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  1. Viridian - Media

    When you take advantage of Oliv and Ark's private admin messages. @Oliv @Ark @Rory Dirty Dan and his VERY SPECIAL (Emphasis on special) partner in crime spending some time together. I believe these capture the couple quite well. Why did the chicken cross the road? Wrong. It never did. @Eddie Sorella
  2. Dirty Dan


  3. I'm done.

    This makes me ever so sad, but I hope you enjoy yourself man. Enjoyed nearly getting RDM'd with you that one time. Best of luck.
  4. People's Armiya Of Ukrayins’ka [PAU] Media thread.

    that's fucking hilarious 10/10
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  5. An olive branch, to those known as Lucius and Elyse.

    *Dan receives the return message from an unknown source with a rather Britishly typical lack of notable change of tone or emotion, and is just as forward with the man with the raspy voice.* "Nonsense! If you and the Miss who responded earlier are an item, then it would be rude not to have you along, in fact, I would take it as a personal slight if I were to not see you there. Of course, I understand there are many pressing issues in the times we live, so I will not hold it against you if you cannot attend. I look forward to hearing from any of you on a private frequency, or our own, twenty five point seven." *The communication ends, the man having spoken the entire time as if he were talking with a close friend.*
  6. An olive branch, to those known as Lucius and Elyse.

    *Getting what could be considered as the complete wrong end of the stick as he depresses the button on his radio to respond. The hint of humor is evident in his voice for the first sentence.* "Well, I didn't think I left that good of an impression when we met at the airfield, but I can't blame you, you're only human. Either jump into that frequency I gave you or give me one to use and we'll arrange something. We can sort out details privately. As for eating arrangements, I'll be sure to bring you something, just so I don't eat you out of house and home. Out." *He releases the button on his radio and takes a pause, briefly considering the content of the conversation.*
  7. *After blowing a plume of hazy, light grey smoke out against a borded over window into the black outside, Dan hesitantly holds down the button on the side of his radio.* "This is an open broadcast directed to two individuals whom I believe to know eachother, going by the names of Lucius and Elyse. My name is Daniel, or Dan, and you may recall meeting me on at least one occasion. I am reaching out to you." *The broadcast grows quiet, a faint exhale can be heard as the man allows another lungful of smoke to drift between the window boards into the night air.* "I will not divulge much information here, for our security and our own, but I want to talk about what happened. Know that my goal in contacting you is entirely peaceful and that I more than willing to make any concessions required to make a meeting happen, and that it goes smoothly and without incident. The subject matter, I am sure, you are well aware of. Given the chance, speaking to either of you in a secure channel would be a good start. If you have received this broadcast, we will be listening. Two five point two seven. Out." *A brief burst of static heralds the end of the communication.*
  8. Christopher Rakes

    Christopher began his life in much the way every other person does, amidst blood and screaming. However, for the majority of folk that's generally where the blood and screaming ends, for the most part - Chris was an exception. He had always had a morbid fascination with the crimson vitae which was ever so important in the workings of the human body, this life giving fluid which sustains us all. Naturally like any sane person, he kept his interests to himself for the early portion of his life, sustaining his odd fascination by working as a butcher's apprentice in his youth, simply to be exposed even in part to the subject of his fascination. But the episode did not last forever, eventually the boy turned into a man and his phase expired, blossoming into what could be considered a normal life, for a time. It was during this time he took a wife, not because he loved her or even because he wanted one, but because it was expected, the "done thing".
  9. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    The original bae. I will never forget you. <3
  10. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Moderately attractive escaped pet iguana with a steroid habit who, while at a water park discovers someone has urinated in the pool and is understandably pissed off. 8/10
  11. S1: Ozerko - Invalid Execution - 11/03/2017 1:45

    My P.O.V as Dan Yates in game. As was stated above, we were right in the middle of some dank group roleplay, me and @Ronan's character David Meeks were a short distance off into the woods having some dramatic BROTHERHOOD RP when I hear more or less within seconds of eachother, @Rory say something along the lines of 'Code Red in the camp', no more than a couple of seconds of words before she goes radio silent. In the same breath, the OP said something along the lines of "I'm putting my hands up!" which gave me a pretty clear indication of what was going on. I inform Ronan's character IC and we sprint back to the camp, I tell him to get his rifle out but he says he is going to talk to them, so I break off into the treeline. From then on I hear nothing on the radio and absolutely nothing within text or VOIP range, despite there being at least two people within very close proximity to me in the treeline. I keep an eye out on the situation through my scope, trying to decide what to do before a few snaps land around those in the camp. (Before seeing the clouds of smoke, I actually thought I had been discovered.) But that is put by the wayside when I actually discover someone in the treeline right next to me aiming a rifle down at the camp and wearing gear I knew none of our dynamic to own. I hold fire for a few seconds to see what he does, check the camp again through my scope, then an unsurpressed round goes off in the camp from one of the hostage takers. The OP was shot with his hands in the air, which I saw clear as day (even if my sight of the one who shot him was slightly obscured, it was fairly obvious what happened). This prompted me into action and I opened fire on the man next to me in the treeline, I hear him scream and fall over but I am taking fire from more than one direction so I switch my focus and spray in another direction, that's when I'm killed. An OOC standpoint: I've got no problem with what happened to me or my character, it was a pretty straight up firefight that my character was reluctant to be in, the whole shooting of the OP while he was a hostage will provide some decent progression for me. We talked with the group of which the suspect is a part of in TS at length, always with @Boston present and @Major for parts. Despite the member of their dynamic which I shot metagaming (which would have likely changed events, had he opened his in game mic to speak while he was talking to his friends in TS.) I don't really fault them as a whole, besides the man who shot the OP. No idea what the RP situation on the ground was like as I wasn't a part of it, but generally I try and make RP out of whatever happens in game to the fullest extent of my ability, so I will do with this. However there were several rulebreaks, the most important(possibly?) here is the one the OP is reporting. As said, when we spoke with the group the majority of them were apologetic and understanding, besides, I feel, the main suspect who shot the OP. I did not really appreciate his comments, in front of a staff member, condemning a group of players within this community or the fact that, right in front of a staff member while we were discussing this event, quite openly voiced his misgivings about staff coherency. In summary, there were numerous defenses put forward about the main suspects actions, such as 'He was told to do so over the radio', but at the end of the day he was the one who decided to shoot a man with his hands up in the back of the head, despite him not having wronged the group in question in the slightest. Alongside that, the main suspect also kept making references to a certain group of hostile RPers within the community using them as a BAD example of how to handle situations, when in fact I've only ever had the opposite (Dew n Dusty <3). It was a poorly handled situation, large initiations and the like are difficult and stressful, hard to pull off, but despite @SergeantRummel criticism of a certain group, they tend to handle these sorts of situation much better, and much more often. I fully understand what happened, but it doesn't change the fact it was a rule break. For the staff members handling this report, @Boston was the mediator in our discussion and @Major had a recording of sections of it, if it becomes relevant. My steroid addled frankenpotato of a PC can't really handle recording software so I've got no video evidence to add, but I believe one of the suspect's group did manage to record.
  12. Locking First-Person

    All of my nope. Besides, come next patch 3rd will be much tighter.
  13. Good times with the towel toting gentlemen tonight, even if it was ridiculously late and I did a powerslide right under the wheels of a lorry. Thanks DayZ. @Dusty @Dew @Odap the Corruptor. And of course, to the ones on our side of things! @Rory @Eddie Sorella @Mr. Blue. And because, frankly, I'm disgusted Dusty or Dew haven't come on here and tagged him. Boris. @BrickWall That is all.