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Dirty Dan


"Zounds. Your mother provided fitter sport."

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  1. Dirty Dan

    Dirty Dan

    All this talk of this X fella dying reminds me of my boy E-Dubble, RIP to you son. I still miss you. :<


    1. SgtSmithy


      Love this song. 

  2. Dirty Dan

    Dirty Dan

    My life. x_x

  3. Dirty Dan

    Exotic's Dank Media Thread

    Gd fight enjoyed it hope you didn't have a heart attack when you opened that door on me exotic lol
  4. Dirty Dan


    Alright, @Eddie, let's show these nerds how it's done.
  5. Dirty Dan


    bang, only if im promised more cannibal rp tho
  6. Dirty Dan

    Atlas [IC Recruitment]

    Do-gooders... (GOOD LUCK MI AMIGO)
  7. Dirty Dan

    Adding an 'Open to hostilities' field on the character pages

    Seems a bit redundant to me but if some people like the extra control go for it I suppose. Though I really struggle to see any real benefits to RP, from my perspective at least. Voted yes because I like drop-down menus that don't make me scroll to find the year of my birth and remind me that I'm an old fart.
  8. Dirty Dan

    Dirty Dan

    I give you: the raw sound of cocaine.


    1. Harvey


      @Dino You might like this you little crackhead.

    2. Dino



  9. Dirty Dan

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Fixed! Teaches me for using my phone when I'm half asleep.
  10. Dirty Dan

    Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    @Pastor 10/10 Best fitting gif.
  11. Dirty Dan

    OH Mr. Terrano!!!((Open Freq))

    *A gruff, strained monotone with a distinct British accent cuts into the silence after a brief bout of static* "-All- of his old friends? My my, you're in for quite the surprise, chap. Why, it will be positively -thrilling-." *Static and finally silence herald the abrupt end of the brief transmission*
  12. Dirty Dan

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    MISSED YOU @Malet, as per all the usuals @Eddie @Gallo and @bloodcrusader, and of course @Dakotaen. Not to forget @Clumsy New to my list of encountered people! Special shout out to @Pastor who thankfully provided some awesome hostile RP, always difficult to do it right but you pulled it off feller! Though I'll never admit it in TS, @Mademoiselle breathes a freshness into our RP circle in a way I have come to expect from her!
  13. Dirty Dan

    LETHE/Those Who Choose to Forget - [Open Freq.]

    *Another message in a gruff British accent breaks through the silence.* "Tell me where I can meet you, Liam, on here or a private frequency, I can't read minds."
  14. Dirty Dan

    LETHE/Those Who Choose to Forget - [Open Freq.]

    *Where ever Dan is when he presses the radio, there are voices around him, meaning other people.* "I'm still alive, Liam, I haven't seen Rory since the explosion, or Grey. Haven't seen their bodies either, but more on that when we meet. I'll meet you where ever this girl is, it's clear she needs help. I'll keep checking the town she specified, over." *Once more, static turns swiftly into silence, but one might imagine he is still listening in on the frequency*
  15. Dirty Dan

    Real life picture Thread

    It me. The sun has been unkind to my pasty white English flesh.