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  1. -KG-

    Dayz Sniper Rampage

    yeah a few good kills i have to say but 0:37 - 1:07...wow that was painful adjustment ^^
  2. The shot we heard from the hill was skippys lapua though the SA58 had been heard inside the factory before the kill.
  3. I dont get this always trying to find reasons to ban people...enjoy the game instead
  4. oh were you the last guy? same weapon that killed walshy...
  5. Oh and skippy, you only fired one shot and took off right? I thought i heard your shot from Orlovets side but couldnt find you there thats where im running from in the end of the clip ^^ same day as my video is dated.
  6. My pov: [video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q_ZSMa-Z_Y Cut down to the kills though...think we lost 3 and killed 6 in the end we also got out with all 3 cars
  7. Well ruups claimed he had a life/job and didnt want to get that wasted lol
  8. Paid Ruups a visit in Amsterdam a couple of days ago
  9. haha the music on vasily's clip ^^
  10. -KG-

    New Giggle Thread!

    yeah you stopped updating it with funny shit so i lost it in the list get busy sumos!
  11. For vanilla FoV settings all i need to know with a DMR is: Target is 5 dots high = 360m, Centre crosshair. Target is 3 dots high = ~600m, 2.5 dots down. Thats my rule of thumb with the DMR, then i just estimate and make slight adjustments More than 600m greatly reduces the likelyhood of a kill/knock out anyways...its a Designated Marksman Rifle, not a sniper rifle so long distance can be tricky Just make sure to follow up with a quick second shot and you should be good! Mil dot scope: 1.8x1000/target height in mil dots. 1.8 being the average height of a humanoid, times 1000, divided by the number of dots. 1.8x1000/5 = 360m. 1.8x1000/4 = 450m. 1.8x1000/3 = 600m. 1.8x1000/2 = 900m. (Fully zoomed in)
  12. Im pretty sure the ump 45 will do more damage than the mp5, wouldnt worry about that