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"Austria erit in orbe ultima"

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  1. Thats nothing new Stags
  2. Maybe... its time to update the graph... good job folks report of the year!


  3. Just called my Gunshop.. they dont have a Chernester 70 in Stock... shame. Good job!
  4. What the hell is going on on deer isle?... Cant you folks leave again?

  5. I haven't laughed so good in a long time, bravo.
  6. Greetings, As the person that was shot by Turk I would like to hand in my statement, if it's not wished please remove it. I also have also nothing to add to Reds statement. I had quite a hard time as I am not usually PVPing to remember the key binding for hands up so I resulted to the "1 hand up" back from the time when the other option was bugged. This wasn´t accepted by Turk and I informed him in the most acceptable IC way that I was struggeling (indicating my technical dilema). I took the hand down and tried the emote wheel which unfournetly took way to long and didnt accept the first entry of surrender. Generally I directly unarmed when the initiation dropped, the only remaining gun on me was locked with a permanent malfunction. Technically speaking it should have been the same as I had no intentions nor options for escape after coming back to the scene. I once already had almost left but I was convinced by somebody in the attackers group which behavior indicated good RP to stay (This happend before the intiation) Thereby I feel that the RP was cut short unneccasarly.
  7. Is anybody else encountering random crashes of DayZ as of lately?

  8. Kar98? As much as I love it you pressed it into last ditch effort service.
  9. Ahhh off we go on the fox hunt hmmm?? Best of luck @Aristocrat
  10. That moment when you cant remember the combination for hands up and the action wheel takes forever to select the wanted action.

    1. Rover


      "Wait! Okay, okay, I'll put my hands up! One second... one sec, I'm so sorry, my sleeve is caught in my belt... wait... wait... wait... OKAY! There, sorry. My shoulders were stiff."

    2. Galland


      Well the bullet was faster and that talk didnt really help 🤣


  11. ZBOR? Evil? I am sorry you need some state founded reeducation! Best of luck!
  12. >Finds one soul during his travel >Goes for heli crash site Sir you have your priorities straight!
  13. Let's address the elephant in the room... why isn't this already on the server?


    1. ChrisW


      This is the least surprising thing tbf... Reminds me of the campaign to the MG42 and Panzerfaust onto the old servers.

  14. You asked for it.. so here I am to meme


  15. Galland


    @Flapjack You are rather late Get done with Brexit then you are allowed to play one challenge at a time
  16. In RL? Sure P30L, Manuel Safety with Decocker give it all to me. Ingame this should be enough, for RP purposes just emote it.
  17. El Presidente CIA Edition (Twitch)

    Waiting for the Banhammer missle to hit some rulebreakers

  18. So... how bad did austria cut it? As far as I am aware we wasted our chances by not sending Ms. Fischer .. I cant see why we havent send her to Isreal tho
  19. Since I wasnt around for the other UN groups, best of luck
  20. Galland

    Safe passage

    The austrian is connected towards the railway system by a special bound.
  21. #reallifelootrp


  22. 1. What is your Political stance (I.E: Republican, Democrat, left, right, etc)? Libertarian-Nationalist 2. Has this changed at all in recent years? Former SD (Soical Democrate) 3. If it has, what changed it for you? Mass Migration The uter lack of competenss within the "former" workers party Mismanagement of taxes Self-abandonment of sovereignty towards the European Union Inability in progressing the worker upwards in society by the SD Restriction of freedoms of the citzen in exchange for no improvment in security but "felt" security
  23. "What we got pillaged again? I expeccted some RP" @Harlow , trustful Romanian comrade

    This quote was followed by a good laugh of zbois

    1. Harlow


      tis what it is

  24. "Shitloads of loot, on the horizon" I am intrigued by this motto!
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