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  1. 30-year-old x k9 bomb squad Air Force unit member. Was so good at his job that he didn't even train normal recruits but he actually was paid to train the trainers...who let the initiate training. Has a metal with working with the president, had a family before the incident but lost touch and has come to terms that they are most likely dead.. heavy food and music fanatic all around general survivalist with a great sense of humor that takes surviving just a little too seriously.. is a fairly forgiving and understanding individual, is most definitely a big brother or father figure in general with still trying to be the good guy. I believe that the less friends you have the more honest of a person you must be. Spent a lot of time growing up in Montana during the winters the snow would completely lock you out from going to the store or even leaving your front door.. has fond memories of cutting up entire deer in the middle of the living room with his grandpa.. also has memories of losing his grandpa to cancer. And losing the other one to a heart attack..
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