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  1. Oi. Galland.

    Listen here you bellend. Why on Earth do you have the LM profile picture I made for you?

    Lemme deck you out fella...

    Ya Fool.jpg

    1. Galland


      now thats a very nice present my friend, thanks alot


    2. ferocious beast

      ferocious beast

      I know, imma 'mazing.

  2. 23584752_1703538043012216_1745632682_n.j

    When ZBOR is mentioned a few times in a thread and you directly start the printing press

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    2. Harlow


      The Ministry of Public Enlightenment follows your command!


    3. Scouser




    4. Harlow


      Just sound the alarm. We'll be there.


    5. Dewskeet Skeet

      Dewskeet Skeet

      Zbor was bad tbh

    6. Corry


      please explain on why 

    7. Scouser


      Thanks for your opinion

    8. Harlow


      badass you mean :trolle:


    9. Dewskeet Skeet

      Dewskeet Skeet

      cause issa ded meme

    10. Harlow


      whatchu mean boi the next cod will have Zbor zombies pfft

    11. Dewskeet Skeet

      Dewskeet Skeet


    12. Shane


      let it die

    13. SweetJoe



      Slavic Swastikas.  Which one does your group use?


       Oh shit, its the sign for Feminine according to this source. 


      Nothing wrong with that, I was just surprised is all.

    14. Randle



    15. Don



    16. SweetJoe


      wow you don't read well do you?

    17. Don


      ah fuck lol, now i see nice one my dood

    18. SweetJoe


      all good my man.

    19. Harlow


      abandon mission, they blew our cover

      time to calibrate my VPN to Argentina

    20. Corry


      *puts on pink vagina hat* see we stand with the feminine side  

    21. Harlow


      slavic girls are bae, don't know why they hatin

  3. Anime Noob Reccomendations

    Neo Genisis Evangelion, with Death and Rebirth of the Evangelions
  4. When the Active hearing protection in the background looks odly familiary...


    1. Spartan


      oh boyyyy

  5. Ashby looking dope af

    magnificent picture, I approve this presentation of loot!
  6. @DerSchnitzler did you see the  magazine cover of the profile today? Greens are on 4% fire up the bar for the election this might scream for a celebration party


  7. @Grimnir everybody knows what happens on slack, that's where memes are born

    1. Grimnir



  8. In February I scored 88 points and got myself the 25 place, today 96 points 10 place
    Time for the next challenge in early Autumn, the sharpshooters Ribbon shall be mine!

    1. Pep


      if were mentioning 88: 8.8cm Flak 37 Selbstfahrlafette auf 18ton Zugkraftwagen

    2. Galland


      ^ hell go get one yourself my friend, out of a russian arsenal

    3. Pep


      I mean if theres still left, ill grab one

    4. Pep


      I LOVE your picture, nothing like a dotted camo'd Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1A

  9. Klaus Pololanik

    Back in the time when Europa was divided my parents meet at a world Festival of Youth and Students. They both feel for each other but neighter the end of the festival nor the weeks between the letters could really keep them apart. Plans were forged, behind the backs of their families. Time passed but at somepoint she arrived in Suhl, far away from home in an almost foreigen country. How this continues should be clear both worked for a better life, outwitting the state when ever it left a hole through which they could get a opportunity. They did the same for me, sending me to the right school, enrolling me into the youth pioneers days before others would and making sure that I would be picked for a trainee position in an nearby factory. The VEB, it survived the fall of the wall not that no sacrifice needed to be made but since their products were already loved by the West it didnt disappear like alot of the other companies. In some ways the craft calls for precission and elegance but also for a strong hand and a mighty slam if a case is stuck. Both worlds colide while making firearms. Everybody wants something else, but in the end its mostly the same, if you create a leightweight hunting rifle or dismentle a Machingun to find the part which broke down on you and the others sitting in the wet trench wishing to go home. Obviously its nicer to craft tools and parts in a clean factory hall while knowing that your work will bring joy to the person who own them. But it stays the same or? In the end you need to work here or there if its now Suhl or Miroslavel your surroundings arent looking to much apart when you come in early and leave late at night. Work ennobles an old saying claims but when your kingdom goes down what are you? A mere man under many. When there is something that my parents gave me on my way then to join ranks early and leave as one of the last, especially when there are dark clouds on the horizon.
  10. oh my... time to find a good picture so that I might end up here ja? ^^
  11. Real life picture Thread

    @Ruan lets talk about this sweet Nagant of yours. Finnish? Russian? Hungarian? 7.62x54 or 7.62x53?
  12. 1_aNEh0hXFUXI3A.jpg


    "We have to prepare childern for threats"

    "Apart from terrorism, migration and cyber, our livelihoods are threatened in the medium term "

    "Today we dont have stockpilling anymore"

    Well... now I am waiting for a better source but I cant imagine that a Newspaper would reword a interview with the Chief of Staff. Interresting times...

    1. Papa Tachanka

      Papa Tachanka

      Did someone say chief? :D

      Interesting none the less, very interesting.

    2. Galland


      well you still got a long way to go Chief before you can call yourself the Chief of Staff *dadumm tsss*

  13. >Be me, average austrian guy

    >Order something

    >Wait patiently that it arrives from Germany

    >It arrives

    >Drive to the Trader in the evening to get a glimpse on it

    >Wrong version and an essential part is missing

    ffs cant those germans do anything right? Whats next are they going to deliver VWs in the opposite colors now?

    1. Harlow


      10/10 would order a world war again

    2. Shnitz


      German engineering yes but their organiznization certainly lacks

    3. Galland


      not even their own enginneering... they are just selling them in central europa

    4. Harlow


      I must admit I bought some dodgy shit from Kaufland a couple of times.

    5. Pep


      They did 1 thing right tho, and you know what i mean

    6. Shnitz


      @Pep The fact that this is the israeli guy saying it astonishes me

  14. [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for editing funny heads on a Schnitzel
  15. @Ghoozovich why have you done this to me!.... (also I will attempt to play a chernarussian...) @MajorI need lists of what you need and how much