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  1. Because I honestly believe that RP adds an extra dimension to pretty much any situation. more can happen in RP situations than if I just played on a normal server and was shot every 3 seconds .
  2. Thanks everyone! I am super happy to find a RP community for DayZ. It's been a long time since I played properly but I feel like DayZ is the perfect place for RP focused gameplay.
  3. Hey all I'm an aussie who has recently found this community and am keen to get going, I hope that even with my weird time zone I'll get to share some awesome RP experiences ^_^
  4. Efleion was born in New Zealand to his parents, Roger and Margret Berrendow, He grew up in Queenstown, one of the most beautiful and serene places in the world at a normal skill. He joined the scouts at a young age which inched him into more outdoor environments. This was only the start however and Efleion grew to learn many more outdoor skills later on in life. After school Efleion studied in the medical field. Brought on by his father’s passing away an untimely death to an incurable case of cancer. Efleion started to go out into the wilderness of southern New Zealand more often, learning
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