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  1. Friendly neighborhood Dan is on the case.
  2. 956453493_FINISHHER.thumb.png.e7c026acf6a9b4537932ab9400cfcb3d.png

    Resident DayzRP wrestling champion tbh? @GenjiRP @GreyRP @Mademoiselle

    1. Mademoiselle


      I fucking can't xD 

    2. Fae


      FML this image is forever going to haunt me

    3. Harvey


      What is this...

    4. Dirty Dan

      Dirty Dan

      Comicon in Manchester @Harvey, was proper good fun had a right lark!

  3. Amazing day and night out in manchester with @GreyRP, @GenjiRP and @Mademoiselle! And after having my manliness challenged by Genji, punishment was dished out by mine own hand.
  4. 5a7b7050abc3d121aba710bd.png

    1. Dakotaen



    2. Dirty Dan
    3. Fae


      Image result for scrat sniffing gif


  5. As usual, RP with @Genji is stellar as always, really enjoy how our characters are growing alongside one another. @Liberty Berntson fast becoming a fave too! BUT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT THING YOU WANT TO DO. @JkpFrog Was nice running into you again, lots of fun, alongside meeting @TehZombyBeard! Alongside many more, such as @ScarletRose however brief! And finally, massive shout out to @Karma and her group for providing excellent RP, that I love being around and hope to remain so for a while!
  6. raw footage of attempted KOS in my own back garden


    1. Grey


      Defo make a report

    2. Player_FTW


      my cat bites to when you pet her too long she like neck rubs best

    3. Whitename


      R4, cat is too cute to get punished

    4. Grey


      It is disgraceful to think that people attempt to RP in this manner, and try to KOS others. I'm sick of it...


      No flame tho

  7. I am, and always will be a massive 40k buff, I've read probably a good half of the novels that've been been released along with all of the rules up until about 2012 when I stopped playing. (I played tabletop for 10 years x_x) However, despite owning nearly all the games from the oldentimes such as final liberation and chaos gate aaaaall the way up to Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, I do not own Eternal Crusade. However, I would be more than willing to buy it if someone who's played it could talk me into it, so feel free to poke me on TS if you have the time! Until then, NO FEAR, NO PITY, NO REMORSE!
  8. Matthew 7-5:  You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.



  9. Voted yes, I think the position is required for the continuation of lore and progression in general. If anything, I think there should be MORE of them and/or MORE input from said Loremasters, in a way that gives people things to talk about in character and gives people goals and reasons to do things. I'm not sure the reasoning behind this, and I'm more than willing to be proven wrong but from my perspective it doesn't seem like the right decision.
  10. What the hell, this upsets me so much. MAJOOOOOR NOOOOOOO. T_T This strikes me as a huge loss, not only are we losing Major, who has been a staple of this community for so long, but we're losing the Loremaster position as a whole too? This makes me so very, very sad.
  11. Decided to check back in, thought I'd add a bit of clarification here; I'm totally fine with things being fabricated ICly, because that's part of the Roleplay, but for the purpose of the report on an OOC level, the only 'Commie' that my character even injured as far as I can remember was one that I shot in the trees after the suspects 'executed' a prisoner, this was the focus of a different report at the time. As such, my character has never executed any of the groups members in an RP sense, and has only injured one (Who did not PK to it, in fact I am not sure if he even died in the event?) So, while it's fine to fabricate lies in character, that's essentially what this is, an in character lie, that or a case of mistaken identity. Though I am not sure how relevant that is to the report, thought I'd throw in my two cents. As, one of my main gripes about this whole even is the stunning lack of roleplay that took place during the reported incident, if someone can hold a grudge against a character for seven odd months, SURELY it's worth more than nine minutes of roleplay? There was scope for so much more, and it disappoints me greatly, I expected better.
  12. Oof, like I said it was at least six months ago, perhaps seven, and as a response to @G19RP's above post, perhaps he himself might not have been present at the time but several of his group were, including @BorisRP when the 'execution' took place, though this is largely besides the point of this report. However, were it the focus, the argument here would be about every single person in a group getting execution rights on a person simply because they were not present when it happened on another occasion. I believe @LouieRP was there back 6-7 months ago at the time in question, along with numerous others, but the likelihood of getting the exact logs or proof of anything is very low, purely due to the time frame involved, hence why I did not include 'Invalid Execution' in the report title. Though I would be interested to know how you knew I was at GM? Beyond Luke telling you in character (Which he would have only found out after he arrived, as he had no idea I was going there, or I was there at all prior to his arrival) The only other way you could have found out is by watching Roach's stream, which is Metagaming. A question posed to staff, should I be adding metagaming to the title of this report? Or maybe there is some way of either condemning the suspects, or clearing them with a list of people who were watching the stream at the time?
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