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  1. Easily applies to PVP in DayZ

    1. Crim


      haha yeah a classic

    2. Zero


      Hopefully we will be able to mod the camera in the future so people can still use third person for looking at their character but not being able to abuse it for pvp. 

  2. *Clyde decides to respond to the doctor over the radio, his voice lacks a lot of emotion* "My parent's always told me to be nice to my therapist, but I don't like them unless they have candy." *a long pause ensues* "This place sucks.... people are mean to me because I have autism except.... Kenneth." *He stops transmitting his message
  3. I think their running speed should be altered, because it seems that no matter how far behind they are they will manage to catch up and remain 10 meters behind you as you run until you run out of stamina. Yeah they should be able to pose a threat and run quite fast, but not to the point that you cant even run away from them if you're overwhelmed.
  4. Spoiler




    I'm not sure if it's just me but I absolutely hate plastic engine covers, like what ever happened to showing off how aesthetically pleasing your engine looked. Now all we have is a giant plastic cover that has the company logo on it and maybe a few other design queues to make it look less boring.

    Whatever happened to this....







    1. JimRP


      Spark plug wire routing, keeping fluids below the cover, noise reduction, dust etc?

    2. Finn


      Obviously because the engine without the cover looks like this.

      No companies put effort into proper wire management or it just looks like shit in general and they just decide to hide it all with plastic.




  5. Remember kids, if you hear a massive amount of gunshots run in the opposite direction, avoid investigating them.

    1. Zero


      I do what I want.

    2. Finn


      Okay get mis-Id'd like everyone else then ? 

    3. Zero


      I will report and win.

  6. Better yet, add this as well as ambient oblivion music then remove all the guns and spawn everyone with swords and armor. just kidding, in my personal opinion I think it looks too saturated.
  7. The realistic approach would be to have no rules, what's realistic about being restricted from attacking bases while people arent online? This has been suggested more than 3 times now, yeah people can destroy your walls to gain entry and steal shit but I believe that if they decide to remove every single structure it would amount to griefing and I would personally report that.
  8. At the current point if you play in a PVP oriented group you can kill anybody who initiates on someone who happened to pass by you because you got kill rights because you recently roleplayed with them. I feel like which pretty much amounts to a good Samaritan rule if you think about it, because as long as you roleplayed with them very briefly you can kill whoever initiates on them. Honestly it's hard to track whether someone has recently roleplayed with a person or not so people could literally kill anybody who initiates on someone they know or even some random person.
  9. The problem with expanding the map to Chernarus would be creating a whole map from scratch. The original creators of the map of South Zagoria based it off of a real life landscape. Many forests, hills and roads match the real life equivalent to South Zagoria. I myself would love the whole complete landscape of Chernarus, but I think that's only something to dream about and I doubt it will ever happen.
  10. Usually time can be calculated over distance.
  11. I could live with that, as long as that's explained in the rules so there is no confusion between the term "recently" between different groups.
  12. According to the current rules regarding hostilities I feel like the quote I highlighted in yellow can be stretched very far at the current moment. Recently might mean 10 minutes to some, and it might mean 2 hours to another. In a certain situation I had a week or so ago an unapproved group I was in tracked down and initiated on a hated enemy of ours. Thing is, this group had been in Kabanino 1 hour or more prior to the situation and they had called in their friends from Kabanino and due to roleplaying recently with them they had kill rights (whether or not you think 1 hour falls into recent) and hunted down and fired upon us as soon as they saw us. At this point I feel as if this could be abused easily as many people and groups gather in the same place and just because you roleplayed for a few minutes when you passed through town an hour ago you can be initiated upon and call upon your many friends to launch a full-on witch hunt upon your group. On top of this I feel like there can be a lot of confusion among different groups since some might think recently means 30 minutes while another group refers to recent as 2 hours and could roll up upon you and your friends and kill you since you were sure nobody had recently roleplayed with a group. Many people might have different opinions on the topic, but to be honest I don't really care whether it's 2 hours or 30 minutes it would just be nice to have an actual number associated with "recently". I feel as if it should be 30 minutes after you've broken sight with those who've been victims of a hostile action. I think 30 minutes is a good term for recent since I feel like many could use this as Rule armor since many allied unofficial groups could use these kill rights. Let me know what you think whether you'd prefer a timer or would just like to leave it to staff choice. Share your experiences with this rule, it would be nice to know how others feel about this.
  13. Gamers rise up, we are so oppressed. 

    1. Dan
    2. Finn


      this is hate speech @Dan

      jk love you

  14. I'm not really good at anything

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    2. Aeryes


      @Kordruga you have no friends.

    3. Kordruga
    4. Aeryes


      Dont cry, I sort of think you are cool.

  15. Patch barely rains - Several people suggest to increase the amount of rain

    Patch rains - Several people complain about too much rain and suggest removing it

    People suggest winter map - People complain and several suggest to remove the winter map

    All we do is complain ?

    1. Watchman
    2. Aeryes


      This should be pinned to the homepage.

  16. I think settlements should only be for approved groups. So we dont have 20 different groups applying for a permanent base. On top of that, it would mean they are responsible for the settlement and can only be taken over by an approved group.
  17. -46C this morning in good ol Canada.

  18. Well the fact that people always strive towards being a super group and constantly outnumbering people, hunting and initiating on them goes against this.
  19. If people focused on player experience more than personal gain I'm sure things could work out.
  20. I think if a settlement can't protect itself it shouldn't exist, rules just make more things un-natural.
  21. It finally happened, I was finally put into a kill comp. ? Honestly at this point I think groups should focus more on displaying their RP than PVP.

    1. JimRP


      Aren't there a few hundrend if not a couple thousand DayZRP RP vids?

    2. Finn


      Groups in general ? 

  22. Some campfire RP from a few days ago.
  23. I'm a part of a very hostile group, but I try to provide the best RP whenever we run into anyone.
  24. It would be nice, but the server crashes enough. I'm sure someone initiating on a train and beginning a firefight would just bring a server crash in general.
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