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  2. Galland

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    I am patiently awaiting a  RL LootRP Review of your Smersh Vest

    1. Major


      K I'll do it

  3. Galland



    1. Grimnir


      Please do, I want to be annexed rn...

    2. Pep


      is this a ghost?

    3. SweetJoe


      I call them Spooks Pep.

  4. Galland

    Persistence wipe

    So ladies and gentlemen I think that a reset bi monthly might be needed... but as far as I understand the loot economy of DayZ this will just ease the problem and not resolve it so as far as I understood the devs, we face currently this problem: (Loot pool / redistribution cycle) - (Player Gear x Number of Players) - Gear in Stashes = Available Loot .. when I am not wrong somebody mentioned once that loot on players was also taken out of the pool. With the higger numbers of players / active like inactive on our server (than usall on public servers) the system obviously shows its weak points after all it has a limited amount of equitment for an almost limtless demand from the consumer Put lets try a wipe, I would like to see what happens
  5. Galland

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    We will work that out ja?
  6. Galland

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I quite enjoyed to run into the Valentine Family no clue who you all are beside @Jean keep up the funny spirit ^^
  7. Galland


    First Raid


    Second Raid


    1. Chewy


      my jeans for an FN FAL is not a bad trade

    2. Grimnir


      Mein Kommandant!

  8. Galland


    Americans in Chernarus when they are listening to a certain radio Frequenzy


  9. Grimnir

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    Dropping Commies like it's 1973. ;) 

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  10. Galland

    The Disarmament Act of December [Open Freq]

    A short message comes over the Frequenzy "Surrendering personal equitment to any forces but your CDF Quatermaster or your commanding Officer is punishable by Military Prision or a fine of 3 Saleries Any CDF or Police Forces following this command from a regional not recogniced Goverment may directly take their leave from the Defense Forces. Civilians arent forced by the Cherarussian goverment to give up their arms since they are neccasary for self defense, never mind if they are military grad or not...." The Message ends
  11. Galland

    Klaus Polanik [Private Frequency]

    The rhythmic sound of heavy boots below gravel can be heard as the Prof keeps on marching while pressing the PTT "How did Polanik adress me as? Expert.. na well, ja Expert here.." some time passes before the man keeps speaking. "I am at the very moment crossing the border between Central Kopec and South Zagoria. If it would be possible that you fill me into the current sitatuion as soon as possible.. I would suggest the military Hospital of the South Zagorian District.." The transmission ends
  12. Galland

    All these fal mags remind me of vietnam.

    Did somebody say FAL?
  13. Galland

    Klaus Polanik [Private Frequency]

    A short "Jilek" comes over the frequenzy followed by a minute of silence, enough to turn it off should the situation not allow to receive any message. "I will do what ever is in my power to make sure that this man wont walk under us. Another pause follows like the first one. Unfournetly I have neighter the menpower nor the recources to round those people up. I promise you that this information you both delivered will be put into the right hands. Dont let yourselfs be corrupted like Tesarik... its a shame but cant be helped merly the strongest are able to hold up vigilance, honor and duty for their people... and the rest is cannon futter for the despicable side of humanity." "Jilek, high command might wait for everything in this pocket kills each other and till all recources are wasted by utterly useless skirmishes for mere square meters of soil. " his voice lights up a bit "But there was a rumor going around the last troops that left... something about an Expert that was send towards us... from some Corps.. who knows..." A gust of wind can be heard "I will contact you when I am out of this god forsaken mountains.."
  14. Galland


    @Rory a quick reminder that there is still time to save your wallet by backing


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      Grandma's cookies 

    3. Galland


      Ja pep, they are best when they come from the cold attic of grannies house.

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    Happy Birthday Nils, from your MPd