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  1. Finn

    Cooldown on traveling between maps

    Honestly I think everything should be seperate. People are continuously using simple radios to communicate a distance of over 3500km, it is completely unrealistic. Plus it's quite a coincidence that all these groups arrived in the same place and we're having the same exact conflicts as before. I don't think groups should be able to transfer over imo, it just makes the map feel the same as it was on Chernarus.
  2. Finn


    Keiichi tsuchiya, the legend.


  3. Finn

    Rule changes, new updates, plans for 2020

    Please I beg of you, don't do dis. This is going to turn the game into a DayZ rendition of escape from tarkov. But because there's no risk of getting shot wherever you go people are just going to farm the military bases and go to these trading posts on the quiet hours of the server to avoid contact with people. If they do see people they're just going to avoid RPing with them because they're focused on material items in a video game. If anything at least enlist players to be the traders so it at least doesn't feel like a pub server with the NPCs and actually includes a middle man so there's some sort of RP going on.
  4. Finn


    If this doesn't convince you that Russians are normal people like us I don't know what will.

    This literally destroys the stereotype.

  5. Gazsi was born in Dolkin, Livonia on October 3rd, 1997. He was born to a Jewish family of farmers which included his mother and father, Gazsi was an only child. He grew up like any other normal kid going to school in the big city then going home to help his mother and father on the farm, and occasional hunt. He also helped his father out with working on the occasional vehicle as he had many machines on the farm. He eventually became a man, going on hunts of his own within the forests surrounding the town. While news of a rampant infection went around Gazsi ignored the warning and went hunting regardless. Over a weekend of camping in the woods and tracking a bear he only came back from the hunt unsuccessful to find that everything he knew was gone. Bodies littered the streets while those who were already infected roamed them. He knew exactly what had happened and took to the woods where he was relatively unprepared. Due to his lack of preparation Gazsi went hungry and thirsty since he used all of his supplies on the hunting trip he went on just before society collapsed. He had to resort to eating rodents, birds, pretty much everything he came across. He became quite crafty and resourceful, creating most of his tools and armor himself. Gazsi roams the forests and plains continuously hunting in order to survive
  6. Finn


    God, seeing these reports really changes my mind about getting back on the server.

    1. Mademoiselle


      Which part of it?

    2. DuquesneLR


      The weak is being culled right now.

    3. Finn


      Literally every report disappoints me at this stage.

    4. Banshee


      Can't judge the server based on reports and rulebreaks. Hop in game and build an oppinion based around your own experiences.

    5. Finn


      @Banshee I actually did a week ago, it's obvious things haven't changed. I'm not going to rant, I just don't enjoy the way things are anymore.

    6. Banshee


      Welp 🤷‍♂️

    7. Terra


      In such cases, the best you can do, is to post a status update.👍

    8. Finn



      I'm not going to be another one of those people to post a discussion to complain and borderline flame someone's RP because I didn't agree with it. 

      I simply dont have the motivation to play because of the atmosphere in-game.

  7. Finn

    Current Roleplay styles

    I used to play someone with autism and I'd be incredibly honest to the point where my character doesn't realize he's being mean. Lots of people liked how random my character could be sometimes since I usually said the first thing that came to my mind. I roleplayed as a shop owner, builder, gunman and slaver all with that character I was very flexible since I had no sense of right and wrong to hold me back.
  8. Finn



  9. Finn

    Aggressive staff

    Don't remember the last time I got points, I have no problems with the staff. Just don't break rules I for one don't like @APositiveElmo he's a meanie
  10. Finn




  11. Finn


    I'm tempted to buy one of these as a daily.


  12. Finn



  13. Finn

    Pepole's thoughts on a viking faction

    I actually recently had the idea of this but I barely play anymore so I didnt go through with it. Would be cool to see you use the archeological sites on the map for sacrifices and such.
  14. Finn


    Just got photos taken of my car at port in Japan!



