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  1. Alles gute im neuen Lebensjahr Lyca,  viel Erfolg und nur das Beste


    Dein 2th liebster Österreicher

    1. Lyca


      Du bist aber mein allerliebster Österreicher! ? 


      Danke dir! 

  2.     A few days ago in a certain city in the north, DayZRP 2019 decolorized and colorized againWsMhg0m.jpg@Lyca

  3. Let me stop you right there, enough of eastern europa lets go to good ole germany! Or push it into russia.. what ever
  4. So, tell me folks how bad is it?

    1. Major


      Much better than last one.

    2. Grimnir


      Surprisingly good

  5. Physical removal, so to speak. Best of luck folks keep yourselfs on track
  6. Finally that topic again As a former loremaster... Jokes aside, It wont fix stall RP or stalling IG at anypoint why you might ask? For 2 weeks: OH no, what are those things? Why is this happening now? After 2 week: Oh yes we are Cannibalic Mass Murdering Waffen SS Soldiers from Afganistan here to estabilsh a working democratic. That outbreak feel is getting lost rather quickly atleast that was what I read and heard here on the forum or did anybody bother after a certain time was over? Even the greatest evil becomes a normal after some time. In all honesty great RP can just come from dedicated players, these more elite circles that used to hack on each other in the most diverse ways during the old days of this SA server. This kind of feel, those story arks spanning for more then just a year created the right enviorment for events and dedicated civilian groups and alliances. @JoffreyRP didnt came around with the chernarussian council in one day that probably took abit longer after the kingdom fell apart. Heartfelt advice, implement a series of events announced and unannounced with a group out of trusted staff members and users into which lore the community has to dive. At best one that is playing "The Game" and I dont mean the forum one but the group political cheese that used to be played around the time I started to play on this server. Influencing the group climated and alliances might have a greater effect then any lore wipe annually. For those which want to have it a bit sorter: Somebody in staff should consider playing a kingmaker and the king has to be the group / person that helps the RP enviorment at that very moment the most.
  7. @Shnitz I am proud of you, all glory to the nail keeper

    And now run from those fake friends of yours that want to use them on a "outpost"

    1. Shnitz


      Fake friends? Pretty sure what you were meant to say was enemies of the state. And I am the state.

  8. Thats a hobby I can get behind californians are allowed to own guns?
  9. Galland

    add mg42s pls

    nope MG42 more power thanks to 8x57 IS Mauser and higher firerate
  10. @Zilly are you sure? I am running into the same issue
  11. What is this? A another Video from the ZBOR meme folder?
    1. Shnitz


      Okay this has to be some sort of inside joke because there's no way you got 10 BeanZ just for that

    2. Galland



      there you go my friend

    3. Shnitz


      Ah thank you kind sire

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