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  1. This reminds me of someone-- or maybe two people..? OH. I KNOW. IT'S LITERALLY--


    Never mind.


  2. The Fuck The Commies Act of December [Open Frequency]

    *An oddly off-kilter, detached British accent cuts through the static in a trademark monotone.* "You have friends out here, Ken. Friends who can supply you with automatic rifles quicker than these people can take them away. We will not be herded like cattle." *The transmission lapses back into static abruptly.*
  3. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Both of these statements are quite worrying to my eyes, as someone who has absolutely no want to roleplay with your group in game in any capacity due to numerous causes, a stellar lack of quality in several RP encounters for one, and a stark contrast in how the group was when I first met them (Severo pub and pre, pretty awesome dudes) and more recently (If I had to stamp it, somewhere around Svetlo pub time.) While I can only, and will only ever speak for myself and I am only one person, but I do have a decent amount of hours spent in game (all dat 556), I can honestly say that of late not a single hour of that spent with or around the Black Fangs has been enjoyable. Again, I have to double up on the fact that really, I'm a nobody that has gone active and inactive on here several times and probably will do again, but until I'm given a good reason to -want- to interact with your group again, I will most likely avoid it at all costs. Which is no big loss to you, but equally the fact that you don't think there's a problem at all disheartens me quite a bit, as far as you personally are concerned, I've heard and experienced only good things. Where as, as stated, of late it's quite the opposite when concerning your group. If you want to maintain a powerful, large group that is more or less focused around hostile RP then the quality of your members and their ability to provide good RP is -PARAMOUNT-. And as far as I'm concerned, the group is failing, miserably, in that respect. But that's just my opinion.
  4. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    As one of the few people within this group I have any faith in, good luck, mate. You've got one hell of a hill to climb.
  5. The Disarmament Act of December [Open Freq]

    *With a rare pause in his otherwise silent, drug fueled stupor Dan fishes lazily for his radio.* "Come and get them." *Little else follows, putting into question if he is still listening, or even has the capability.*
  6. My thoughts on Groups.. in general.

    well I mean if you were over it why did you just remove me from steam about a supposedly solved matter idk, just seems like something is off here
  7. My thoughts on Groups.. in general.

    to be fair you constantly slagged the fangs off about their bad RP and how you wanted to avoid them, at the same time while wanting to RP with the UN guys more So idk where that's coming from
  8. Turn him over and go in for seconds.
  9. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Bang, deffo.
  10. UK DayZ Meet


    Newcastle tbh
  11. *He presses down the button on the side of his radio, not a moment after Reed finishes responding.* "Head west. If the sun is in the sky, look for a smoke pillar near a rocky outcrop not far from the most western castle, if it is night, you'll see the fire. Either way, you won't see anyone there to begin with as I will be watching the location from a vantage point. Come alone, you will be treated, and there will be no charge. *Static.*