illness spreads at an alarming rate..... I am having a harder time finding medicine, but.... the people....they keep taking it from me. I will not become one of them... I need to stay strong and find it for Ivan. I have lost too much... I won't lose him...
  10. IGN: Evan Baker Age: 26 Country: The United States of America English skills: Fluent, maybe a little too well. DayZ Mod Experience: Been playing the original release since 2012. DayZ Standalone Experience: Bought the game in 2014 and have been playing on and off. Roleplaying Experience: Been roleplaying primarily in the Arma franchise. Been roleplaying in realism groups in Arma 2, then roleplayed in Arma 2 DayZRP and DayZEND. What kind of In Game role best describes you: I enjoy playing almost any role from sweet talker to fighter. Have you been in any clan/group previously: On DayZRP no; however, I have on other DayZ communities. These groups include (The Scavengers, The Chernaurus Defense Force, The Republic of New America, ran with a few cannibals on DayZRP once, and my temporary makeshift group). Additional notes: My schedule can be a little hectic (I am in college), but I can usually make room for anything. Best way to contact you: Steam - Wash Backstory: "Evan Baker is without a doubt the most reckless, insane, and rude war correspondent to ever exist, but god-damn it he is one of the best." - Richard Davis, CEO of GRIT Evan Baker. The man himself is a rude-tempered, hot-mouthed, glorified adrenaline junkie reporter who is willing to go out into the world and find the danger himself for a few crazed memories. As a matter of fact, it is speculated that his career was never created out of an interest to inform the world on what's going on, but to keep Evan in a nirvana-like stasis of pure adrenaline. Before the outbreak, Evan Baker was a war correspondent for an online news company named GRIT based out of Atlanta, Georgia. According to the company, Evan was one of the hardest working reporters who was not afraid to go to any of the worst war-torn states in the world in seek for the truth...and maybe for a few joys along the way. Evan's methods are to be considered incredibly irrational, but is revered by the industry as one of the best reporters to date; despite this, the ratings that GRIT received on a weekly-basis began to drop quickly due to a mass-media scandal to snub out GRIT from the news industry. After hearing rumors of a virus outbreak somewhere in Chernaurus, Evan did the unthinkable and traveled to the country in a last ditch effort to save the company that has provided him with so many life-daring moments. Not because he cared about the company, but because no other business would allow him to do what he loved doing so much. Finding the truth and enjoying the ride to get it. After arriving in Chernaurus and experiencing the country descend into chaos, Evan never stopped his addiction and search for the truth. To this day, despite the zombies, bandits, and psychos that roam the streets looking for blood, Evan continues to engage and embrace all of them to find out the true cause behind the outbreak, among other needs. Furthermore, as time time has passed, Evan has taken up more "respectable" practices along with his investigating and thrill-seeking. Evan has taken up the cause to record every group and any interaction he encounters in these death-soaked lands to hopefully provide records on what happened and to whom. I guess to a degree, Evan may be a journalist and historian; however, he will always be the very thing that he will never admit to... a junkie always looking for that perfect fix.
  11. Absolutely enjoyed RPing with you today! I look forward to encountering you folks in the future!
  12. Hello Everyone! To keep it quick, it is nice to get back into this community and I look certainly forward to meeting all of you in this crazy world that has been formed in my absence! If you do ever come across me, my name in-game will be Klaus and I will have a "thick" German accent. I would also like to take this time and apologize to anyone that is actually of German nationality (I am an American and the accent is....unique). I will see you all on the lands of DayZRP!
  13. *Static overwhelms you ears for the first few seconds; however, seconds later, the static fades and you begin to hear a muffled thump on the other side of the radio waves* "This thing never seems to work! Quiet, are you sure you put in new batter...." *Static envelopes your ear once more as the German voice is snuffed out. Eventually, the voice returns in a more relaxed and calm form* "Ok...Ok. Thank you, Quiet. This thing always seems to break on me. Thank god, I have you and the others to keep an eye on me. I don't know what I would do without you, folks." "Anyways....I don't know if any of you can hear me. If you can and you want to ignore me, I understand; however, if any of you are willing to lend me your ear for one minute, I would love to introduce myself." "My name is Klaus, and a group of survivors and I are located in some town named Zelenogrsk. Judging by the map that we retrieved, that is somewhere to the South-East of the area." "I am on the radio telling...well...whoever is listening that where we are is safe. We have food, water, and equipment for all that need a safe place to stay or need somewhere to rest. Free of any charge or consequence." "We aren't looking for any trouble. We just want to help those who need assistance in a world now plagued with crime and miser...." *Gunshots break out over the radio immediately stopping Klaus from speaking mid-sentence* "Shiza! Not again! Only use your knifes! More of the undead will hear the sho...." *The radio transmission cuts out*
  14. Well, it has been roughly half-a-year since my last RP experience and I'm ready to get back in the game! If by some miracle you remember my previous character, the reporter Evan Washington, I am proud to say that I will be bringing in a new character. This character (by far my fav) is named Dr. Bruce Wash, a clinically brilliant and insane surgeon. I am so happy that I will soon become active in a thriving and exciting community with so many interesting people to cut up and disect-.....I mean meet and interact with. I will be bringing a few friends along for this journey so I hope that I see you all ingame soon!
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