    Chassis code and auction number


    Front trunk (yes it's mid-engined)


    It's a 1993 car with only 100,000km on the body!


    Front Right


    Front left


    Drivers side interior


    Passenger side interior


    Turns out I lucked out and got a car with Volk Ce28s, a set of these rims cost about 3500$ new.



    Auction listed this as a GT but it turns out it's a GT-S, not a lot of differences except for luxury but I lucked out with the wheels.


    3S-GTE engine, same engine in the Celica.


    It also has a rear trunk.


    1. Roland


      You lucky bastard

    2. Finn


      Not gonna say it was cheap, ran me about 12k with shipping but this is probably the best MR2 I've seen on the auctions which is why I decided to go for it. 

  15. Finn

    Citizens of Gieraltow

    I spelt it giereltov because the w is pronounced as a v. My keyboard doesnt have accents so I'm not going to bother with those.
  16. Finn

    Citizens of Gieraltow

    Gieraltov is really easy to say, remember the w is usually pronounced with a v. The hardest one to figure out is actually pretty easy. wrzeszcz = Vshesht
  17. Finn

    Racial Slang.

    I hate servers that are created around streamers, I've been on many of them and the RP absolutely sucks. Especially when everybody joins those servers because of the streamers. These streamers get a massive amount of man-power in-game because everybody brown noses just to either get their own viewers or to just to just play with them in general. If these streamers don't get their way they will report because they didn't get their way or didn't come out on top. I was literally banned from a server because they didn't like my friend, so they banned him and everyone on his friends list. Most servers that are filled with streamers are corrupt as fuck. Back to the topic at hand. Servers like that are a literal bore, because of the strict rules for twitch TOS the only villains you'll find going around are edgy textbook serial killers. The only RP you'll find is friendly campfire RP with the usual small talk like: "do you know where everyone is?" "I got here because ____" "My family is ___" "Do YoU HaVe AnY 5.56????" Without making the rules around Twitch TOS people can be what ever they want as long as it isn't completely trolly.
  18. Finn

    Gun racks

    Gun racks were also a lag issue I believe, we used to have them. The difference between gun racks and tents is that it's harder to find a tent then it is to build a gun rack with the right materials at hand.
  19. Finn

    Bullet Stacks

    I think it's a good idea, but some of it wouldnt be realistic as 40 shotgun shells would not fit in the same area as a matchbox. I think if we made bullet stacks 2 slots instead of one, aswell as the addition of this mod it would be more realistic. Maybe some modifications here and there for realism.
  20. Finn

    Gun racks

    No, just an easier way to hoard a shit ton of guns you'll never use but refuse to share with anyone.
  21. Finn

    Hypothetical WW3 thread

    Can't wait for live action takistan life.
  22. Finn

    Hypothetical WW3 thread

    I'm active service, would be nice to get a deployment that isn't a damn collective exercise.
  23. Finn

    Groups vs a hostage

    Barely see it done, way too many people are against PKing their character. I could imagine someone just doing this, and going back on it because they didn't win. Ah, that's another thing, people won't accept defeat.
  24. Finn

    Survivors: Looking For Group

    Country: Canada English skills: Fluent, willing to learn simple phrases of other languages to play a character. DayZ Mod Experience: 100+ hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 4000+ hours Roleplaying Experience: 5 years roleplaying on DayZRP. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Background character, I usually fit to every role but I suck as a leader/speaker. Have you been in any clan/group previously: New world mafia, Masquerade, Cerna Liska, Kamenici, The time. Additional notes: Nope. Best way to contact you: PM, Discord or roblox messenger @noobkiller69 its a joke
  25. Finn

    Thought Mentality

    When someone is actually sincere in their admittance of their mistake I would probably drop a report. I've dropped reports for many people who just made a simple mistake and were knew to certain types of RP. However I've seen many groups/people talk out things in reports saying they won't do the same things again only to do the same things later. If someone is insincere in their apology I'm not going to drop the report, especially if they play it off as something that just "happens" in game.
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