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  1. I'm back

    Nice to see you again, friend.
  2. Clothing = Aggresion Rate?

    Only at night though... right? Scary. I know CDF, and NATO was pointed out earlier. Don't forget about the black berets. Better to stay away from them as well.
  3. Pleasantly surprised to see this, didn't expect it despite the hype behind .59 Looking forwards to running into you.
  4. Gas Mask Voice Changer

    AFAIK people have been using MorphVox around here since the DayZMod days. When done well, and subtly it can be great and really add to the RP. Some people go overboard with it though.
  5. Spawning with radios....

    The fact that players will be spawning with them probably doesnt mean that it will stay that way, if long at all. I'd imagine like most new/changed features its for testing purposes to see how the community responds to the differences.
  6. New hiking jacket?

    Thought I was going crazy when I found the black and red one earlier this morning. Didn't ever remember seeing them before. They look pretty fantastic, and have an acceptable amount of storage in them. They appear to spawn just about anywhere else normal clothing does.
  7. O7 - "May our feet stay fast, and our packages unopened until delivered." Thanks for having Reginald, and I.
  8. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Reginald Watson Age:28 Country: US of A English skills: Sufficient. DayZ Mod Experience: 500~ Hrs, <100~ on DayZRP MoD DayZ Standalone Experience: 1700 Hrs, >600~ on DayZRP Roleplaying Experience: 10+ Years Tabletop, text, and as of last year DayZRP. I've heard nothing but good things about my playing ability, and I'm obviously not an acceptable judge for my own standards but I personally believe my RP is more than adequate. But I am always looking to improve in any way possible, as well as assisting others in the community in doing the same when able. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scavenger, fixer, pathfinder, logistics coordination, etc. Mostly non-combat roles, and more support. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Barely, not long enough to be worth mentioning. Additional notes: I'm hoping to find a group that has members that are reasonably active, and unlikely to disband anytime soon. Best way to contact you: Forum PMs, or via Steam.
  9. The Bloodchurch

    Armok is pleased with this decision.
  10. Get hyped

    Was really happy I could atleast try the mod before it was brought down for what is most likely the last time. Its really nice, but yeah after looking at the numbers it may be silly to keep it up much longer, especially with the current state of SA which is having its own share of problems at the moment but is keeping its own train going.
  11. This is why I play MOD.

    Looks like a very nice spot you found yourself. No wonder I haven't seen you guys around as I don't hang around the coast much. This made my day when playing the mod for the first time. Although its just a silly bug and not very 'immersive' I couldn't help but to cherish the moment. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_bEvPt5pGo
  12. Get hyped

    I see you on quite a bit but me and my mates never run into you. I'd like to see more people playing the mod, but yeah it does look as if the hype is dying. Wasn't there something about an event that might happen this weekend?
  13. Waited too long...

    I found myself feeling the same way. Never played the RP Mod. Hell it had been years since I had even touched the vanilla mod. With current state of SA I decided I'd give the RP Mod a try and I found myself really impressed. The mod is superior in more ways than it is not. Unfortunately its only downsides are what most people are concerned with when it comes to vidya gaems. Graphics and accessibility. Doesn't look like the mod will be around long, either. It may get a small bump in users once they remove zombies from SA, but I don't see it anywhere near enough to hit the goal that Rolle desires to keep it running. Too bad. Really enjoyable mod.
  14. Everything about Standalone 0.57 update

    Considering it was supposed to be over a month ago, then every week after, then this week this sometime 'this week' then sometime 'this weekend'. I would just suggest not holding your breath. Bohemia has a bad habit of blowing releases.