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"'Dirty Dan? Dirty Dancing Dan? ;)' - Mademoiselle's Mum."

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  1. You ready?


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  2. He back 👀

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      Eyy, he’s back! Good to see pal! 

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  3. Two year break, come back to find nothing has changed. In all of the worst and best ways at the same time. Find some of the best people on the internet here, being treated like garbage by some of the weakest. 

    Want to shout out my heartfelt thanks and love to those of you who have made my return hella enjoyable, I'd likely not be planning on staying if it wasn't for you, you know who you are. Special mentions go  @Panda for being an absolute legend and fantastic RPer. Also to@edgy BeanMama, for being the one to welcome me into the group, and somehow managing to remain a kind soul despite the absolute shit thrown at you by certain people.

    Not ran into many of the old folks I used to run with, but look forward to doing so in the future (near as possible).

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  4. Hit no to all but number seven, that's not because I think they're bad ideas in and of themselves, but more their implementation with the way mechanics work now would ultimately, most of the time, only result in an increase in what I like to refer to as getting bullshitbugbeaned. That is, deaths that you can either do very little or nothing about. Specifics such as doing more damage, causing stagger etc would only amplify problems that exist with zombies currently, such as the rate at which some clothing is destroyed (far too quickly imo, and it doesn't add all that much to the game / RP)
  5. Thanks for running the event guys, was really nice to see so many people in one place with the opportunity to have the freedom and space to get to know some new people, encountered some folk I never thought I would! Enjoyed it, and you guys pulled off the aesthetic perfectly. Also I don't think the speech was fudged at all @Echo, everyone who spoke up did a great job in my opinion. Is also my opinion the right choices were made for the setup of the event given what happened afterwards. As ever, much love from me to you lot - and thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating RP for us
  6. Character name: Dan Yates P.O.V: I was one of the hostages OP took originally, and I'm the one closest to the bunker where he was killed and I believe you can briefly see me face down with my hands on my head (I'd crashed once up until this point, I do feel for OP because no idea what the server was doing but it was going haywire). The whole story of the firefight and what happened is a long one and is apparently being spread over several reports having looked at the reports section so I will try to keep this brief and to the point. Having recovered from a crash, I immediately hit su
  7. Character name: Dan Yates P.O.V: As the video indicates, besides AJ (Who killed himself due to being bitten several times IC) I am primarily the one you can hear talking, though my interactions with the OP were fairly limited as I was primarily focused on the guy who, yknow, committed suicide. From the start, I'm rolling round with the guy who plays the head of the special police after meeting him in Zeleno military and having a good old chat with him when we hear some guy coughing and spluttering (AJ). So naturally we run on in there to see if the guy is okay, he emotes being all f
  8. THIS. Basically what I was gonna say in regards to a lot of what I've read here, but was evidently beaten to it. Regardless, had some ABSOLUTELY STELLAR RP recently with these boys and I'm even bathing in preparation for the event, that's how much I'm looking forward to it. For real though guys I think what you lot are doing here is great and I've really enjoyed every minute spent around these fellows. Biggest +1 I can possibly give to the event and the RP you guys have created and no doubt will continue to create. Much love and all my support.
  9. *A rather curt sounding British man chimes in on the frequency* "As a foreigner I can attest no boots are being licked, merely work being done. Perhaps you should try doing some, like the men previously cheering on this frequency. Keep it up fellers, you are saving lives out here, irrespective of what some may think! Jolly good show." *Laughs in BRITISH, mockingly mimicking the previous laughter heard on the frequency.*
  10. Had a fantastic time with my usual lot, but also really enjoyed running around with and getting to [email protected] Foley, hope to see more of you bruh! Also big shoutout to @Evin Foster for being a good example of a text roleplayer not being held back by the fact they have to type everything, enjoyed meeting you muchly. Would also tag Deebs and @Zanaan, but I can't remember Deebs' full name to find aforum name as yet. Hope to see more of you all in the future. Finally @Kamaro50 hope milling around with us has been fun for you, a pleasure having you around.
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      I refuse to believe this conspiracy.

  12. Agree to dees I really like the image of people filing out the back of a transit lookin to do SUM BIDNESS
  13. Enjoyed coming across @Panda,@Dom Wolf several times and the gang of Ocelotari but also a shoutout to the new family I've been with that have really made my return worth it! @edgy BeanMama @wastingdoor @Kermie and all the others (even you Brad <3)
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