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  1. Klaus Pololanik

    WIP its private, why are you even here?
  2. oh my... time to find a good picture so that I might end up here ja? ^^
  3. 1_aNEh0hXFUXI3A.jpg


    "We have to prepare childern for threats"

    "Apart from terrorism, migration and cyber, our livelihoods are threatened in the medium term "

    "Today we dont have stockpilling anymore"

    Well... now I am waiting for a better source but I cant imagine that a Newspaper would reword a interview with the Chief of Staff. Interresting times...

    1. Chief


      Did someone say chief? :D

      Interesting none the less, very interesting.

    2. Galland


      well you still got a long way to go Chief before you can call yourself the Chief of Staff *dadumm tsss*

  4. >Be me, average austrian guy

    >Order something

    >Wait patiently that it arrives from Germany

    >It arrives

    >Drive to the Trader in the evening to get a glimpse on it

    >Wrong version and an essential part is missing

    ffs cant those germans do anything right? Whats next are they going to deliver VWs in the opposite colors now?

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    2. Harlow


      I must admit I bought some dodgy shit from Kaufland a couple of times.

    3. Pep


      They did 1 thing right tho, and you know what i mean

    4. DerSchnitzler


      @Pep The fact that this is the israeli guy saying it astonishes me

  5. @Ghoozovich why have you done this to me!.... (also I will attempt to play a chernarussian...) @MajorI need lists of what you need and how much
  6. http://vid.pr0gramm.com/2017/07/07/03d9afeabce8551c.mp4


    @Rolle a different angle of one of the smoke pillars, yeah some people really got a bad day

    1. Rolle


      WTF happened?

    2. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      'leftists' in hamburg outing their opinions @Rolle

  7. d873f9adf3fd6acc.jpg

    1. Rolle


      Someone is having a bad day. Now I don't feel as bad about my shitty one. 

  8. Listening to a phone call gets a lot more interesting when sentences include:
    "Military export permit, end-use certificate"

    1. DerSchnitzler


      What in the fuck did you listen to? Oh hang on. Gun imports. Gotsha.

    2. Galland


      ^ the germans are crazy... its like they want to harm their own buisness

  9. Comment of the Weekend, from a  gentleman on the range while placing barrels inside the 100m tunnel to avoid crossshots: "Feels weird standing out here working or?"

    For all who know me, no there wasnt any loot inside the barrles I double checked!


    1. Pep


      but Galland you missed the best loot! the barrels themselves!

    2. Galland


      Ach my favorite Snipi Pep! I still know where they are stashed so everything is fine... might need a bigger car for transport tho...

  10. derNils random pictures

    Biggest ZBOR none Propaganda Pictures Archive?
  11. cE7sPck.jpgThe moment you realize that your loot is lost

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    2. Scouser


      Always look on the rocky side of life

    3. Harlow


      As my grandma always says, the water goes on but the rocks remain.

    4. DerSchnitzler



  12. Welcome to the Kurt Galland show here on DayZRP TV!


    The Goverment is bringen back one of its oldest tools to hold the public at bay.

    Dont speak about it.

    Dont think about it.

    Dont even call it by the name they gave it.


    Run and seek shelter till this storm is over.




    1. Pep



    2. Corry


      a death star?

    3. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      wheres the episode about wanting to post a KOS report when playing on a public server. people deserve to know that one!!

  13. Welcome to the Kurt Galland show here on DayZRP TV!

    You folks know why this is happening? Like this aweful long queue for S1? Some people say it has to do with the fact that S2 disappeared.. After investigating the so called "Billing issue" a insider told me that it has to do with the fact that our El Presidente went on a luxus holiday onboard of his private jet. Obviously this caused financial problems and the easiest way to fix the budget was to shut down S2.

    Thank your leader and congrat him on his holiday.


    1. Pep


      Press F to pay respects here:

  14. The only reason I am following you is because I don`t fell like getting killed in game by you!

  15. @Grimnir @PatZ @SmartPlayerZ Just saying it was fucking great reading the RP which went on between you folks! ^^ That was TV worthy drama congrats